Pacing the Platform

My body, firmly in flight mode, will not stop moving. The chemical cascade caused by the afternoon’s hill workout yet courses through my veins. While I await the Metro’s arrival, I pace the platform. I pace for 15 minutes. In closing out my best training week of the year I am left wanting more. This is how I know I training correctly.

For the past month I have run everyday. I have not racked up big weekly mileage nor have I logged a single run over 12 miles. Consistent running, the addition of hillier runs, and the inclusion of adequate recovery days have left my feeling faster and itching to train harder. I will – in due time. For now, I wait restlessly for Metro… and tomorrow’s run.

That is all.

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  1. Trail Goat

    Mason,Can hardly wait for our fun in the mountains. Guys,I finished up last week with 60 miles, four runs of 10 or more miles, with on solid 10 miler (<7:10 pace) and one with a short/intense hill workout. I finished out the week with a lovely relaxed 12 miles trail run… and already felt rest on my 7 mile run to work this morning.

  2. Trail Goat

    Angie,This spot in training is sort of like enjoyable weather in DC – it doesn't last long, so you'd better realize how good you have it and enjoy it to the max. Coincidentally, DC is currently in one of its annual pair of 3 week stretches with great weather. It's hard not to enjoy trail runs like I had yesterday with 70 degrees, dry air, and a breeze… ah….The only drawback is that I'm itching terribly to run tonight even though I ran 7 this morning. Must. Practice. Self-restraint.

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