This Week In Running: March 16, 2015

The U.S. Skyrunner Series kicked off in Georgia, two of the country’s fastest ultrarunners chased Olympic Trials Marathon qualifying marks at the LA Marathon, and familiar names filled the race results at low key but competitive San Francisco Bay Area and Colorado events.

Georgia Death Race – Blairsville, Georgia

This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRThe U.S. Forest Service’s requirement for a rain alternative forced the course to be run in reverse, and is thought to have made the point-to-point route–68 miles with 20,000 feet of elevation gain–even harder. Although official results aren’t yet available at the time of this writing, it was little known Andrew Miller, an 18-year-old, who mastered the course in 10:28. Miller is a young up-and-comer, having won the last two Orcas Island 50k’s and the 2014 Waldo 100k. He is also registered for the Gorge Waterfalls 100k in two weeks’ time.

Michael Owen, in search of U.S. Skyrunner Series points, was second in 10:47, and Leadman record-holder Travis Macy was third in 10:55.

Kandy Ferris led the women to the line in 13:36:51 not far ahead of Kristina Pattison, who finished in 13:40:07.
Amelia Boone was a bit further back in third with a time of 15:38:48.

LA Marathon – Los Angeles, California

Max King finished ninth overall in 2:17:30, just under the needed 2:18 to earn a qualifier to the Olympic Trials Marathon. He was one of only five U.S. men to earn a qualifying mark. Sage Canaday battled the record heat for 12th place in 2:20:02.

Max King - 2015 LA Marathon

Max King on his way to an Olympic Trials Marathon qualifying time at the 2015 LA Marathon. Photo: Dominic Grossman

Bay Area standouts Sam Robinson and Caitlin Smith ran 2:38 and 2:51, respectively. Former U.S. Mountain Running Team members Megan Lizotte and Nuta Olaru, although included on the elite entrant list, do not appear to have started the race.

Run Through Time Marathon – Salida, Colorado

The snowiest year in the last 10 greeted a field made up of past champions–Josh Arthur (2013 and 2014), Nick Clark (2012), Timmy Parr (2009, 2010, and 2011), and Ryan Burch (2008). After nearly 5,000 feet of climbing before returning to town, Justin Ricks had dropped each of those runners and overcome a badly sprained ankle to win the race for the first time. He finished in 3:17. Parr was just over a minute back in 3:18 and Clark was third in 3:21. Arthur and Burch ran 3:31 and 3:32 for seventh and tenth, respectively. The women’s podium was also tightly contested with Julia Griffith scoring victory in 4:15. Shannon Meredith and Kelli Palizzi were second and third in 4:18 and 4:19.

Marin Ultra Challenge – Sausalito, California

Familiar names dotted each of the 50 mile, 50k, and 25k races around the Marin Headlands trails. Over 50 miles, Paul Terranova led Van McCarty in a pair of sub-eight finishes. The two frontrunners clocked 7:48 and 7:54, respectively, with Jim Atkinson running 8:11 for third. Suzanna Bon earned the women’s victory in 9:06. Elizabeth Tenuto and Jennifer Hughes were second and third in 9:35 and 10:05.

In the 50k, Bob Shebest edged Yew Ferrara, 3:55 to 3:56. 2014 Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile winner Matt Laye continued his return from injury with a third-place 4:07. Emily Richards, last year’s Tahoe Rim 50 Mile winner, ran away with the women’s victory in a 4:15 finish time, some 32 minutes better than her own winning time from a year ago. Kristyn Kadala was second in 4:54, and Jenny Capel edged Kelsie Clausen for third, both clocking 5:06.

Galen Burrell dominated the 25k and its 3,000 feet of climbing with a 1:39 winning time. Gary Gellin and Thomas Sanchez trailed in 1:47 and 1:48 for second and third. After running in second for much of the day, Dylan Bowman dropped late in the race due to severe dehydration. He required emergency medical assistance, but is recovering. Tyler Stewart, a week after finishing eighth at the Way Too Cool 50k, won the women’s 25k in 2:02. Ashley Relf and Sarah Evans were second and third in 2:08 and 2:24.

The Hillary Ultra – Auckland, New Zealand

The second-year’s race inclusion in the Skyrunner Oceania Series ensured course records at nearly every classification. Over 80k, the Ultra Skymarathon race, Andrius Ramonas gave Lithuania its second big win in as many weeks. His 8:42 topped New Zealand’s Chris Morrissey and Scott Hawker. Australia’s Beth Cardelli matched the men’s winner with her own new course record in 9:58. In the 34k Skymarathon distance, Manuel Schmid took the men’s race in 3:03 and Zara Fowell led the ladies in 3:36.

Other Races

A bit further south from The Hillary Ultra, Stu Gibson and Hanny Alston won the Sixfoot Track Marathon in 3:14 and 3:35, respectively. Both times also marked new course records.

James Neiner and Marnie Staehly won the Prickly Pear 50k in San Antonio, Texas, finishing in 4:04 and 4:22.

In Virginia at the second-year Thomas Jefferson 100k, Brian Pickett turned in a successful title defense with a 10:46 run on the seven-loop course. Rachel Kelley won the women’s race in 12:00.

Muddy trails forced Kentucky’s Land Between the Lakes event onto a modified road course. Scott Breeden won the 60k for a fourth-straight year, finishing in 4:02. Traci Falbo ran 5:37 to win the women’s division.

Standout performances at Aravaipa Running’s Mesquite Canyon races in Arizona were Jana Gustman’s 50-mile win in 11:16 and Charlie Ware’s 4:26 50k.

At Southern California’s Old West Trails 50k, Anthony Forsyth kicked for the win in 3:56, just 40 seconds up on second place Jonathan Landis. Colleen Burns won the women’s race 4:42.

Next Weekend – Chuckanut 50k – Fairhaven, Washington

The long-time race hits 23 years on Saturday, March 21. The women’s field outshines the men’s in terms of star power, with Magdalena Boulet and Cassie Scallon both registered. The pair could be challenged by Kim Magnus, Catrin Jones, and Anne-Marie Madden.

Scallon called Chuckanut her “get back at [it] race,” explaining that she’s just “been cleared to run again after two ankle surgeries last year–one to put hardware in, the other to take it out. Now that I’m not in pain all the time, running is super fun again!”

The men’s race is likely to be led by 2013 winner and former course record holder David Laney. The following weekend, however, he is also planning to race the Gorge Waterfalls 100k.

Tom Brooks, a former Olympic Trials steeplechaser who also appeared on the Way Too Cool 50k entrant list but not among the finishers, Rogue Valley Runners’ Brett Hornig, and Canada’s Jason Loutitt are also likely to vie for a podium finish.

Although registered, Mario Mendoza has indicated that he will skip the race to instead focus on the Gorge Waterfalls 100k.

Justin Mock

is a family man, finance man, and former competitive runner. He gave his 20s to running, and ran as fast as 2:29 for the marathon and finished as high as fourth at the Pikes Peak Marathon. His running is now most happy with his two dogs on the trails and peaks near his home west of Denver.

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  1. sharmanian

    Full podiums from Georgia Death Race are now in. Live results including individual and team scoring from will be a major feature this season, mainly from the 3rd event of the year at Whiteface in NY in June. Until then results will be provided as fast as possible and the GDR proved to be a great race.

    1st male: Andrew Miller – 10:27:44
    2nd male: Michael Owen – 10:47:58
    3rd male: Travis Macy – 10:58:15

    1st female: Kandy Ferris – 13:36:51
    2nd female: Kristina Patterson – 13:40:07
    3rd female: Amelia Boone – 15:38:48

  2. sharmanian

    From the RD of the Georgia Death Race, Sean Blanton:

    Opening race for the US Skyrunning series went off with a boom!
    Through mile 42 David Kilgore lead the race. He was running scared. Andrew had been within 2 minutes of him all day. At the mile 42 aid station. Andrew, David and Michael were all within 2 minutes of eachother. Travis and several ohters were 20-30 minutes back. The race is runnable until mile 42, Then the last marathon is what we like to call "THE HAND OF GOD". 25-45% grades with no flats and no recovery. Up and down. Up and down. Up 400 ft down 300. Up 500 ft down 300 etc etc.
    The conditions were truly awful. Rain, fog and humidity.
    We had 20 men really racing this. This was the most competitive race we have seen in Georgia.

    at Mile 50 ish David Kilgore blew up. He walked into the next aid station with a space blanket wrapped around him and dropped out.

    On the ladies side we had an epic race!

    Kristina Pattison lead most of the race coming into mile 42 aid station. Kandy Ferris was 5 monutes behind her. Both women were pushing hard as racing all out. Ultra running first timer and OCR beast, Amelia Boone was behind them by 10 minutes. Kandy and Amelia had been running comfortably together for the first 41 or so miles. Amelia got sick and Kandy put the gas to the floor. It was now a race to see if Kandy could run down Kristina and if Kristina could put time on the Floridian.
    All the reports were that Kristina was increasing her lead.
    We were very surprised to see Kandy being 25 minutes behind with 8 miles to go, come in for the win. She was shocked. She said she had never passed Kristina. Kristina had taken a wrong turn and ran way out of the way. When she did this she lost the 25 minute lead and Kandy won.
    It was a bitter sweet day for both women who ran like champions. Amelia Boone finished 2 hours later after battling through a lot of stomach problems. It was her ultra debut. We cant wait to see what she does in the future.

    Thanks guys! FULL RESULTS to be posted by wednesday.

  3. @PaulGarske

    There's a correction regarding the Hillary Ultra:
    "Over the 34k Skymarathon, Stu Gibson and Hanny Alston won in 3:14 and 3:35. Both times also marked new course records."
    ***These amazing results weren't from the Hillary Ultra. They're from the Six Foot Track Marathon (45K) in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia held last Saturday.

  4. taipa

    About the Hillary Trail 34k

    The correct winners and times are:

    Men – Manuel Schmid 3 hrs 03
    Women – Zara Fowell 3 hrs 36

    chers Manuel

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