(Not Quite) Annual Call for iRunFar Support

iRF!Hey there, iRunFar reader!

We hope you’ve had a great year and have enjoyed reading about trail running and ultramarathons here on iRunFar throughout the year. We’ve published 100s of articles from our great team of writers and have covered dozens of races around the world, all on a shoestring budget.

How to Support iRunFar at No Cost

If you’re thankful for what iRunFar does, we’d like to share a short and simple reminder as you enter into the holiday shopping season. That is, you can easily provide iRunFar with financial support without it costing you a thing by making your Amazon.com or Backcountry.com purchases via the respective company’s link in this article or in iRunFar.com’s sidebar, now or at any time throughout the year. (If you’re in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or the UK, we have Amazon links by which you, too, can support iRunFar.) Without paying one penny more, you support iRunFar when you make purchases by going through these links. (BTW, you have to add the item to your cart after clicking through the iRunFar link.) We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

Go a Step Further

The best way you can help us is to donate to iRunFar. If you’d like to give directly to iRunFar, you can always do that, too. We’ve got one-time as well as monthly donation options available. Everything helps!

Bonus: Store Clearance

We’re also winding down the iRunFar Store. Inventory is limited, but all remaining gear is now 55% off. Get it before it’s gone!


Thanks again for your support!

-Bryon and the iRunFar team

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