Quick Hardrock Update – UPDATED 2/4 12:30 PM

Well, I’m 0 for 2 in lotteries for 2008 ultra. The Hardrock lottery was held yesterday and I came up a wee bit short. After the HRH board draws the names of the 140 guaranteed entrants, they pull the remainder of the names to order the wait list from which additional applicant gain entry as current entrants withdraw. Each year, folks from approximately the first 20 spots on the HRH waitlist have a realistic shot of getting in the big dance. I was not pulled in first 20 wait list draws; in fact, I was not pulled in the first 200(!?) wait list spots. Instead my name was pulled for spot 210 on the wait list out of a total of 214 people on the wait list. Only Justin Walker, Mandy Calvert, Zach Markham, and Chuck Cofer had worse luck than me.

Congratulations to everyone who DID get their name drawn for entry or a top slot on the wait list! When I get a chance I’ll take a look at the entrants list and let y’all know what I think. With names like Jurek, Skaggs, and Africa at the top of the wait list, there could be some fast times at HRH 2008.

Update – 2/4 12:30 PM
I just sent in my official withdrawal from this year’s MMT 100. As I previously wrote, I would only run MMT if I got into Hardrock. As I did not, I’m sticking to my word and am opting not to run MMT (I would not be in shape to “race”by MMT anyway). Instead, I’ll be pacing ultra stud Mike Mason.