Hardrock 100 2013 Lotto Results

Who’s entered in the 2013 Hardrock 100 after the December 2012 lottery.

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Hardrock 100While the Hardrock 100 is technically a “run,” there’s no doubt that folks at the front of the field are racing. Given that the previous year’s winners are the only automatic entrants, the elites (or whatever we want to call them) continue to display the spirit of Hardrock – they savor their entries, spend a week or two with the friends be it in an overstuffed housed or camping up on some pass, and respect the race as something that can crush even the most experienced of ultrarunners (even Hardrockers). While it’s laudable for anyone to complete Hardrock, there’s no doubt that fans of the sport get quite excited about what’s happening up front at Hardrock and that’s why we’re letting you know which speedsters have a spot in the 2013 Hardrock 100.

The women’s race promises to be the highlight with a showdown between defending champ Darcy Africa (2012 post-race interview, her 2012 race report), four-time champ (’08-11) Diana Finkel, the incomparable Lizzy Hawker (if she gets in off the waitlist), and former Western States 100 champ Tracy Garneau. The race will also include both Hardrock Betsies: Betsy Nye won in 2003 while Betsy Kalmeyer has won five times. Anna Frost (her 2013 lottery application essay) and Nikki Kimball are the two most notable names not drawn in the lottery.

Karl Meltzer (2012 pre-race interview) suffered through a 7th-place finish at last year’s Hardrock, but his five wins make him a favorite. Former champ Jared Campbell also returns so he’ll be a threat. Joe Grant (2012 post-race interview along with Dakota Jones) is the top returnee from last year’s race when he finish second just 16 minutes behind Hal Koerner. Frenchman Sebastien Chaigneau should get off the waitlist and can challenge anyone as his TNF UTMB finishes show. The talent that didn’t make it into the race is incredible and demonstrates Hardrock’s tremendous draw. Guys not getting into next year’s race include Michael Arnstein, Adam Campbell, Mike Foote, Dave James, Kilian Jornet, Anton Krupicka, Dave Mackey, Luke Nelson, Michael Wardian, and Mike Wolfe … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Automatic Entrants

Darcy Africa is the only automatic entrant in the 2013 Hardrock 100 on the basis of her win in 2012. Hal Koerner did not apply to defend his title.

Notable Men’s 2013 Hardrock 100 Entrants

  • Dan Barger
  • Jared Campbell (2010 HRH champ)
  • Jamil Coury
  • Nick Coury
  • Ricky Denesik (1998 HRH champ)
  • Neal Gorman
  • Joe Grant
  • Adam Hewey
  • Scott Jaime
  • Ted Mahon
  • Karl Meltzer (5-time HRH Champ: ’01, ’03, ’05, ’06, ’09)
  • Jason Poole
  • Chris Price

Waitlisted (with at least a remote chance of getting in)

  • Troy Howard (1st on the Everyone-Else list)
  • Sebastien Chaigneau (4th on Never-Run list)
  • Matt Hart (17th on the Everyone-Else list)

Notable Did-Not-Get-Ins and Waitlisted Folks with No Chance of Getting In: Jay Aldous, Justin Angle, Michael Arnstein, Jonathan Basham, James Bonnet, Adam Campbell, Duncan Callahan, John Fegyveresi, Mike Foote, Grant Guise, Shinsuke Isomura, Dave James, Kilian Jornet, Jason Koop (52nd on Everyone-Else WL), Anton Krupicka (49th on Never-Run WL), Ben Lewis, Adam Lint, Dave Mackey, Steven Moore, Luke Nelson (37th on Never-Run WL), Jack Pilla, Jason Schlarb, Brandon Stapanowich, Partrick Stewart (43rd on Everyone-Else WL), Eric Storheim, Paul Terranova, Brendan Trimboli, Dan Vega, Michael Wardian, Adam Wilcox (33rd on the Everyone-Else WL), Mike Wolfe, Nathan Yanko (38th on Everyone-Else WL)

Additional crowd favorites: Kirk Apt (1st on Vet WL), Tetsuro Ogata (Ogata was on the 2012 HRH waitlist, and he made it all the way to the top spot on the waitlist on race morning, but not into the race itself. For 2013, he’s 3rd on the Never-Run WL.), Steve Peterson (5-time Leadville 100 champ), Billy Simpson, Hans Deiter-Weisshaar

Notable Women’s 2013 Hardrock 100 Entrants

  • Darcy Africa (see above)
  • Darla Askew
  • Diana Finkel (4-time HRH Champ: ’08-’11)
  • Tracy Garneau
  • Betsy Kalmeyer (5-time HRH Champ: ’96, ’99, ’01, ’04, ’06)
  • Betsy Nye (2003 HRH Champ with many HRH podiums)

Waitlisted (with at least a remote chance of getting in)

  • Lizzy Hawker (5th on Never-Run WL)
  • Helen Cospolich (19th on the Everyone-Else WL)
  • Leah Fein (20th on the Everyone-Else WL)
  • Gretchen Evaul (18th on Never-Run WL)

Notable Did-Not-Get-Ins and Waitlisted Folks with No Chance of Getting In: Jennifer Benna, Candice Burt, Leila Degrave, Katie DeSplinter, Salynda Fleury, Anna Frost, Keira Henninger, Emily Judd, Nikki Kimball, Jane Larkindale, Emelie Lecomte, Sandi Nypaver, Jenny Pierce, Jen Segger, Becky Wheeler, Paulette Zillmer

Additional crowd favorites: Liz Bauer, Diane van Deren (2nd on Vet WL)

Call for Comments

  • Who are you most excited about running next year’s Hardrock 100?
  • Who are your early picks as the favorites?
  • Who’d we miss on our lists?
  • If you’re in, how excited are you to be racing Hardrock next year?
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