Rabbit Women’s Cold Weather Apparel Review

An in-depth review of rabbit women’s cold weather apparel.

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After falling in love with rabbit’s women’s warm weather apparel and subsequently publishing a rabbit women’s warm weather apparel review here on iRunFar, to say I was enthusiastic to explore their cold-weather lineup may be an understatement. A woman-owned California-based brand, rabbit’s goal has been to provide some of the best running apparel on the market.

The brand has really perfected the balance between fashion, function, fit, and comfort. As a result, there are very few rabbit items that I have refrained from adding to my closet.

I’m 5 foot, 7 inches, 135 pounds, and tested a size medium in all the following pieces of apparel (except the rabbit Versacapris Trail, where I also tested a size small):

rabbit Apparel Review - Dash the Bunny

Gear reviewer Annie Behrend with Dash the Rabbit, the unofficial mascot of this gear review. All photos courtesy of iRunFar/Annie Behrend.

rabbit Versacapris Trail

rabbit makes shopping for the perfect running tight easy by offering just a couple of great ones, including the rabbit Versacapris Trail ($90) capri tights. Beyond the magical fashion-function-fit-comfort medley of perfection I’ve discovered exists in most all rabbit apparel, one of my favorite features of their tights — and many of their shorts — has been the functionality of multiple pockets, and specifically the rear zip pocket.

The rear zip pocket on these tights has served day in and day out as the vault for my key fob and credit card. The base of the zipper is lined with reflective material that helps keep you visible in the dimly lit hours.

One thing that sets rabbit trail apparel, like the rabbit Versacapris Trail, apart from its more general running collections is the incorporation of mountains into the logo and overall design. When you wear the capris, your legs will be absolutely covered in sublimated ridgelines. Albeit aesthetic, I love this detail, as the mountains have a lot to do with why I love to run on trail versus road.  

The Versacapris Trail are composed of a medium-weight blend of 87% polyester and 13% spandex. The inseam on these is 17 to 18 inches, which hits me just below the knee. This length is unique to my current collection of tights, and I love it for runs when I need more than shorts, but not much more. In addition to the aforementioned back zip pocket, these have two front waistband pockets and two perfectly deep side pockets for a grand total of five places to stash things.

While I have been a consistent size medium in rabbit apparel, these I would suggest sizing down in, as they run just a tad big. I originally tested the size medium, but found them a bit baggy, so I ordered the small as well: they fit much better for me. They’re not a whole size off, but if you tend, for example, to be between a small and medium in rabbit, go for the small.

A few buddies also found that sizing down was appropriate here. While the perfect size for me would likely be slightly bigger than the small in the legs and butt but smaller than the mediums around the waist, I certainly prefer the fit of the small over the medium. These tend to ride relatively low-waisted but stay put when sized down.

Shop the rabbit Versacapris Trail
rabbit Versacapris Trail - front view

A front view of the rabbit Versacapris Trail.

rabbit Versacapris Trail - back view

A back view of the rabbit Versacapris Trail.

rabbit Versatights

If you’re looking for longer (but not quite full-length) running tights, here you have them in the rabbit Versatights ($90) long tights! Depending on how long your legs are, these fit closer to the 7/8 length, leaving your ankles free. Like the Versacapris Trail capris tights, these are also a medium-weight blend of 87% polyester and 13% spandex.

For most of us, the outside temperature is generally the deciding factor on the length of our tights; I’ve appreciated that the Versatights are not simply longer than the capris, but also feel softer and warmer. The 25- to 26-inch inseam comes down to just below my calf.

Like the Versacapris Trail, dual front internal waistband pockets, two side stash pockets, and the back zipper pocket provide ample storage opportunities. You’ll find the irresistible rabbitKNIT fabric on the side pockets and lining of the waistband. These also don’t have a drawstring, though the medium fits true to size and doesn’t move around, so I haven’t missed it.

Despite being similarly named, the fabric composition and feel of the Versacapris Trail compared to the Versatights is different. The first time you put on the capris, especially if sized down, the stretch is a little crunchier and fabric a bit sleeker than the Versatights, due to the sublimation of the mountain design on the capris.

The Versatights can ride a little higher than the lower-waisted Versacapris Trail, though that may be partially a result of settling on a medium tight and small capris. If you have longer legs and a shorter torso, you may prefer the fit of the Versatights. If you have strong calves that don’t like to be squeezed or get easily overheated in longer tights, you’ll love the cut of the capris.

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rabbit Versatights - front view

A front view of the rabbit Versatights.

rabbit Versatights - back view

A back view of the rabbit Versatights.

rabbit EZ Long Sleeve Shirts

The pinnacle of soft seems to exist in anything rabbit by the name EZ, and it’s definitely true with the rabbit EZ Tee LS ($50) and rabbit EZ Tee rabbitKNIT LS ($55) lightweight long sleeve shirts. While both are made with a blend of polyester and spandex, the rabbit EZ Tee LS is made with what rabbit calls Quick n’ Fit fabric, and the rabbit EZ Tee rabbitKNIT LS is made with the rabbitKNIT fabric.

The acquisition of my first rabbit top occurred thanks to the finish line of the Miwok 100k in 2017; it remains one of my most routinely used race shirts. Merely in its infancy, rabbit was far less familiar to me then. The company celebrated its fifth birthday in the spring of 2021, and in some ways, its undeniably soft and stylish fabrics haven’t changed.

What has notably changed over the past few years is sizing. My running circles would concur with the observation that in past years, rabbit ran small. Though a medium, the shirt from 2017 fits me more like a small while every medium shirt I’ve tested from rabbit this year fits like a true medium, including these two shirts.

The magical fit of rabbit apparel manifests itself here in a line of tops tailored to fit well — never boxy, fussy, or clingy — while riding light, wicking sweat, drying fast, and being impossibly soft.

Shop the rabbit EZ Tee LSShop the rabbit EZ Tee rabbitKNIT LS

rabbit EZ Tee LS - front view

A front view of the rabbit EZ Tee LS.

rabbit EZ Tee LS - back view

A back view of the rabbit EZ Tee LS.

For me, these two are comparable in weight and warmth, the main difference being whether you need the added element of being covered in tiny little bunnies — if so, opt for the rabbit EZ Tee rabbitKNIT LS. These shirts provide the necessary warmth for cold-weather running and still wick and dry very well.

The ease in which the sleeves can be adjusted was a feature that recently sold one of my running buddies on a purchase. If you get toasty, there’s plenty of stretch to easily pull the sleeves above the elbow and back down without any grief. I’ve washed and worn these a number of times, and they look and feel just like they did on day one.

rabbit EZ Tee rabbitKNIT LS - front view

A front view of the rabbit EZ Tee rabbitKNIT LS.

rabbit EZ Tee rabbitKNIT LS - back view

A back view of the rabbit EZ Tee rabbitKNIT LS.

rabbit Ribbit Trail

I was very intrigued to try the “warm wool essential,” the rabbit Ribbit Trail ($85) heavier-weight long sleeve shirt. This garment is a blend of 36% merino wool for warmth, bonded with 64% polyester to keep it quick-to-dry and durable.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Ribbit Trail is that rabbit has been able to maintain its reputation for dishing up undeniably soft fabrics, despite infusing this one with merino. We all love wool’s magical ability to keep us warm even when wet, but none of us love when it’s itchy.

In my climate, where winter lows rarely dip below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, this is the perfect cold-weather shirt. If I were heading to higher or colder country, it would serve as a great base layer. Most rabbit garments are to be machine-washed cold and tumbled dried on low; with the added wool, hang this one to dry.

If thumb holes are a must for you, this is your shirt! There was a time and climate in my life where I exhaustively pored over thumbhole particulars. Minnesota winters routinely put my wrists, ankles, eyeballs, and various other vulnerable patches of flesh at risk of frostbite. The detail certainly makes the sleeve-to-glove transition a seamless one.

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rabbit Ribbit Trail - front view

A front view of the rabbit Ribbit Trail.

rabbit Ribbit Trail - back view

A back view of the rabbit Ribbit Trail.

rabbit EZ Tights

rabbit is dedicated entirely to running, providing us with “everything we need and nothing we don’t.” Everyone who runs also needs to relax. Try a few rabbit items that cross into the athleisure realm and you’ll understand the validity of the above claim. Thanks to the luxury of working from home, I’ve spent (possibly too many) hours in rabbit’s loungewear.

The rabbit EZ Tights ($85) lounge tights are also 7/8 length and made of the softest fabric you’ve ever worn. Despite being smooth as butter, the fabric itself holds up well; however, I do notice mild pilling along the inside stitching and seam. Comprising these tights is a combination of 89% polyester and 11% spandex.

While I hesitate to make direct comparisons with other brands, the feel of these reminds me a lot of the increasingly popular Vuori Performance Jogger, which we reviewed in our Vuori Women’s Performance Apparel review. The style is form-fitting with a 26- to 27-inch inseam that goes down to just above my ankle.

I love the long cuffs at the ankles and extra-wide waistband with a drawstring. The EZ Tights sport two internal waistband pockets for stowing keys, cards, snacks, and more. You won’t want to take these off.

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rabbit EZ Tights - front view

A front view of the rabbit EZ Tights.

rabbit EZ Tights - back view

A back view of the rabbit EZ Tights.

rabbit Sisterhood Crop Trail

The rabbit Sisterhood Crop Trail ($70) lounge hoodie’s fabric is appropriately named rabbitRELAX and is made of a combination of 93% polyester and 7% spandex. This medium-weight hoodie is soft on the outside and warm and fleecy on the inside. The brushed fleece lining is covered with rabbit’s endearing little icon, especially visible inside the hood.

The sisterhood crop is less croplike than the name may imply. As I’m a fairly short-waisted individual, it hits me right around the hips and is the perfect accompaniment to high- and shorter-waisted pants alike.

Shop the rabbit Sisterhood Crop Trail
rabbit Sisterhood Crop Trail - front view

A front view of the rabbit Sisterhood Crop Trail.

rabbit Sisterhood Crop Trail - back view

A back view of the rabbit Sisterhood Crop Trail.

rabbit Women’s Cold Weather Apparel Overall Impressions

With such a robust assortment of gear, often a few items outshine the others and remain favorites. Honestly, each piece of the apparel in this review fits a slightly different niche, so I love and wear it all. If you’re similarly motivated to grab a little bit of everything; I’ll warn you that availability can be tricky! My guess is that rabbit’s tendency to sell out of items and sizes is a result of their increasing popularity. If you see something you love, and it’s available in your size, order it now!

It’s been a pleasure to review the athleisure end of rabbit’s spectrum of apparel in this article. The company remains true to its name by providing some items that inspire us to run fast and free and others that remind us to recover and relax.

My dear little friend Dash, the fittest bunny in the Rogue River Valley of Oregon where I live — and unofficial mascot of my rabbit reviews — is an epic example of both the super sprint and the power nap. There’s a time to run and a time to relax, and rabbit has us covered.

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