Kilian Jornet Pre-2011 Western States 100 Interview

iRunFar’s Bryon Powell interviews Kilian Jornet, last year’s third place finish, the afternoon before the 2011 Western States 100. They talk about his gear, his ski season, his running training after ski season, and his plan for race day.

[Update: Kilian went on to win the race, here’s our post-race interview.]

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  1. Alain

    It's amazing how most of the elite ultrarunners, despite performing feats most of us could only dream of (like being able to run a 100k race on only 40k of training without getting injured) seem like friendly, down-to-earth people.

    And Bryon, thanks for preparing, conducting and putting all those interviews on the interwebs while at the same time getting prepared for your own race. How you managed to do all this is beyond me. Unless the guy we see in these videos is your identical twin, Brian Powell…

    Have a great race!

    1. Bryon Powell

      Thanks, Alain. On days like today, I wish I had a twin, whatever his name! Time for me to take off my iRunFar hat and put on my Western States runner hat. Off to bed and than on to Auburn!

  2. Tina

    I waited to watch this one for after the race, lol. Bryon, I second what Alain said. You really do a lot, and I know so many people really appreciate all that you do! And, on top of that, to be an awesome runner, too!

    Great interview with Kilian and all the other interviews with the elites!

    Ummm… I watched the WS video of Kilian coming in for the finish… wondering if I heard the announcer correctly — that Kilian is not only an amazing athlete, but also a medical student and speaks five languages! ?? Wow!! What an amazing young guy!!

  3. Dan Bleakman

    Great interview Bryon and well done on your race yesterday. A new PR too. Kilian really is a special athlete, very humble and backed by a great team too. Nice work all round.

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