The Week of January 1 – 7, 2007

Synopsis of Week’s Training:
This a lame week that I’ll chalk up to exhaustion. Work was crazy – I worked longer hours than normal, but I think a jump in responsibility took a greater toll on me. Monday was not a pretty day and I am lazy – I took it off. Easy run Tuesday night – I felt exhausted. Wednesday I worked too much and was exhausted – I took off, again. Thursday and Friday I got in two road runs in my new Montrail Highlanders. Even though my energy wasn’t the greatest, I had some fun. Saturday, well Saturday was no fun. I picked up Kerry and Keith in DC early in the morning to head up to the PHUNT 50k on the Maryland/Delaware border. The course was muddy, it was hot and muggy for January, and my legs were still dead. On the course I opted for a 13 mile version rather than the 31 miles I had planned. It’s too early in my training for me to be forcing long days like this when I’m not feeling well. In light of my shortening of Saturday’s run I had hopes of running 20+ on Sunday. I cut that back to an easy 5 in hopes that I’d break out of my funk. While I largely blame the exhaustion on my week at work, I think I may have also needed a down week training wise after a streak of solid weeks to start out my training. I’m hoping that I’ll start the next week fresh.

By The Numbers:
Monday – Off. Lazy.
Tuesday – 5.5. Easy.
Wednesday – Off. Lazy/Work/Exhausted.
Thursday – 5. Moderate.
Friday – 5. Easy.
Saturday – 13. Awful.
Sunday – 5. Easy – exhausted.

Weekly Mileage: 33.5
Year-to-Date Mileage: 33.5
Three Week Moving Average: 48.5
Year-to-Date Weekly Average: 33.5

Upcoming Training Goals:
Make sure that I’m recovered and not headed towards early season burnout, but also get in a more consistent pattern. Enjoy the hell out of time in Hawaii! Help Steve to kick some ass in HURT.