2009 Western States Field Developing – Updated Oct 22

Western States Endurance RunDuring the first half of this year there was a ton of chatter about how stacked the field was for the 2008 Western States 100… and then the race was canceled. Fortunately, this year’s WS entrants were given the option of entering the 2009 race and the vast majority of top runners opted in. Among the few top runners not to re-up for next year were Devon Crosby-Helms, Hiroki Ishikawa, and Kami Semick.

The Western States Board also opened up a few slots to the 2009 race for current two time losers. However, with fewer than 40 of last year’s entrants not opting in and numerous Montrail Ultra Cup slots available for the 2009 race, there will be precious few slots available for the 254 two time losers. Regardless, here at iRunFar we are drooling over the possibility of a super sick field for next year’s Western States Endurance Run. For competition’s sake, here are the names we hope get pulled in the two time loser’s lottery later this month:

  • Ashley Nordell
  • Monica Ochs
  • Luanne Park
  • Justin Angle
  • Jasper Halekas – Already in via Top 3 at White River 50 per Meissner
  • Troy Howard
  • Joe Kulak
  • Oz Pearlman
  • Leigh Schmitt – Selected
  • Todd Walker

Which top runners did we miss on the two time loser list?

Of course, any of the runners listed above who don’t make it in via the two time loser lottery as well as other top runners can get into the 2009 Western States 100 via a top-three placing at a Montrail Ultra Cup race.

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  1. Grae Van Hooser

    Missed Troy Howard on the 2 time list. Was second @ AC this year. Did you note who has already been added? Dave Mackey, has to be considered a fav to win, Jorge Pacheco and Dan Barger, who was the Slam record holder who's record was broken by Joe Kulak. Not sure how he got in, I don't believe he has run a 50 in a decade. Probably politics?

  2. Trail Goat

    Meissner,Thanks for the info. I'd forgotten the sneaky summer MUC race.Sullivan,I was looking for top runners, not folks who pace top runners. Big difference! It is gonna be a sick race next year – I'm just hoping it gets even sicker… see Grae's comment!Grae,I added Troy Howard. Anyone who goes second at AC deserves to be on this list… I'll freely admit to not knowing all the top west coast runners.No, I hadn't checked out the entrants list to see who got in. Glad to see Mackey on there – he's certainly within the "competitors exemption." One could make a case for Jorge sneaking in… if it weren't for the folks that the WSER Board hasn't let in via the exemption (e.g., Anton). I've got no idea who Barger is and unless he's got some solid recent results or has done some huge things for the WSER that seems like complete BS. Not surprising at all though. Regardless of entry politics, I want to toe the line in Squaw Valley as bad as ever.

  3. Grae Van Hooser

    trail goat,The other issue you may not know about is that not all of the "disignated aid station runners" have sent in their picks. And remember, for 09' you don't need a qualifier, so someone can get in even if they have never run an ultra of any distance. I don't want to be a bummer, but the TTL list is almost meaningless. You don't want to know what I know! It's best for one's mental health to think of WS as just another race. Which it is with a ridiculous amount of self serving hype.

  4. Trail Goat

    Grae,You are right about the Aid Station captain entrants. Heck,Dan Barger could be one of those guys for all I know! I shold have checked myself before I made a rash statement…. I've just seen the entry shenenigans and they do bother me.Oh, I'm not getting my hopes up up re W$ '09. I'm thinking maybe 10 TTLs… maybe 20 get in. Those are pretty slim odds. The first half of next year my focus is on Marathon des Sables anyway. Pleny of other good 100s (and not 100s) out there that I want to run.

  5. Grae Van Hooser

    Opps! Forgot about Ian. I guess I'm getting old. I've been doing this for so long I'm forgetting decades at a time ;)

  6. ultrarunninggirl

    I heard that Jamie Donaldson was going to run WS in 2009! Montrail has told Greg that she is using one of their slots. I can not wait to see Jamie vs Nicki.

  7. Meredith

    grae van hooser said you do not need a qualifier, to correct that, 2008 entrants who are going to run in 2009 do not need a qualifier. I am one of the 40 that chose not to run next year, so i hope someone kick ass takes my spot, even you Byron :)

  8. Grae Van Hooser

    Meredeth,I'll have to correct your correction. "Designated aid station runners" do not need a qualifier. How do I know this? I have a close childhood friend on the WS Board and I know of one runner that has not run an ultra over 50K in 8 plus years and another runner that has not completed an ultra of any distance in 2 years. Like I stated in my entry above, you don't want to know what I know. The above examples are only the tip of the iceburg. Bummer your not running next year, how will you ever go on with life :)trail goat, Braje and Meltzer are out for next year. My guess is Karl is going to focus on that race in France or Italy, or where ever it is, next year. Kind of disappointing since he could have given the Master's male record a run for the "no" money and since he pitched a fit last year until they let him in.

  9. Grae Van Hooser

    AJW,I didn't mean to slight you. I think it is just a given that you will be close to the record, especially with the way you train! It gives us "average joe" old guys something to aspire and marvel at. It's just to bad that when a person of Karl's consistancy, like yours, is not there to help push the pace, it makes it a little bit disappointing. I guess Jorge is is a Master's now. But you know how he is, either wins or drops. But he sure does go for it! And you know how States is. Always surprises and people coming out of "nowhere". I guess it will be up to you and LB to lead the charge!And I hope you can detail you training and raising a family throughout the winter on your blog. I enjoy the detail in your training that you sometimes write about. More! It helps inspire me, especially in the middle of winter when I wake up at 4:30 a.m. to run and it's dark and 15 degress outside. And then when I get home I have to help get my 7 year old and 4 year old girls ready for school, and my hands and feet are still stiff and cold! Happy Holidays!

  10. Grae Van Hooser

    JA or,uh padre,You blew it. If you would have entered two years ago as a foreign or "international" runner, verified by forging a passport from Chile,you could have then chained yourself to an old growth tree in the Chile rain forest for at least 8 hours and submitted it for your service hours. You would have gotten right in to the race.

  11. Monica Ochs

    I just found out I am not in until 2011. UGH! Well, there are many other 100's. I will look at it as getting three more years of practice. Although I am not so sure it will be as appealing to me after five years of this….

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