Hardrock 100 2014 Lottery Results

Hardrock 100Whee! Lottery day is like Christmas Day, isn’t it? Congrats to everyone who gained entrance to the elusive 2014 Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run which will take place on July 11 to 13, 2014 in the San Juan Mountains from Silverton, Colorado. And, for the rest of us who didn’t get in or who aim to run this someday, we shall all keep dreaming! Let’s be clear, Hardrock isn’t a race, people. It’s a ‘run.’ But it’s one of the hardest and most aesthetic organized, 100-mile ‘runs’ on this planet. So attractive is this run that 1,279 folks applied to the lottery for the 2014 edition, which was held today.

Prior to the lottery, the race administration placed all of the lottery applicants in divisions based upon their previous experience (or not) with Hardrock and separate lotteries took place within each of the divisions. The divisions are ‘First-Timers,’ from which 35 spaces in the run were given, ‘Veterans,’ also from which 35 spaces were given, and ‘Everyone Else,’ from which 70 spaces were given. That’s a total of 140 entrants. Further, long waitlists were created for each division.

Even though this event is called a run and not a race, there are some men and women each year who attempt to run the course faster than everyone else in that year’s run and, possibly, faster than the course record. Below we document the men and women who were selected in the lottery today who we think will be the main 2014 contenders. We also mention who is on a waitlist and might get in, who is on a waitlist so far down they probably won’t get in, and who the unlucky, un-chosen runners were.

It looks as if the 2014 Hardrock will be a seriously competitive one up front. Kilian Jornet, Sebastian Chaigneau, Julien Chorier, and Tsuyashi Kaburaki will join Dakota Jones, Joe Grant, Timothy Olson, Jared Campbell, and others in the battle for the top positions on the men’s side. Darcy Africa, Diana Finkel, Rhonda Claridge, Jen Segger, and Abby McQueeney Penamonte and other strong women will certainly keep the women’s race exciting.

Here we go!

Automatic Entrants

There’s only one way to bypass the lottery and get into Hardrock: by winning the previous edition! 2013 winners Sébastien Chaigneau and Darcy Africa have automatic entries into the 2014 run and both of them have chosen to use those entries.

Notable Men’s 2014 Hardrock 100 Entrants

Here are the high-level men who have a spot in the 2014 run.

  • Jared Campbell (eight-time Hardrock finisher, 2010 winner, and seventh in 2013)
  • Julien Chorier (2011 Hardrock winner)
  • Nick Coury
  • Ty Draney (fifth at 2012 Bear 100)
  • Sébastien Chaigneau (see above, via automatic entrance from winning the 2013 race)
  • Joe Grant
  • Adam Hewey (ninth at 2013 Hardrock)
  • Scott Jaime (seven-time Hardrock finisher, third in 2013)
  • Dakota Jones
  • Kilian Jornet
  • Tsuyoshi Kaburaki (2013 Bighorn 100 winner)
  • Jason Koop (13th at 2012 Hardrock)
  • Eric Lee (2012 Nolan’s 14 finisher)
  • Ted Mahon (six-time Hardrock finisher and fifth in 2013)
  • Timothy Olson
  • Erik Storheim (fifth at 2013 Wasatch 100)

Notable Women’s 2014 Hardrock Entrants

Here are the high-level women who have a spot in the 2014 run.

  • Darcy Africa (see above, via automatic entrance from winning the 2013 race)
  • Rhonda Claridge (second at 2012 Hardrock)
  • Helen Cospolich
  • Diana Finkel
  • Abby Mcqueeney Penamonte (2013 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning winner)
  • Jen Segger (sixth at the 2012 Leadville 100)

Waitlisted Men with at Least a Remote Chance of Getting In

Here are the male contenders who were chosen in the top 15 slots of the First-Timers waitlist, the top 15 slots of the Veterans waitlist, or the top 30 slots of the Everyone Else waitlist. These men have a good shot of getting off their respective waitlists and into the run.

  • Jeff Browning (2nd place on Everyone Else waitlist)
  • Adam Campbell (2nd place on First-Timers waitlist)

Waitlisted Women with at Least a Remote Chance of Getting In

Here is the female contender who was chosen in either the top 15 slots of the First-Timers waitlist, the top 15 slots of the Veterans waitlist, or the top 30 slots of the Everyone Else waitlist. She’s got a decent shot of running.

  • Sara Evans McCloskey (11th on Everyone Else waitlist)

Notable Did-Not-Get-Ins and Waitlisted Men with No Chance of Getting In

Here are some fast men who weren’t chosen in the lottery or are so far down their respective waitlist that there is almost no chance of them getting in.

  • John Anderson
  • Chris Askew
  • Rod Bien
  • Patrick Bohard
  • Chad Brackelsberg
  • Ryan Burch
  • Nick Clark
  • Cameron Clayton
  • Jamil Coury
  • Andy Dorais
  • Mike Foote
  • Neal Gorman
  • Matt Hart
  • Jesse Haynes
  • Nickademus Hollon
  • Troy Howard
  • Dave James
  • Iker Karerra
  • Anton Krupicka
  • Jason Lantz
  • Nick Lewis
  • Dave Mackey
  • Brett Maune
  • Steven Moore
  • Nick Pedatella
  • Gary Robbins
  • Jason Schlarb
  • Ian Sharman
  • Damian Stoy
  • Ian Torrence
  • Brendan Trimboli
  • Zach Violett
  • Michael Wardian
  • Mike Wolfe

Notable Did-Not-Get-Ins and Waitlisted Women with No Chance of Getting In

Here are some fast women who weren’t chosen in the lottery or are so far down their respective waitlist that there is almost no chance of them getting in.

  • Meghan Arbogast
  • Darla Askew
  • Jennifer Benna
  • Denise Bourassa
  • Meaghen Brown
  • Kerrie Bruxvoort
  • Candice Burt
  • Jenny Capel
  • Kelly Cronin
  • Leila Degrave
  • Katie Desplinter
  • Salynda Fleury
  • Gill Fowler
  • Keira Henninger
  • Emily Judd
  • Nikki Kimball
  • Bethany Lewis
  • Claire Price
  • Angela Shartel
  • Katrin Silva
  • Ann Trason
  • Nerea Martínez Urruzola
  • Joelle Vaught
  • Becky Wheeler
  • Paulette Zilmer

Call for Comments

  • Who are you most excited about running the 2014 Hardrock 100?
  • Who are your picks as favorites? Did we miss anyone who should be on these lists?
  • If you’re in, how excited are you to be racing Hardrock next year?
Kristin Zosel

is a mom, wife, ultrarunner, physical therapist (on sabbatical), and transcriptionist for iRunFar.com. Her love of steep uphills, high mountain environments, and Swiss “lovely cows” keep alpine visions dancing in her head and strong cappuccinos in her mug.

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  1. jkallen

    Ann Trason- it sure would have been neat to see her get picked. One of the true legends in this sport, and she's never done the race, er, run.

    1. akopa

      No kidding. Ann Trason, "with No Chance of Getting In"? Really?? How about a "Greatest Runner of All-Time Clause"? Or something. Silly.

  2. t__dog

    The identities of the seven waitlisted vets can probably be ascertained from this document: [broken link to 2014 HR100 ticket list removed]

  3. Shelby_

    Nothin' gets my ultrarunning heart all atwitter than good competition up front (unless I was running it too!). With Seb, Julian, Killian, Joe & Prez mixing it up, it'll be a HR not to miss!

  4. mathewbegley

    Looking forward to seeing how Killian does on a course that is more suited with his type of running (high alpine, grueling, lots of vertical.) That being said, I am really rooting for Eric Lee to do well and would not be surprised given his Nolan's performance – *hopefully* predicting a top 5 result.

  5. roarks

    I am in – was not even planning on entering until I got the e-mail from the HR folks in late November that my 2010 HR finish will still count as a qualifier for 2014 despite the new qualifying standards. Apparently, somewhere on the website the "finished in last five years" was still listed as a qualifier. I had a few beers when I received this e-mail – read it as a challenge and signed up.
    I am stoked! I have only run one ultra since my 2010 HR finish, TRT 50K in 2011 – the year the knee wore out (from 2004 to 2010, 7/7 on 100 milers post knee surgery). When I had to drop from sweeping Old Pueblo 50 mile in 2011 the orthopedic said to give it up. I had already paid money for the TRT 50K – thinking I would pay-up to the 100 miler after the tax refund – I went ahead and gutted out the 50K in 2011 for what I thought was my last ultra ever.
    OK, I am insane and have already had a few – just ordered some walking sticks for Hard Walk 2014 and am considering those platform shoe HOKA's as well. Currently, the only confidence I have in finishing HRH 2014 are a few long backpack trips where the knee has held up. Now I have R2R2R (I live in So. AZ – backpacked but never run in the big ditch) set for March which was on my bucket list before the knee went out – now it is a training run for HR. I am looking out my window – there is the long 9000+ ft. ridge of the Huachuca Mountains that I need to zipper each week to get in the big climbs and descents….
    Promise, I will give up the dream of HRH2014 finish and let the next one on the waiting list in by end of March if the training or the R2R2R confirms the orthopedics advise…

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