Huge iRunFar Store Sale and Annual Call for Support

Here at iRunFar, we’re ever so thankful for the support we continually receive from all of you by your reading and commenting on iRunFar, from the elites of our sport for sharing their thoughts with us, from the events which graciously welcome us, and the companies that provide us with gear, access to athletes and product developers, as well as financial support.

How to Support iRunFar at No Cost

If you’re thankful for what iRunFar does, we’d like to share a short and simple reminder as you enter into the holiday shopping season. That is, you can easily provide iRunFar with financial support – now or at any time throughout the year – without it costing you a thing by making your or purchases via the respective company’s link in this article or in’s sidebar. (If you’re in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or the UK, we have Amazon links by which you, too, can support iRunFar.)

Without paying a penny more, you support iRunFar when you make purchases by going through these links. (BTW, you have to add the item to your cart after clicking through the iRunFar link.) We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks again for your support!

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Huge Sale in The iRunFar Store

iRunFar Store11/28 Update: The 2012 Holiday Sale is now over. Thanks so much for supporting with your purchases. – Bryon Powell, Editor-in-Chief

We’ve occasionally held sales in the iRunFar Store, but for the next week we’re offering a sale unlike any other we’ve had. Everything in the store is at least 25% off. What’s more, we’ve got a large selection of clearance items available for 45% 55% off! [Update: We’ve just dropped out clearance prices to 55% off while adding items to the clearance sale! Check out the store again!] As a reminder, the iRunFar Store is a primary source of funding that keeps publishing great trail running and ultrarunning content all year long.

You should head over to the iRunFar Store to check out the entire selection, but here are a few noteworthy items on sale:

  • Hoka One One Stinson Evo – $127.50 (25% off – normally $170)
  • Hydrapak E-Lite Vest – $30.25 (45% off – normally $55) $24.75 (55% off – normally $55)
  • Montrail Bajada – $82.50 (25% off – normally $110)
  • Mountain Hardwear Fluid Race Vest – $45 (25% off – normally $60)
  • Salomon S-Lab Sense – $150 (25% off – normally $200)
  • Salomon Exo IV Calf – $35.75 (45% off – normally $65) $35.75 (55% off – normally $65)
  • Salomon Exo S-Lab II Shorts M – $93.74 (25% off – normally $125) [White version is only $68.75 $56.25!?]
  • Salomon Exo S-Lab Tight M$93.50 (45% off – normally $170) $93.50 (45% off – normally $170)
  • Salomon Exo XR 1/2 Zip LS Tech Tee W$41.25 (45% off – normally $75) $41.25 (45% off – normally $75)
  • Salomon XA Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 Set – $165 (25% off – normally $220)
  • Salomon XT Advanced Skin S-Lab 5 Set – $146.25 (25% off – normally $195)

There are 4 comments

  1. Ellie

    Thanks irunfar for the awesome work you do.

    Of course my product testing is biased to my sponsors products but the Mountain Hardwear Way Too Cool t shirt and tank are the ones you see all of us on team Montrails wear and I genuinely love these shirts.

    The Montrails Bajadas are one of my fav go to shoes in the Montrails line up and saw me through most of he miles at Western States this year.

    Great products at great prices!

    1. Bryon Powell

      Thanks so much for your support, Ellie!

      As for the Way2Cool tops, I couldn't agree more. As one might guess, I get a wealth of gear, including tops, from a ton of different companies. Despite a pile of never- or barely-used shirts in my office, I had Sean take two Way2Cool shirts out of inventory before we kicked off this sale. Why? Because the Way2Cool shirts are quite literally, the favorite running top I've worn in 20+ years of running – no exaggeration – and I wanted to have two more in my rotation next summer so I don't have to wear anything else.

      As for the Bajada, I just got off the phone with your teammate (and iRunFar Store manager) Sean Meissner. During the call, I reminded him that I wore the Bajada for 80+ miles at the 2011 Western States 100 and despite the slew of great shoes to cross my path between then and now, the Bajada are currently the front runner for what I'll be wearing (along with a Way2Cool shirt or tank) when I run Western States in 2013.

      I guess that goes to show that I really do believe in the items I have in the iRunFar Store. Glad you dig some of it, too, Ellie! ;-)

  2. Nicola Gildersleeve

    I travelled through this area last March and Te Anau was one of my favorite places. There are 3 AMAZING tracks (trails) you can do from this little town 1) The Routeburn Track, a classic 32km trail that many people backpack. I didn't make it to this one due to injury but will make sure to when I go back (2) Milford Track. This was an amazing experience for me. This trail is 54km of beauty. Usually you need to sign up with a group as they only let 40 ppl on the track per day. Most people stay in 3 huts over 3 nights and it's a fairly expensive endeavor as you need to take a boat to and from the trail back to land. Ideally, round up a bunch of friends who want to run it in one go and hire out a private boat (which could also be pricey) but well worth it (3) Kepler track. I ended up running up to the luxmore hut and back, but from what I saw….just stunning! New Zealand is an amazing place for trail runners…NO WILD ANIMALS TO WORRY ABOUT! The Tarawera 100km is also a stunning event. I did it last year and had a fantastic experience. The race occurs in Rotarua, which is in the north island.

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