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Here at iRunFar, we’re ever so thankful for the support we continually receive from you by your reading iRunFar, from the elites of our sport for sharing their thoughts with us, from the events which graciously welcome us, and the companies that provide us with gear, access to athletes and product developers, and financial support.

If you’re thankful for what iRunFar does, we’d like to share a short and simple reminder. You can easily provide iRunFar with financial support without it costing you a thing by making your or purchases via the respective company’s link in this post or in’s sidebar. (If you’re in Canada, the UK, Germany, or Austria, we have Amazon links by which you, too, can support iRunFar.)

Without paying a penny more, you support iRunFar when you make purchases by going through these links. (BTW, you have to add the item to your cart after clicking through the iRunFar link.) We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks again for your support!

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      1. Nigel

        One of the best books I've ever read, very imformative. I also used the 50 miles per week training plan. I don't know how I would of prepared for my first 50 miler (Haliburton Forest Trail Run, Canada, Ontario) with out it. I did finish in about 11 hours. It was by far one of the hardest things I've ever done. That's why I want to try and beat my time next year and maybe go with the 70 miles per week.Thank you Mr.Powell and I will try to support irunfar more in the coming new year.

  1. Morgan Williams


    Wish I'd known about the UK Amazon link earlier; could have sent some decent revenue your way during 2011.

    Now sorted, and the Xmas presents are going through this channel.

    More power to your elbow my friend!


    1. Bryon Powell

      I feel lame writing about iRunFar's affiliate relationships once a year, but I always feel better when a big-time supporter like yourself learns out about them through one of these posts. Thanks for your support! :-)

  2. Patrick McKenna

    Thanks for all your hard work Bryon. You are the Bob Costas of Ultrarunning. I have learned a ton about the sport from your site (and your book). Keep up the good work!

  3. Tony Mollica

    Thank you Bryon for all you've done for the sport! I will never be able to run with the elites; but following then on is the next best thing. Getting to hear them talk in interviews is just wonderful! Thanks for the inside scoops!

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