On the Ball [and Not]

My running week sucked last week. Maybe I decided to take a break between a long day and a track day. Track day didn’t happen on Tuesday as I worked too late. Ran five but didn’t work out on Wednesday. No run on Thursday as I worked until the last metro home (nearly midnight). Friday was a travel day so no run. I planned on a good run Saturday afternoon, but …

Well, I did some sailing on Saturday. At one point I got caught in the shallows with wind going the wrong way. I hopped out of the boat and proceeded to push the boat free. That’s when I sliced the ball of my foot open on a sharp rock. I felt it happen and knew immediately that it was bad. Lots of blood in the boat once I got moving again. Not sure how long I’ll be out of commission, but running yesterday and today were/are not in the works. If I don’t work until midnight, I’ll try to do some cross training in the office gym… if I can figure out how to get in… which is pretty sad since I’ve worked here for over 6 years.

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  1. olga

    Yikes! That sucks. Like it's not enough not to have time, now when you do, you can't. Man, you are not alone, I kind find relief in it when it seems I am the only one struggling…

  2. Loomdog

    buck up lil buddy… I have only run twice since VT 100…. richmond is hilly! Anne and I are back in town after a vacation and now I suppose it is time to finish unpacking and start training again. Are you planning any races in Sept????????

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