Kilian Jornet Post-2011 Western States 100 Interview

A year after finishing third, Catalan Kilian Jornet returned to the Western States 100 in 2011. He won after a day long battle with numerous runners, especially Mike Wolfe, Nick Clark, and Jez Bragg. He talks about remembering that racing is about pleasure, the dynamic of racing against so many runners late in the race, how his new equipment worked out, the difference in his 2010 and 2011 races from mile 80 to the finish, and the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (and his two week training regimen for it).

If you’re looking to compare Kilian’s pre- and post-race thoughts, here’s our pre-race interview with the champ.

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  1. Charles L.

    Great interview Byron, and congrats on your finish of the WS100! I think this might be your best interview yet, good angle and distance to the camera, great steady flow of questioning, way to tie in the past, present and future with this too (preparation, last year, this race, UTMB). Really top notch, especially since you're crossing a language barrier! Keep it up – are you covering UTMB this year too!?

  2. mayayo

    Great job, Bryon! Thank you for a most comprehensive coverage before, during and after the race. And congrats on your WS100 finish, after soooo many internal doubts beforehand :-)

    See you at Chamonix!

  3. Bart Smith

    Nice interview Bryon and thank you and Meghan for the great "twittercast" of the 2011 WS 100. Big congrats on your finish and PR! Well done.

  4. Nicolas RUIZ

    Thank's a lot Bryon !! You're the champs' voices out there, and a champ as well (WS100 finisher ;-)

    Keep going on the trails (miles, mud, and more ! right ? ;-) and interviewing such great guys

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