Rabbit Women’s Cold Weather Apparel Review

An in-depth review of rabbit women’s cold weather apparel.

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Some members of the iRunFar test team have been a fan of rabbit apparel for several years now, and we continue to embrace their apparel evolutions and seasonal offerings with the utmost enthusiasm. A woman-owned, California-based brand, rabbit’s goal has been to provide some of the best running apparel on the market while also stepping up the game on crossover apparel that works well for the trail to casual life.

The brand has really perfected the balance between fashion, function, fit, and comfort, and continues to add and update styles that meet our needs across all four seasons. Now, with the addition of more pieces that function in colder conditions, rabbit has options that appeal across all four seasons. Below, we take a look at some of rabbit’s cold weather options.

Sizing note: Two women tested the apparel in this review. Both testers consistently wear mediums across the rabbit brand. One tester is 5 feet, 5 inches and 125 to 130 pounds, and the other is 5 feet, 7 inches and 135 to 140 pounds.

rabbit Apparel Review - Dash the Bunny

iRunFar gear reviewer Annie Behrend with Dash the rabbit, the unofficial mascot of this gear review. Photo courtesy of Annie Behrend.

Rabbit Defroster Speed Tights

For cold weather running where a simple pair of tights isn’t enough, rabbit offers the rabbit Defroster Speed Tights ($135), and our buns and thighs are pleased. The semi-compressive fleece-lined, full-length tights cover our ankles completely and have a smooth finish that resists light precipitation. We prefer these from about 10 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit (F) and simply add a down skirt at temperatures below this to stay cozy. They breathe well but do get a bit sweaty above 35F.

True to rabbit’s commitment to function, these tights feature five pockets — the roomy lower back reflective zipper pocket for a key, card, or small snack; my two very favorite stash pockets on the upper, lateral thighs that hold a cell phone, more snacks, or gloves with confidence; and two flat-lying pockets on the inside of the waistband in the front for those extra gels.

rabbit Defroster Speed Tights - front view

A front view of the rabbit Defroster Speed Tights. Photo: iRunFar/Kristin Zosel

Us iRunFar rabbit enthusiasts are divided in that while some of us prefer a higher waist, some much prefer the mid-rise of the Defroster Speed Tights over anything high-waisted, but the internal drawstring is very thin and slightly less comfortable when tightened down. I’d love to see a wider elastic piece here so the drawstring wouldn’t need to do the heavy lifting.

While the medium is the right size for us in the legs — our calves and kneecaps are apparently too powerful for the smalls — the waist and hip portion does tend to slide down into the thighs after about 45 minutes, requiring a shimmy and pull-up.

Although this occurs more subtly with these than other rabbit tights, I do wish this aspect of the fit was a bit more dialed in across the brand, but only in the tights/capris. I have zero issues with the fit of the loose shorts, loose joggers, and seven-inch tight leggy shorts. For cozy winter running, the Defroster Speed Tights can help you zip along, but perhaps consider sizing down if you’re between sizes.

Men, be sure to have a look at the men’s rabbit Defroster Pocket Tightz ($120).

rabbit Defroster Speed Tights - back view

A back view of the rabbit Defroster Speed Tights. Photo: iRunFar/Kristin Zosel

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Rabbit Cocoon 2.0

If you regularly run in places so cold that your face hurts, rabbit has outdone themselves with the rabbit Cocoon 2.0 ($125). This semi-relaxed fit, fleece-lined performance hoody with an integrated perforated face mask even has a ponytail hole in the back of the scuba-fit hood! With the hood down, it’s like having a turtleneck or thin neck gaiter cozied up to your chin to keep the wind and light precipitation out.

[Editor’s Note: The women’s Cocoon 2.0 is out of stock until the second half of 2024, but the men’s is available as of the time of this article’s publishing. See the link below.]

We aren’t always ones for snug things around our necks, but somehow by using the thinner material for the hood and face mask portion, we can easily wear this fleece the rest of the day post-run; it dries quickly and isn’t constricting in any way. So impressive.

rabbit Cocoon 2.0 - front view

A front view of the rabbit Cocoon 2.0. Photo: iRunFar/Kristin Zosel

The rabbit Cocoon 2.0 keeps us quite cozy as an outer layer with just a short sleeve base layer in temperatures in the 20s to 30s F, even with some wind, and as a mid-layer for temps down to -5F. The PFC-free, water-resistant, smooth-faced finish resists light snow, and the 77% polyester/23% spandex body breathes really well ─ even as we work up some heat on the hills. Sweat is wicked away speedily and dries in a flash, so in the Colorado climate, it’s a perfect cold weather option.

The Quick n’ Fit hood is made from a much thinner 89% polyester/11% spandex material, just like the rabbit EZ Tee Long Sleeve, which basically means it’s so soft that you don’t want to take it off. The laser-cut perforations in the face mask conduct air and moisture really well, such that we can run with sunglasses on and have minimal fogging (none if there’s some wind).

It can ice up under the right conditions over several hours, in which case having some other face-covering options can be handy, especially if your winter adventure is rather epic and lengthy.

rabbit Cocoon 2.0 - back view

A back view of the rabbit Cocoon 2.0. Photo: iRunFar/Kristin Zosel

The last brilliant detail we love about this piece is the presence of two thumb holes on each sleeve. The standard placement allows the long sleeve to cover the back of the hand, leaving the other hole as a possible watch-viewing window. But if you choose the second thumb hole, the cuff then covers most of the fingers as well, which is so perfect for the beginning of runs, where you kind of want a second pair of gloves, but you know you won’t need them in 30 minutes.

All in all, if you run in the cold or simply run cold, the Cocoon 2.0 is an amazing performance hooded fleece with extra benefits!

Men can pick up the men’s rabbit Cocoon 2.0 ($125).

rabbit Cocoon 2.0 - hood up

The rabbit Cocoon 2.0 with the hood up. Photo: iRunFar/Kristin Zosel

Shop the Men's rabbit Cocoon 2.0

Rabbit High Country LS Flannel

The rabbit High Country LS Flannel ($68) is one of our all-time favorite pieces from rabbit, simply because it can cross over from trail run to leisure and back again on the same day. You simply cannot go wrong with a performance plaid with pearl snap (minus the pearl) — even one tester’s teenager loves the men’s version.

The semi-relaxed fit is just long enough in the arms, hips, and across the back that we can fit a thin baselayer beneath and still have plenty of room to give ourselves a hug, wrangle fat bike handlebars, or high-five each other after scoring our favorite croissants.

A touch of merino wool (4%) added to the 54% recycled polyester and 42% Thermolite polyester makes for a lightly warm, breathable, yet somewhat wind-resisting layer that dries quickly after a trail run and looks polished at the coffeehouse afterward. The flannel dries relatively quickly if we throw a running pack over it and generate some sweat.

Two snap pockets on the chest are well-sized and functional, and the snaps at the wrist keep some breezes out but still fit over a running watch. Rabbit celebrates trail running culture with the variety of plaids offered in this style, and it will soon become a favorite if you snatch one up.

Man can avail of the men’s rabbit High Country LS Flannel ($73).

rabbit High Country Flannel - front view

A front view of the rabbit High Country LS Flannel. Photo: iRunFar/Kristin Zosel

rabbit High Country Flannel - back view

A back view of the rabbit High Country LS Flannel. Photo: iRunFar/Kristin Zosel

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Rabbit EZ Joggers 2.0

The rabbit EZ Joggers 2.0 ($88) has been updated to now offer a zip pocket and gathered/classic waistband. Like their original rabbit EZ Jogger, the rabbit EZ Joggers 2.0 is made of the same Quick n’ Fit fabric (89% polyester, 11% spandex.) Despite being smooth as butter, the fabric itself holds up relatively well.

While the original EZ Jogger fit pretty true to size, the 2.0 feels a bit roomier in the butt and bulkier in the pockets. We tested a women’s medium. If you tend to vacillate at all between sizes, consider sizing down here!

While the addition of the zip pocket requires a few extra layers of fabric, it also significantly increases the functionality of these joggers for day to day running, workouts, etc., giving your key fob and credit card a safe place to ride.

The mid-rise elastic waistband has an external drawstring. Despite the roomier fit, we haven’t had any issues with movement in the waistband mid-run. The two front pockets have ample room to stuff semi-bulky paraphernalia, phones, socks, buffs… a kitten.

If cruising around and not wanting to lose the contents of your pockets, however, revert back to the zip on the right side, which also offers decent capacity. Like many of rabbit’s products, the EZ Joggers 2.0 is marketed as “quick drying.” While I haven’t subjected my joggers to torrential downpour, they have endured some light rain and have subsequently dried remarkably well.

While we hesitate to make direct comparisons with other brands, the feel of these reminds us a lot of the popular Vuori Performance Jogger, which we included in our Vuori Women’s Performance Apparel review. The style of the joggers is quite similar to Vuori, with perhaps a bit more ankle coverage.

We’ve been known to throw these on first thing in the morning and complete every daily activity in them: running, lifting, lounging, errands, kiddo shuttling, casual dining, and more! They’re just that comfortable.

Men can also avail of the men’s rabbit EZ Joggers 2.0 ($88).

Rabbit EZ Joggers 2.0 - front view

A front view of the rabbit EZ Joggers 2.0. Photo: iRunFar/Annie Behrend

Rabbit EZ Joggers 2.0 - back view

A back view of the rabbit EZ Joggers 2.0. Photo: iRunFar/Annie Behrend

Shop the Women's Rabbit EZ Joggers 2.0Shop the Men's Rabbit EZ Joggers 2.0

Rabbit EZ Tights

The rabbit EZ Tights ($88) and rabbit EZ Tights High Rise ($88) are a form-fitting style made out of rabbit’s unbelievably soft Quick n’ Fit material. These tights are 7/8 length, hitting most just above the ankle. The addition of the high-rise fit is a great option for those of us whose legs deem us high-waisted.

I’ve historically struggled with rabbit’s more traditional mid-rise running tights, due to movement in the waistband, and wonder if a high-rise rendition of the speed tights would aid in resolving this little problem for those of us who prefer that fit.

rabbit EZ Tights - front view

A front view of the rabbit EZ Tights. Photo: iRunFar/Annie Behrend

rabbit EZ Tights - back view

A back view of the rabbit EZ Tights. Photo: iRunFar/Annie Behrend

Both versions of the EZ Tights have long cuffs at the ankles and an extra-wide waistband with a drawstring. The tights also sport two internal waistband pockets for stowing keys, cards, snacks, and more. Despite being made from the same Quick n’ Fit fabric as rabbit’s EZ Joggers 2.0, for whatever reason, the EZ Tights tend to be more prone to pilling along the inside seam.

If you’ve worn rabbit’s other “EZ” garments, you’re likely already familiar with the reality that you won’t want to take these off. Work out in them, relax in them, hold soft furry animals in them … or all of the above on repeat.

Guys, rabbit makes EZ Tights for you too! You can check out the men’s rabbit EZ Tights ($88).

Rabbit EZ Tights - High-Rise - front view

A front view of the rabbit EZ Tights High Rise. Photo: iRunFar/Annie Behrend

Rabbit EZ Tights - High-Rise - rear view

A rear view of the rabbit EZ Tights High Rise. Photo: iRunFar/Annie Behrend

Shop the Women's Rabbit EZ TightsShop the Men's Rabbit EZ TightsShop the Women's Rabbit EZ Tights High Rise

Rabbit Outrun

The magical fashion-function-fit-comfort medley of perfection we’ve discovered in rabbit apparel continues to manifest itself in the rabbit Outrun ($85) long sleeve top. The Outrun is a blend of 86% recycled polyester with 14% wool, and can be worn as a base layer or only layer.

Rabbit has maintained its reputation for dishing up undeniably soft fabrics, despite infusing this one with wool. We all love wool’s magical ability to keep us warm even when wet, but none of us love when it’s itchy.

Southern Oregon’s average winter lows like to hang out in the 30s F, making this the perfect cold weather “only layer” the majority of the time, for those of us here or in similar climates.

It was 22F the morning I decided to take this top for its maiden voyage, and after a prolonged post-run thaw under a hot shower, I have decided to treat it as a base layer (i.e. paired with one of rabbit’s light jackets or vests) for temperraturess below freezing.

The thumb hole is a detail that sets this top apart from the much beloved rabbit EZ Tee Long Sleeve. There was a time and climate in my life where thumbhole caliber particulars were exhaustively considered. Minnesota winters routinely put my wrists, ankles, eyeballs, and various other vulnerable patches of flesh at risk of frostbite. The detail certainly makes the sleeve to glove transition a seamless one.

Most rabbit garments are to be machine-washed cold and tumble dried on low. With the added wool, the company recommendation is to hang this one to dry. Tailored to fit well — never boxy, fussy, or clingy — this top is true to size, rides light, wicks sweat, dries fast, and is impossibly soft.

Guys can also look out for the men’s rabbit Outrun ($85).

Rabbit Outrun Long Sleeve - front

A front view of the rabbit Outrun Long Sleeve. Photo: iRunFar/Annie Behrend

Rabbit Outrun long sleeve - rear

A rear view of the rabbit Outrun long sleeve. Photo: iRunFar/Annie Behrend

Shop the Women's Rabbit OutrunShop the Men's Rabbit Outrun

Rabbit Treeline

The rabbit Treeline ($185) jacket has been my go-to weather, wind, and summit buddy for over a year now, and I can happily echo the round of applause many others have left in their reviews of this layer.

This 66% nylon and 35% polyurethane jacket with sealed seams is rabbit’s first shell with waterproof and windproof capabilities, inspired by the UTMB trail races.

UTMB requires one to carry a hooded jacket with a minimum waterproof rating of 10,000 millimeters of water column (aka 10,000 Schmerber) and a moisture permeability rating of 10,000 grams per square meter per 24 hours. With waterproof and moisture vapor permeability ratings of 10k+, rabbit’s Treeline jacket meets UTMB’s minimum specifications.

The Treeline is lightweight — at about six ounces for a women’s size medium — and dries quickly.

The jacket is true to size with a tailored fit, including elastic wrists, hemming, and an adjustable scuba-style hood. Reflective material along the zipper helps us light up in low light. There’s just one chest pocket, big enough to house most phones, a few gels, or to pack up the jacket itself for easy stowing.

On a cool, blustery day with light-moderate rain, the Treeline performs pretty flawlessly. If you find yourself in a more aggressive downpour, however, this svelte little number will wet out. In my temperate southern Oregon climate, a lighter weight jacket with reasonable breathability and waterproofing, like the Treeline, is a pretty perfect solution the majority of the time the forecast calls for precipitation.

If I were headed into more aggressive rain, especially for a long duration or at a higher altitude, I would certainly consider taking protection with more significant waterproofing.

Men can avail of the men’s rabbit Treeline ($185).

Rabbit Treeline jacket - front view

A front view of the rabbit Treeline jacket. Photo: iRunFar/Annie Behrend

Rabbit Treeline Jacket - rear view

A rear view of the rabbit Treeline jacket. Photo: iRunFar/Annie Behrend

Shop the Women's Rabbit TreelineShop the Men's Rabbit Treeline

Rabbit Women’s Cold Weather Apparel Overall Impressions

Rabbit’s cold weather running performance apparel is welcome for those of us who live where winter temperatures regularly drop below freezing. Thankfully, they’ve also continued to work the tried-and-true EZ fabric into more pieces, which makes for comfortable performance and leisure wear in any season. The flannel has been a hit for two cycles now, which is exciting as it’s also hard to beat as a crossover piece.

Honestly, each piece of the apparel in this review fits a slightly different niche, so if you’re similarly motivated to grab a little bit of everything, keep your eye on sizing and availability, as rabbit’s items tend to sell out. If you’re lucky enough to find a piece on an end-of-season sale, then you’re lucky indeed.

rabbit Defroster Speed Tights - pocket detail

The pocket detail on the rabbit Defroster Speed Tights. Photo: iRunFar/Kristin Zosel

It’s been a pleasure to review both the performance and athleisure ends of rabbit’s spectrum of apparel. The company remains true to its name by providing some items that inspire us to run fast and free and others that remind us to recover and relax.

Dash and Coco, the fittest bunnies in the Rogue River Valley of Oregon and unofficial mascots of our rabbit reviews remind us that there’s a time to run and a time to relax, and rabbit has us covered for both.

rabbit Cocoon 2.0 - watch hole detail

The watch/thumb hole detail on the rabbit Cocoon 2.0. Photo: iRunFar/Kristin Zosel

Call for Comments

  • Have you used any of the rabbit gear reviewed here? How did you like it?
  • Are there any other great cold weather pieces from rabbit that you would recommend?

[Editor’s Note: The following updates have been made to this article: February 8, 2024: Added rabbit EZ Tights High Waist, rabbit Outrun, and rabbit Treeline; updated from rabbit EZ Jogger to EZ Joggers 2.0]

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