Packing It In

Hi all, I’m looking for some reader input here. I’m serious about trying out the fast packing/really long unsupported run thing, but as I stated earlier, I know next to nothing about this realm and don’t really know anyone who has. (It seems to be a much more common practice out West.) I’m clueless on both practice and the gear. In time I’ll read up on practice and will learn much on the trail itself (through both successes and failures), so right now I’m focusing on learning the gear.

The first piece of kit I’d like to pick up is a back… it seems like a great place to start. I’d also like to test my pack out before I take it on some 100 mile backwoods adventure! There are a ton of fastpacking and ultralight packs out there but most appear to bulky (generic fast packing ones) or to stripped down (ultralight) to be useful for running. Therefore, unless I learn something much different in my research, I’m going to start with gear designed specifically for runners, adventure racers, and mountain bikers. It appears that Nathan makes two suitable non-winter packs, the HPL #759 (the Thatcher pack) and the HPL #063 (the Horton pack). Anyone ever use these or know of anyone who has? I’d love an input you or they have. Anyone have any experience/recommendations regarding both runnable packs suitable for either overnight (lots of gear but no sleeping bag) or longer (with bag/shelter/etc.) outings?