Kilian Jornet Post-2010 Western States 100 Interview

Kilian shares his take on his third place finish at the 2010 Western States 100. For 78 miles, he ran essentially tied for the lead with Anton Krupicka before cramping and falling back to finish in 16:04:49 just ahead of Nick Clark. Kilian shares some of the mistakes he made (not carrying enough water, not enough heat training, and spending too much time in aid stations) and how he might correct them at the upcoming Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc … and next year at Western States. ;-)

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  1. Tatiana

    He IS a really nice guy! Pulling for 80 miles without water in the heat and stopped just when he fall down because of cramping… I will still put my voice in his favor next time ;-) Although Tony and Geoff were amazing…

  2. tony

    Very interesting interview. But my view on the questions and answers is he just did not know how to run, hydrate and eat…something his salomon handlers should have told him to do…Maybe if he comes back next year him,anton and geoff can have another battle..

  3. Meissner

    So incredibly humble and so much respect for his fellow competitors. One of the nicest guys out there. Great interview.

    UTMB needs to arrange for Tony to be there this year!

    1. Bryon Powell

      I talked with Tony about UTMB and it doesn't fit with his work schedule. While I'd love to see a rematch of Kilain, Geoff, and Anton around Mont Blanc, I'd love to see a healthy Tony make another go at Carpenter's Leadville record.

  4. Mandy Miller

    Great interview with Kilian, Bryon. Very interesting to hear what he said about stopping versus going through aid stations. Funny, if you didn't know who he was you might be inclined to think this was his first rodeo – NOT. Very kul. Watch out next year!

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