2009 Western States Field Developing – Updated Oct 22

Western States Endurance RunDuring the first half of this year there was a ton of chatter about how stacked the field was for the 2008 Western States 100… and then the race was canceled. Fortunately, this year’s WS entrants were given the option of entering the 2009 race and the vast majority of top runners opted in. Among the few top runners not to re-up for next year were Devon Crosby-Helms, Hiroki Ishikawa, and Kami Semick.

The Western States Board also opened up a few slots to the 2009 race for current two time losers. However, with fewer than 40 of last year’s entrants not opting in and numerous Montrail Ultra Cup slots available for the 2009 race, there will be precious few slots available for the 254 two time losers. Regardless, here at iRunFar we are drooling over the possibility of a super sick field for next year’s Western States Endurance Run. For competition’s sake, here are the names we hope get pulled in the two time loser’s lottery later this month:

  • Ashley Nordell
  • Monica Ochs
  • Luanne Park
  • Justin Angle
  • Jasper Halekas – Already in via Top 3 at White River 50 per Meissner
  • Troy Howard
  • Joe Kulak
  • Oz Pearlman
  • Leigh Schmitt – Selected
  • Todd Walker

Which top runners did we miss on the two time loser list?

Of course, any of the runners listed above who don’t make it in via the two time loser lottery as well as other top runners can get into the 2009 Western States 100 via a top-three placing at a Montrail Ultra Cup race.