Kristin Zosel

Kristin Zosel

Title: Gear Reviewer
Location: Denver, CO


  • Topics of Experience: Physical Therapy, Trail Running, Ultra running, Pilates, Gear Reviews
  • Years in these Areas: Physical Therapy (24 years), Trail Running (29 years), Ultra running (23 years), Pilates Instructor (4 years), Gear Reviews (8 years)
  • Numeric Reference: over 80 gear reviews published out of hundreds pieces of gear and shoes tested; hundreds of interviews transcribed as well

Education and Certifications

  • Education: Doctorate in Physical Therapy (in progress—University of Montana, will finish Dec 2022), Masters of Science in Physical Therapy (Washington University St. Louis, 1998), Bachelors of Science in Biology (University of Nebraska, 1996), 500-hour comprehensive certification in Pilates (2018)
  • Years of Professional Experience Relevant to iRunFar: Transcription (11 years), Gear Reviews (8+ years), Gait analysis and Running Related Injury Treatment and Prevention and Gear “Prescription” (24 years), Pilates Instruction (4 years)
  • Certifications: Current PT License, Pilates Certification
  • Clubs or Associations: APTA Member, Perpetual Volunteer
  • Awards or Recognitions: None relevant to Ultrarunning
  • Other Relevant Positions: PT—treat friends and family/consult; Pilates Instructor—group and private classes

A Word from Kristin Zosel

  • Why do I choose to review gear? I love offering the mid-to-ever approaching back-of-the-pack view on comfort, performance, and utility of women’s specific gear, clothing, and footwear available to us as trail and ultrarunners. When women’s specific options aren’t available, I also reach out to the ubiquitous “unisex” options. I believe those of us that spend more time on the trail per distance experience our gear, clothing, and footwear in different ways, and our perspective can offer companies valuable insight.
  • Why did I choose to transcribe? I wanted to make the incredible iRunFar videos accessible to more people for whom perhaps the videos weren’t an option at the moment they wanted to view them. Personal Interests: Trail and Ultra running as a vehicle for self-improvement, celebrating and seeing all the incredible places in “the nature,” and finding my inner calm; Pilates to be more connected and resilient; Ultimate Frisbee to promote the joy and the spirit of the game; Disc Golf because my son is leaving me in the dust; Paddleboarding to bring balance to higher energy pursuits; Fat biking because, like moon boots, cheeser-grins are the BEST; Anything else outdoors particularly with my fabulous dergs; Travel to expand my horizons; Encouraging people to experience movement and the great outdoors in many, many ways; Espresso and Pastries because life is short.