(Not Quite) Annual Call for iRunFar Support

iRF!Hey there, iRunFar reader!

We hope you’ve had a great year and have enjoyed reading about trail running and ultramarathons here on iRunFar throughout the year. We’ve published 100s of articles from our great team of writers and have covered dozens of races around the world, all on a shoestring budget.

How to Support iRunFar at No Cost

If you’re thankful for what iRunFar does, we’d like to share a short and simple reminder as you enter into the holiday shopping season. That is, you can easily provide iRunFar with financial support without it costing you a thing by making your Amazon.com or Backcountry.com purchases via the respective company’s link in this article or in iRunFar.com’s sidebar, now or at any time throughout the year. (If you’re in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or the UK, we have Amazon links by which you, too, can support iRunFar.) Without paying one penny more, you support iRunFar when you make purchases by going through these links. (BTW, you have to add the item to your cart after clicking through the iRunFar link.) We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

Go a Step Further

The best way you can help us is to donate to iRunFar. If you’d like to give directly to iRunFar, you can always do that, too. We’ve got one-time as well as monthly donation options available. Everything helps!

Bonus: Store Clearance

We’re also winding down the iRunFar Store. Inventory is limited, but all remaining gear is now 55% off. Get it before it’s gone!


Thanks again for your support!

-Bryon and the iRunFar team

Ps. Please consider spreading word about how others can easily support iRunFar.

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  1. @ToddjVogel

    Just sent you $25. I'd like to make this comment: I would like to see Irun
    Far.com be very successful. I appreciate greatly the breadth and depth of articles throughout the year.

    I would also like to see IrunFar.com stop promoting Amazon and Backcountry.com and instead find a way to support specialty retailers, of which there are many and who together provide a vastly greater service to the running community than either of the mass merchandizers ever could. What do Amazon and Backcountry give back to local communities? In contrast, locally based shops are by definition members of the community, employing people who know their area, the products they sell, and their customers. Local shops help organize events and support the community in other ways.

    I know there are financial realities in play here – it’s got to be challenging to find a way for a website such as IrunFar to become monetarily stable – and realities of selection and availability. I also know there is a growing movement away from websites such as Amazon and Backcountry, and towards spending your money with the local guys. Often there's little to no difference in price, but even when there is I believe there's more to the world than getting a product for the absolutely cheapest you can. If you want a running store in your town you need to shop there. Similarly, I submit that IrunFar is a specialty website. Let’s find a way to support it with grassroots (its readership) and specialty retailers.

    1. Bryon of iRunFar

      Thanks for taking the time to express your concern. I'm all for what specialty running retailers add to a given community. In truth, the vast majority of purchases made through our Amazon affiliate link have nothing to do with running. Looking through such purchases so far this month, they include items like plastic craft beads, kitchenware, office supplies, etc. Less than 10% are running related. I honestly see this as a way for people who are going to use Amazon anyway to at least benefit something worthwhile (iRunFar). I know as someone who lives quite far from a city, I end up using Amazon to buy items that I can't reasonably buy locally.

      The above said, it'd be a fun challenge to get enough specialty running shops to advertise on iRunFar to equal our Amazon income. It wouldn't take much and it /would/ be awesome. I'd certainly considering hiding the Amazon link if we got to that point. (I'd still /might/ keep the Amazon link on our "support" page.. I mean my mom is gonna buy stuff for my nieces after all. ;-) )

      Ps. Thanks for the donation!

  2. martin szekeresh

    I will gladly send you a check for $25 dollars but will not send you a credit card number. How do I do it and what is the address?

    1. Bryon Powell

      Thanks, Martin. I’ll email you our address momentarily.

      And, just to be clear for others, iRunFar never takes your credit card numbers. Whether you’re pledging on Patreon, making a one-time donation on PayPal, or buying the merchandise that we occasionally offer, you’re giving your credit card number to Patreon (on the first case) or PayPal (in the second and third cases). :-)

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