2015 Hardrock 100 Lottery Results

Results from the 2015 Hardrock 100 lottery.

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Hardrock 100Congrats to everyone who gained entrance to the elusive 2015 Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run. Let’s be clear, Hardrock isn’t a race, per se. It’s a ‘run.’ But it’s one of the hardest and most aesthetic organized 100-mile ‘runs’ on this planet. So attractive is this run that 1,367 people applied for the lottery for the 2015 run, up from 1,279 folks for the 2014 run lottery.

Prior to the lottery, the run administration placed all of the lottery applicants in divisions based upon their previous experience (or not) with Hardrock and separate lotteries took place within each of the divisions. The divisions are ‘First-Timers’ from which 47 spots in the run were given, ‘Veterans’ from which 35 spaces were given, and ‘Everyone Else’ from which 70 spaces were given. This totals 152 runners, a 12-runner increase from the 2014 race which originates from 12 more spots being given to ‘First-Timers’ than last year.

Even though this event is called a run and not a race, there are some men and women each year who attempt to run the course faster than everyone else in that year’s run and, possibly, faster than the course record. Below we document the men and women who were selected in the lottery today who we think will be the main 2015 contenders. We also mention who is on a waitlist and might get in, who is on a waitlist so far down they probably won’t get in, and who the unlucky, un-chosen runners were.

The excitement on the men’s side certainly comes from returning champion and course record holder, Kilian Jornet, going head-to-head against Iker Karrera, Adam Campbell, and Anton Krupicka. Potential party spoilers include Chris Price and Troy Howard, both of whom have run well here in recent history. Throw in a fit Jason Koop (DNF from hypothermia in ’14, high enough on a waitlist that he’ll probably get in) and seasoned veterans such as Scott Jaime, Jared Campbell, and Karl Meltzer (also high enough on a waitlist that he’ll probably get in), and this race will be as fast and competitive as last year. 

On the women’s side, three-time champion Darcy Piceu will be challenged by Hardrock veteran and last year’s runner-up, Betsy Kalmeyer, as well as a fast and hungry Anna Frost, who blasted through her first 100 miler this fall with a win and course record at the Bear 100. This duo, combined with consistent HR performer Darla Askew, four time winner Diana Finkel (currently waitlisted but with a good shot of getting in), as well as Bethany Lewis (also waitlisted but potentially low enough that she might not get in) who is undefeated at the 100-mile distance, and the women’s race should provide just as much drama as the men’s.

Here we go!

Automatic Entrants

There’s only one way to bypass the lottery to get into Hardrock: by winning the previous edition! 2014 winners Kilian Jornet and Darcy Piceu have automatic entries into the 2015 run and both of them have chosen to use those entries.

Notable Men’s 2015 Hardrock 100 Entrants

Here are the high-level men who have a spot in the 2015 run:

  • John Anderson – 10th in 2010 Hardrock
  • Adam Campbell – second at 2014 Hardrock
  • Jared Campbell – nine-time Hardrock finisher, 2010 winner, and seventh in 2013, 2014
  • Jamil Coury – 12th in 2013 HR, second at this year’s San Diego 100
  • Nick Coury – sixth at 2013 HR
  • Mike Foote – third at 2012 UTMB
  • Matt Hart – 12th in 2011 HR
  • Adam Hewey  ninth in 2013 HR
  • Troy Howard – second place 2013 HR
  • Scott Jaime – seven-time HR finisher, fifth last year, third in 2012
  • Tsuyoshi Kaburaki – sixth in 2014 HR
  • Iker Karrera – twice runner up at UTMB
  • Anton Krupicka – winner of 2014 Lavaredo Ultra Trail
  • Jeason Murphy – 15th at 2014 HR, fifth at ’14 Bear 100
  • Bryon Powell twice Leadville top 10
  • Jason Poole – eighth 2013 HR, fifth in 2010 HR
  • Chris Price – fourth at 2013 HR
  • Brandon Stapanowich – 12th at 2013 WS100, Nolan’s 14 finisher 2014
  • Brendan Trimboli – second at 2014 San Juan Solstice
  • Adam Wilcox – eighth at 2012 HR

Notable Women’s 2015 Hardrock Entrants

Here are the high-level women who have a spot in the 2015 run:

  • Darla Askew – second at ’13 HR, third in ’12
  • Leah Fein – fifth at 2012 HR
  • Anna Frost – winner of ’14 Bear 100
  • Missy Gosney – finished 12 summits of the Nolan’s 14 line in 2014
  • Meghan Hicks – winner of 2013 Marathon des Sables
  • Betsy Kalmeyer last year’s HR runner-up, fifth in 2013

Waitlisted Men with at Least a Remote Chance of Getting In

Here are the male contenders who were chosen in the top-20 slots of the First-Timers waitlist, the top-15 slots of the Veterans waitlist, or the top-30 slots of the Everyone Else waitlist. These men have a good shot of getting off their respective waitlists and into the run.

  • Joe Grant (#3 on veterans waitlist)- update: still waiting on confirmation on whether Joe was selected. [Update 12/6: It looks like there was a clerical error during the announcement of the Veterans waitlist by the race administration, as Joe Grant was announced for the third spot on the Veterans waitlist. In actuality, Bruce Grant was pulled for third on that list while Joe Grant is far enough down the waitlist that he doesn’t have a chance of getting in.]
  • Karl Meltzer #5 on Veterans waitlist
  • Jason Schlarb #23 on First Timers wait list, long shot to gain entry
  • Jason Koop #6 on Everyone Else waitlist

Waitlisted Women with at Least a Remote Chance of Getting In

Here are the female contenders who were chosen in either the top-20 slots of the First-Timers waitlist, the top-15 slots of the Veterans waitlist, or the top-30 slots of the Everyone Else waitlist. These women have a decent shot of running.

  • Bethany Lewis #14 on First Timers waitlist, fairly long shot to gain entry
  • Diana Finkel #5 on Everyone Else waitlist

Notable Did-Not-Get-Ins and Waitlisted Men with No Chance of Getting In

Here are some fast men who weren’t chosen in the lottery or are so far down their respective waitlist that there is almost no chance of them getting in.

  • Nick Clark
  • Cyril Cointre
  • Avery Collins
  • Pierre Loic Deragne
  • François D’Haene
  • Yassine Diboun
  • Dan Doherty
  • Cody Draper
  • Patrick Garcia
  • Ryan Ghelfi
  • Neal Gorman
  • Joe Grant
  • Grant Guise
  • Yoshikazu Hara
  • Jeff Hashimoto
  • Jesse Haynes
  • Nickademus Hollon
  • John Horns
  • Jeremey Humphrey
  • Andy Jones-Wilkins
  • Mick Jurynec
  • Lars Kjerengtroen
  • Eric Lee
  • Jason Leman
  • Ben Lewis
  • Dave Mackey
  • Travis Macy
  • Gavin McKenzie
  • Paulo Medina
  • Denis Mikhaylov
  • Steven Moore
  • Luke Nelson
  • Timothy Olson
  • Michael Owen
  • Nick Pedatella
  • Brian Peterson
  • Jack Pilla
  • Glen Redpath
  • Gary Robbins
  • David Ruttum
  • Carlos Sá
  • Ian Sharman
  • Kevin Shilling
  • Steve Slaby
  • Ford Smith
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Eric Storheim
  • Oleg Tabalev
  • Paul Terranova
  • Gennadii Tertychnyi
  • John Tidd
  • Ian Torrence
  • Lionel Trivel
  • Zach Violett
  • Michael Wardian
  • Scott Wolfe
  • Kenichi Yamamoto

Notable Did-Not-Get-Ins and Waitlisted Women with No Chance of Getting In

There are also a bunch of fast women who entered the lottery, but have little to no chance of running Hardrock in 2015.

  • Meghan Arbogast
  • Jennifer Benna
  • Rory Bosio
  • Denise Bourassa
  • Kerrie Bruxvoort
  • Candice Burt
  • Francesca Canepa
  • Leila Degrave
  • Katie DeSplinter
  • Jennilyn Eaton
  • Gill Fowler
  • Tia Gabalita
  • Nicola Gildersleeve
  • Hannah Green
  • Emily Halnon
  • Keira Henninger
  • Emily Judd
  • Becky Kirschenmann
  • Bethany Lewis
  • Petra McDowell
  • Amy O’Connell
  • Eva Pastalkova
  • Kristina Pattison
  • Jenny Pierce
  • Siobahn Pritchard
  • Angela Shartel
  • Jenn Shelton
  • Gina Slaby
  • Robin Watkins
  • Keri Wheeler
  • Misty Wong
  • Molly Zurn

Call for Comments

  • Who are you most excited about running the 2015 Hardrock 100?
  • Who are your picks as favorites? Did we miss anyone who should be on these lists?
  • If you’re in, how excited are you to be racing Hardrock next year?
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