One Forward After Two Backwards

I have been and remain uncontrollably busy. Between unbelievable work weeks, visiting guests, and other commitments, I’ve been going non-stop for a couple weeks. My past three weekends have been fun but they been somewhat prohibitive of training as much as I should… I sit here looking at my calendar and see another month of booked weekends. During my run last night, I decided I need to work on simplifying my life. One way to do that will be to book fewer of my weekends. I need time for me. On the running front, while I’m too ashamed to add up my weeks of two and three weeks ago, I’m pretty sure those weekly mileage totals were about 20 and 5, respectively. I don’t think I worked out more than once during that period.

Last week was far from spectacular; however, there were some positive steps. First, there’s the 40+ miles for the week. It’s a start. I also worked out twice. Pretty marginal workouts, but workouts nonetheless. Also ran six days, another good step. The only negative for the week is that I didn’t run longer than 11 miles any day. (Those 11 were on a workout day.)

Looking forward to a running vacation (that’s quite likely to kill me) in less than two weeks!