Awesomeness has nothing to do with my running at the moment and everything to do with the great responses to my post about multiday running packs. Thanks for the info Sparky, Jeff, and Aaron. Everyone else, keep the info, whether on packs or more broadly about fastpacking, coming. Please!

I’m really excited (and become more so) about the prospect of multiday runs. (Note: I’m NOT talking about the crazy, round-and-round multiday runs.) I already went out and picked up some outdoorsy books at B&N after work yesterday and orders some materials on a certain long trail that I’d like to run. I hope to order a pack within a week so I can test it out plenty before T-day weekend.

One thing that’s really surprised me (and I’m not sure why) is that I’ve already found three different people who want to either run or fast hike a long trail section. At least two of those folks are already talking about multiple ventures. Sweet!

In other news, I’ve run seven days in a row. That’s nothing special, but a good sign after three weeks of barely running due to fall related injuries. As usual, I’m in the day 4-14 slump in any training reinitiation where I’m tired and not yet over it. Not a great coincidence that I’m entered in a 24 hour run this weekend. I’ll see what I’ll do. I don’t mean that in the sense of “I’ll test my limits.” I mean that in the sense that I’ll see what I want to do.