Western States Lemonade [updated 7/3 11 a.m.]

While many in the ultrarunning community are bummed out about the cancellation of this year’s Western States 100, many folks are already making lemonade from the Western States lemons they’ve been handed. Some folks are running around the Sierras and Lake Tahoe [broken link to Karl Meltzer’s blog removed], Sean Meissner’s organized an impromptu training camp in Oregon, AJW enjoyed some of the best Idaho has to offer, and Mike Wardian will go for the world treadmill marathon and 50k records this weekend [broken link removed], as well.

Western States entrants, what alternate plans have you come up with for this weekend? Share your lemonade! Also, what race will you focus on now – whether previously scheduled or not? Read on for new or discounted race options (Vermont, Laramie, New York, Grand Teton, and more) that have sprung up in the wake of last night’s cancellation! iRunFar is working hard to compile and share the latest alternative events for this weekend and beyond, so check back often if you are looking for something to fill the void in your running schedule… or just want to go for a run. [We’ve started a change log below.]

Check out iRunFar’s previous post on the cancellation to see what folks hare saying about the unanswered questions that still hang over the race and the Montrail Ultra Cup.

Speaking of other races, it looks like iRunFar was a bit premature in worrying for the Vermont 100 RD last night. The VT 100 has announced that it is opening an additional 40 slots in this year’s race to those who were entered in Western States or were previously turned away from this year’s Vermont 100. (More info on VT100 website) If you’re interested, you’d better act quick – slots will be given in order of post mark date! While it seems like ages since last December’s discussions regarding 100 mile trail championships, it appears that July’s Vermont might unexpectedly fill this roll in 2008! Way to go VT100 for stepping up. Andy J-W et al. should rip things up there.

Of course, the Tahoe Rim Trail 100, also held in July, is the official USATF trail 100 mile championship. iRunFar wonders if they will step up with more slots or invites to dejected WS runners. Update: Well, it looks TRT convinced the Nevada State Parks to allow more runners due to the cancelation of WS. The TRT 100 (not the 50k or 50 mile) opened up 35 additional slots. Those on the list to run the 2008 WSER can contact David Cotter, the TRT RD.

For those who REALLY want to race 100 miles this weekend…

  • As first heard here on iRunFar, Tony Portera and friends have thrown together a low-key substitute 100 miler in Westchester County, New York. The Rockefeller 100 will start at 7:00 a.m in New York’s Rockefeller State Park. All are welcome.
  • You still can run at Laramie 100 this weekend. The RD is even offering half off the $120 entry fee to WS entrants. Email the RD directly at reid_delman@geminiadventures.com to secure the half off rate ($60 total!) or if you have any questions.

Or if you want to drop down to 50 miles this weekend…

  • The Running with the Devil 50 miler near Las Vegas is offering discounted entry ($70 rather than $135) to WS entrants. If you would like to take RD Joyce Forier up on this offer- do NOT sign up on active.com, as there is no coupon code enabled for you. PLEASE however, if you intend to join us for the Devil, please email me at info@calicoracing.com or phone 702-812-2609 ASAP so that Joyce can adequately prepare to accommodate the extra runners. She notes “I’ll likely be brief on the phone, please don’t take offense!” That’s quite understandable – thanks for the offer, Joyce! (pdf with more info for WS entrants)

There are other events that have sprung up for this weekend as well:

  • A run from Bear Valley Visitor Center in Point Reyes at 8 a.m. on Sunday. (see comments)

In addition to Vermont, other RDs have begun to provide consolatory race entries to WS entrants later this summer.

  • The Grand Teton Races, held on the beautiful west side of the Tetons in late August, are offering a limited amount of discounted entries to the Grand Teton 100 (30 discounted entries) and GT 50 (20 discounted entries) through July 31 or when the race fills. The discounts are $65 and $15, respectively. Lisa Smith-Batchen’s blog has full details regarding the discounts. Thanks, Lisa and Jay.
  • The Burning River 100, which is held in NE Ohio August 2-3, is offering a $25 to 2008 WS entrants.

Change Log:

  • 6/27 5:30 p.m. – Confirmed Rockefeller 100 starting at 7 am in Rockies.
  • 6/27 4 p.m. – Added link to info re Wardian’s WR attempt
  • 6/27 11:30 a.m. – Noted Mike Wardian as the one attempting treadmill WRs.
  • 6/27 9:40 a.m. – Added Andy’s run
  • 6/27 9:20 a.m. – Added VT 100 application. Removed 6/26 VT100 email.

There are 10 comments

  1. AnthonyP

    A few of us NYC suburb dwellers are working on organizing a 100-mile run using Rockefeller State Park and other trails nearby for our good friend Meredith. Still not finalized and course TBD, but a good possbility. If it works out, all are welcome.

  2. firepotter

    Please join us for the group therapy. 8:00 am Sunday, June 29th, 2008 Let's run long from BEAR VALLEY Visitors Center -POINT REYES. Varied lengths available…please spread the word. Bring water-food and we can share our stories of woe on how we were all going to run sub 18 hours at States the day before.Tim Fitzpatrick tfitz@lehman.com415-260-7951Please forward to anyone who might want to run.

  3. Trail Goat

    Thanks for the opportunity updates Tony and Tim. Tony, be sure to update me as details solidify for this weekend's Rockefeller 100.

  4. Meredith

    I think it is pretty solid that we will be going to Rockefellar Park in NY so i can get my 100 miles in. :) I have good friends, especially super Anthony! I already was packed to go to WS100 and have all my food, drop bags, etc ready to go, and i am well trained and tapered, i may as well run 100 miles.

  5. AnthonyP

    I will post shortly on my blog some preliminary details on the run at Rockefeller and the surrounding trails/paths. It will require a little improvising in at night, but should be a blast.

  6. Mike Mason

    Classy move by VT 100 to re-open the entry process for up to 40 runners who were either (i) in W$ or (ii) did not get into VT when they originally applied. I imagine the W$ Board of Trustees would have done the same thing if the positions were somehow reversed (chuckle).

  7. Michael Valliant

    My favorite WS lemonade story came from Andy Jones-Wilkins on his blog:http://ajwsblog.blogspot.com/As a preferred trail runner who walks out their front door to pavement (albeit small town, rural pavement), that just sounds like the end-all be-all. The ultimate "backyard" adventure.I have heard that the WS100 board has rolled over all 2008 starters to the 2009 race. Sounds like a great move.

  8. Trail Goat

    Valliant,I already have AJW's run linked. See "AJW enjoyed some of the best Idaho has to offer." ;-D I spoke with Andy and Sean Meissner (among others) to let them know the news. I was inspire by both of their reactions to plan fun trail running adventures as Western States substitutes. Way to go all y'all who are taking advantage of your fitness and found time.I think the WSER run made the only decision it could. I think it's the same one that Hardrock's made when it had to cancel.

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