Western States 100 2013 Lotto Results

Western States 100 logoWell, the majority of the field for the 2013 Western States 100 has been set with this morning’s lottery drawing in Auburn, California. While the lottery fills the majority of the field, the bulk of the elites get into Western States via finishing in the top 10 the previous year or earning a spot with a top finish in a Montrail Ultra Cup race.

Immediately below are the elites that were entered in next year’s race prior to the lottery. Additional elite entries can be gained from the remaining Montrail Ultra Cup races – Bandera 100k (1/12/13 – Texas), Lake Sonoma 50 (4/13/13 – California), Leona Divide 50 (4/27/13 – California), Ice Age Trail (5/11/13 – Wisconsin) – or special consideration, especially for foreign runners.

Further down are top runners who gained entry via the lottery. It’s a shockingly small number. Please let me know if I missed any elites who got in via the lottery – this sport is growing so quickly that new names are popping up all the time.

The full entrants list is now available on WSER.org.

Men’s Automatic Entries – 2013 Western States 100

  • Dylan Bowman(7th 2012 WS100)

    Dylan Bowman - 2012 Run Rabbit Run 100

    Dylan Bowman

  • Trent Briney (2nd JFK 50)
  • Nick Clark (3rd 2012 WS100)
  • Cameron Clayton (1st Run Rabbit Run 50)
  • Graham Cooper (Special consideration)
  • Yassine Diboun (3rd Pinhoti 100)
  • Neal Gorman (10th 2012 WS100)
  • Jesse Haynes (3rd Waldo 100k)
  • Jeremy Humphry (2nd Pinhoti 100)
  • Mark Lantz (Raffle)
  • Dave Mackey (4th 2012 WS100)
  • Jorge Maravilla (8th 2012 WS100)
  • Karl Meltzer (1st Run Rabbit Run 100)
  • Timothy Olson (1st 2012 WS100)
  • Nick Pedatella (3rd Run Rabbit Run 50)
  • Jacob Rydman (2nd Waldo 100k)
  • Ryan Sandes (2nd 2012 WS100)
  • Ian Sharman (5th 2012 WS100)
  • Erik Skaden (Raffle)
  • Joe Uhan (9th 2012 WS100)

Top 10 runners not yet entered: Zeke Tiernan

Women’s Automatic Entries – 2013 Western States 100

  • Meghan Arbogast (10th 2012 WS100)

    Meghan Arbogast 2012 IAU 100k World Championships

    Meghan Arbogast

  • Rory Bosio (2nd 2012 WS100)
  • Denise Bourassa (2nd Waldo 100k)
  • Kerrie Bruxvoort (2nd Run Rabbit Run 50)
  • Rhonda Claridge (2nd Run Rabbit Run 100)
  • Leila Degrave (3rd Run Rabbit Run 100)
  • Melanie Fryar (3rd Pinhoti 100)
  • Ellie Greenwood (1st 2012 WS1oo)
  • Meghan Hall (2nd Pinhoti 100)
  • Emily Harrison (2nd JFK 50)
  • Nikki Kimball (5th 2012 WS100)
  • Aliza Lapierre (3rd 2012 WS100)
  • Tina Lewis (7th 2012 WS100)
  • Ashley Nordell (9th 2012 WS100)
  • Luanne Park (Going for 10th WS100 finish)
  • Pam Smith (1st Run Rabbit Run 50)
  • Amy Sproston (8th 2012 WS100)
  • Joelle Vaught (1st Waldo 100k)

Top 10 runners not yet entered: Krissy Moehl and Lizzy Hawker

Men’s Elite Lottery Draws & Special Considerations – 2013 Western States 100

  • Joseph Czabaranek
  • Joshua Finger
  • Michael Fink
  • Bruce Fordyce (South Africa)
  • Lon Freeman
  • Andy Jones-Wilkins
  • Hal Koerner
  • Jon Lawler
  • Gerardo Moreno
  • Chris Price
  • Gustavo Reyes (Argentina)
  • Brandon Stepanowich
  • Dan Vega

Jan 6 Update: Former course record-holder Mike Morton is in via an unnamed sponsor slot.

Women’s Elite Lottery Draws & Special Considerations – 2013 Western States 100

  • Jennifer Benna
  • Mary Churchill
  • Traci Falbo
  • Jamie Frink
  • Nicola Gildersleeve
  • Bree Lambert
  • Alissa Springman

Call for Comments

  • Are you psyched for yet another stacked field at the 2013 Western States 100? Who are your early picks for the men’s and women’s win?
  • Who would you hope joins the field now and race day?
  • Who’d we miss on the entry-via-lottery elite lists?
  • If you got in, via any method, how excited are you to be racing Western States next June?

There are 129 comments

  1. Bryon Powell

    I, for one, couldn't be more psyched to run Western States again next year. It will be all the more exciting in that I have the chance to receive my fifth finishers medal from inaugural RD and good friend, Craig Thornley. I'll need to finish fast, so I can get back to work! :-)

  2. Davide

    Hello Bryon, I'd go for Brandon Stepanowich as another Lottery Elite Draws, after his 7th place at this year Leadville 100.


      1. Davide

        I can imagine! I've been "ultrasignuping" few of them during the lottery.

        A clear sign of ultranerdism :-)

        Good luck to all the runners in, enjoy the run as much as the anticipation leading to the event, WS has somenthing special that's quite difficult to find anywhere else. Quite happy to have been part of it at least once.

  3. Jon Allen

    Interesting that 2011 lottery seemed to have a ton of fast runners get in, while this year has very few, like you said, Bryon. Guess it evens out.

    Has Craig said anything about if they are thinking of changing to a 100 miler requirement to winnow down the lottery numbers a bit?

    1. Bryon Powell

      I'll let Craig weigh in on your final point if he wants. Given the public nature of his position, I don't want to answer for him. I hope you understand.

      Personally, I think the 100-mile requirement is unnecessary. The statistics show that a fist time 100-mile runner has just as much a chance of finishing as a veteran.

  4. art

    well the board of directors can do what they want, its their race, but someone can win a good quality 100 miler and not get a special invitation simply because its not a Montrail race, while 3rd place in some 50 miler gets an invite ?

    1. Bryon Powell

      In all fairness, the Montrail Ultra Cup races from the 2011-12 season did a pretty amazing job of letting in runners who performed quite well in the 2012 race.

      Are you thinking of any runners in particular that won a 100 miler since States that want to be, but aren't yet in next year's WS100? Just trying to figure out which runners are getting in that you'd like in? The MUC did expand this year to include two 100 milers. Run Rabbit Run 100 had a stacked field. Pinhoti 100's top three men included the 2012 WS100 men's 10th and 12th place guys.. guys that got beat by four 50 mile or 100k MUC qualifiers at WS100 '12… including by two guys that got in with a third place MUC finish. :-)

        1. Bryon Powell

          Jeff did enter the Western States lottery and crushed both those races with awesome performances, but the fact is that neither event had premiere competition in 2012. There were four runners within four hours of Browning at SD whereas the once competitive Wasatch 100 is now a regional race with the five guys behind Browning (spread out over three and a half hours) all, literally, living in Salt Lake City.

          What then becomes the standard for entry via 100 mile race? A selection committee that subjectively determines five or ten great performances that warrant entry? (This would be a wasps nest/lightning rod.) The selection of a dozen or two 100 milers from which the winner gains entry to States? (If Wasatch and San Diego rise to the standard, there are an awful lot of race that meet the standard.) The designation of a few 100 mile race at which runners can run their way in? (This is the current system under the Montrail Ultra Cup.)

          BTW, I intend for all of this to be conversation. The WSER Board DOES want the race to be competitive and the means by which the runners who make that happen gain entry will surely evolve in the coming years. All avenues should be discussed. :-)

          1. Scott

            I saw that Jeff Browning had entered the Bandera 100k which is a Western States qualifier along with Sage Canady, Gary Gellin, Karl Meltzer, etc.

      1. LL

        I'm guessing running club inclusion? If memory serves me right Lantz is a member of the Buffalo Chips and they get a slot for manning the Devil's Thumb station.

    1. Gary Gellin

      Alex FNH – I think you mean Rickey Gates with an "ey". I don't think Rickey is 56 years old which is the age listed for Rick Gates. If he is, I'd like to know his secret to running uphill so fast. Regards, Gary Gelin

    1. Bryon Powell

      No, he will apply for special consideration.

      BTW, the unknowns in the articles are simply unknown to me. I've asked for information following the lottery, but I'm sure the RDs have their hands full!

  5. Gary Gellin

    Bandera 100k contenders for WS spot (and/or 100k trail champ title without knowledge of the MUC):

    Sage Canaday

    Karl Meltzer

    Zach Violett

    Paul Terranova

    Jeff Browning

    Gary Gellin

    who else?

    (sorry for no women's list, but Stephanie Howe is a shoe-in)

      1. Gary Gellin

        Karl's going to Bandera to give Sage a run for his money at the concurrent USATF 100k contest. I'm out of here before I get beat up.

          1. Collin

            Bandera will be interesting. Sage is obviously more fit than anyone on that list, but he's unproven on technical trails. To be honest, I doubt he'd run WS100 as early as next year regardless of Bandera though.

            1. Collin

              As for Karl, it seems a little short for him. :) In any case, don't spots roll down by one place if one of the top 2 is already in WS? Ie, if Karl is 1st or 2nd, 3rd would also get in?

            2. Gary Gellin

              Sage does just fine on technical trails – Chuckanut, White River, whatever you've got (except for wearing road flats on steep mud like last weekend). He told me he would sign up for Bandera because it is the USATF 100k Champs and that he didn't know WS100 spots were up for grabs. There you have it.

  6. LL

    I was excited to see Randy Van Dusen get selected again. He's the Sac police officer that had his healing K9 Bodie finish the last lap with him this year.

      1. Ian Sharman

        He runs Comrades every year still and can knock out around 7:30 putting him around the top 3% in the most competitive ultra in the world. Really glad they let him in through special consideration since the man's a legend and still holds the 50-mile World Record.

  7. art

    except that Jeff did, I believe run the 3rd fastest time ever in winning Wasatch this year.

    Whatever … the WS board will do what it will do.

  8. Anonymous

    Absolutely thrilled that you put me on the special consideration/elite list, but not quite sure why I am there. I DO run elite times in my dreams but aside from sharing initials with Amy Sproston, I've no claim to fame. Guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, eh? See you in June!

  9. art

    Dylan Bowman is in because of his 7th place 2012 WS finish.

    Browning's 1st place at San Diego this year beat Bowman's 2011 SD first place by almost 1.5 hours.

    just saying … the rules are the rules, but they are the boards rules.

    1. Guy

      Well if you grant that there should be other elite invitations, how far should it go? Already close to 50 slots are taken up for elites, would you see it closer to 100 with a few thousand "citizens" in the lottery for even fewer slots?

    2. Dylan Bowman


      Jeff is a stud, no doubt. Good guy too. I hope to see him on the start list after Bandera. I failed there last year (by one minute) before qualifying at Leona. We all understand the rules and control our own destiny. All it takes is a great day at a MUC race.

      The special consideration thing is definitely slippery though. They let Miguel Heras in last year and probably will again in 2013 because he's an international runner and would have a "hard time" making it to an MUC race (altough I'm sure Salomon would happily finance his trip). Obviously, Miguel is a one of the best in the world so I'd like to see him in the field but it seems unfair that Jeff wouldn't get the same treatment simply because he's an American…

  10. Greg

    The idea for a 100-mile requirement isn't necessarily looking at odds of finishing. I've never looked at the statistics but don't doubt the veracity of the claim, which I've read from multiple sources. However, as the demand for WS has grown so rapidly, it would seem a logical way to try to keep the lottery numbers down to a somewhat reasonable level.

    Boston requires everyone to have a qualifying marathon not in an attempt to ensure a runner has a better chance at finishing but because they desire a high-quality event. Likewise, there is something to be said about having to prove oneself before attempting Boston.

    The fact of the matter is that WS is the premier 100 miler. I don't see any particular reason why they couldn't change the qualifying standard so that every participant has to finish a previous 100 miler to qualify for the lottery. This would in some sense allow WS to be a "post graduate" run, to steal the term used by HR.

    The system now, while not broken, certainly isn't perfect. I had three names in the hat this year yet my chances of gaining entry were nearly identical to that of 2011 when I only had one name in the hat (I don't recall my exact chances in 2011, but I believe they were 18-19% while this year my chances were 21%; please correct me if I'm wrong). If demand is rising so rapidly that there is no discernible increased advantage with more names in the hat, then someone could (notice I did not say should) be done to remedy that.

    Until then, I'll just have to keep being pleasantly surprised at how many awesome races there are out there that aren't named Western States.

    Just my two cents.

  11. Dave M

    Great representation for team Hoka One One, this year. And may we all pray to Ullr the Nordic god for snow and rain again in 2013.

  12. bp

    Erik Stanley is expected to run Bandera 100k. His first attempt at 50 miles yielded at 7:14 time on the same course that Bandera where is held (Cactus Rose). That pace over 100k would have put him in top 5 contention last year (round about Nick Clark's time), I expect he learned a lot and will be better prepared after his adventures with aid station planning at Cactus Rose.

    1. Gary Gellin

      Erik Stanley – don't know him but it looks like he was a Division 1 Collegiate runner (i.e., 30 minute 10k) if the disambiguation of names on Athlinks is accurate. Bandera 100k (Western States auto entry to maintain context here) is looking more and more like three races – elite post-collegiate, MUC competition, and public.

  13. Brett

    Was scanning posts before posing this question myself. He has said he wants to do it again, but was wondering if he had put his name in the lottery. Does he have an auto entry as a prior winner? He seemed to imply he wanted to get in legitimately instead of through an auto entry…although I don't know honestly what the difference is…sounds like splitting hairs to me.

    1. Bryon Powell

      Mike Morton was not entered in the lottery nor has he toed the line at an MUC WS '13-qualifying race. Aside from the Gordy, Cowman, and the previous year's winner, no WS100 winner is guaranteed entry. That said, the WSER board appears to consider both history and competitiveness in letting folks in via special consideration as evidenced by both Graham Cooper's and Hal Koerner's entries into next year's race. Given that Morton long held the WS course record AND has had one of if not the best American ultrarunning season this year, I'd suspect (and this is pure, uninformed conjecture) that WS would have let him in had he applied… but I've been wrong before.

      1. grae

        HK's RVR now runs the Browns Bar aid, so he (they) get a slot. I believe the board had to find a group that could remain sober throughout the night ;) And I hear the Gordy/Cowman slots is going away in the near future.

        1. Bryon Powell

          Hopefully, Gordy and Cowman understand… and they still attend and are part of the event. If that change were made, it would be cool if, say, Gordy were let in as a 70 year (if in shape to give 30 hours a challenge) under special consideration.

  14. Brett

    While not a fan of favoritism, someone that had a string of a bazillion top 10s in a row, only missed last year due to injury, and is an obsessed and incessant advocate for WS would only be a contraversy if it was somehow not approved. My 2 cents.

  15. grae

    Cooper got in through a "backdoor" deal. Your not the first person to notice he has no qualifier with in the last two years. Here's a hint, you know how an outgoing two-term U.S. President grants pardons?

  16. Speedgoatkarl

    Collin is right, it is too short for me to compete with Sage at Bandera, Tony K as well. they will both be long gone. My left hammy is a bit twanged, so my training is "non-existent" at the moment.

    I'm simply going there to run on a new course, I've never run there before. As far as the USATF Championship….I doubt I'll pay my $30 to become a "member".

    The USATF championships carry no clout with me. I am looking forward to it, as long as my hamstring heals quickly. I'll make that decision around Christmas.

  17. Ian Sharman

    Am hoping for a Bend landslide at Bandera with Jeff, Zach and Steph racing their way in. But that means a lot of other great people would miss out. So conflicted…but at least there are several MUC races left so multiple chances for people to get in.

    1. Bryon Powell

      The criteria for special consideration, per the relevant WSER.org page are:

      Foreign Entrants: All foreign entrants not drawn in the lottery will be eligible for special consideration with the goal of achieving global representation only. To qualify as a foreign entrant, you must live full-time outside the US and Canada, regardless of citizenship. Foreign nationals living in US/Canada for a significant portion of the preceding year, are not considered to be foreign entrants. If you have more than one residence, and one of those residences is in US/Canada, you do not qualify.

      In addition, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to grant admission to runners whose contributions to the sport of ultrarunning or to the organization of the WS event have been unusual and substantial. While this “special consideration” definition is broadly drafted, it is narrowly applied. For example, no special consideration is given to athletes who would greatly enhance the competitive aspect of the race. Such athletes have the opportunity to gain entry into WS via the Montrail Ultra Cup Series.

      1. Anonymous

        Thank you, so there are no criteria for foreign. They choose who they want. For instance we were 4 italians, I can't understand how they make their choice between us!

        Thank you again

  18. Pete

    Looks like Forsberg and Frost are signed up for the lake sonoma 50. If they both get into western states and run it that could be an all time womans field.

      1. Pete

        ya i see Heras is registered to. Be fun to watch that race unfold from the middle of the pack when they come by me. The mens and womans field are very stacked for the race.

  19. Patrick

    I entered the lottery and was shut out. However, I don't feel too upset as I preferred to run the 2014 WSER. I simply entered so that I'd receive 2 tickets next year.

    Anyone else using this type of thinking, too?

  20. Speedgoatkarl

    Frosty has only one ticket though, same with Forsberg, there chances are slim at best. And, I"m not sure about Forsberg, but Anna hasn't run 100 yet….that means alot. Diana Finkel is the one to beat, hands down.

  21. Charlie

    100% disagree. Is AJW now going to get special consideration every year because he is such an institution at WS? That makes a mockery of the entire lottery process.

    1. Wyatt Hornsby

      I agree with Brett and disagree with Charlie. AJW is one of the all-time great WS finishers, with, I believe, 8 top-10 finishes (and a 2nd place finish behind none other than Scott Jurek), and is a vocal ambassador of the race. Putting aside the fact that AJW is a phenomenal runner who adds to the quality of the field, he's also earned a spot via special consideration given the fact that he finished top 10 in 2011 and had to sadly miss the 2012 race due to injury. Oh, and it's not like he moped around like many of us would if we were injured; no, AJW went to the race and volunteered all day and night, which further illustrates his commitment to the race. He has more than earned his way into the 2013 race, and I like many will be cheering for him to finish top 10 once again.


      1. Bryon Powell

        Just to clarify, AJW has outlined the reasons that he received a special consideration – “contributions to the sport of ultra running and the organization of the Western States 100," not because of his prior results. This was also a one-time deal.

        Now, here's to AJW running his way into the 2014 Western States 100!

  22. johnnyb

    A big well done to Mark Jaxion for getting in to WS100. Had the pleasure of running with him during part of Round Rotherham 50 (the worlds most glamorous ultra, industrial estate included).


  23. Gary Gellin

    Josh Brimhall also on the Bandera 100k list. He ran an excellent White River 50 this year after a string of good, but not incredible, races the last couple years. With those mentioned, plus a couple guys who already have WS spots, Bandera should be fun!

  24. Daniel Westrate

    I am so psyched for this race! This will be the first time it has been run since I got into ultra trail running and started following the elite scene. I have gone back at looked at what happened over the last four or five years but this year I will get to follow it live!!

    I don't know much about all the intricacies of who is running and who is not but I saw Ryan Sandes on the above automatically entered list and he is my favorite runner so if he is in fact running again then he is my pick to win this time!!

    Oh, and well I have not yet made my foray into ultra racing (March 2013!), watch out for this guy Western States 2014! Hahahaha I probably would never get in as a first time entrant and if by some miracle I did I couldn't pay to go to California, but hey a kid can dream, right?

  25. David Flowertday

    Since being accepted for Western States,every morning when I wake, up my first thought is – what can I do today to improve my chances of getting from Squaw Valley to Auburn in under 30 hours: then I think of what else I have to do that day!

  26. Clint

    Bruce's days in the 80s were quite different. There were not so many opportunities in Appardheid South Africa . But putting it in todays equivalent, he would be the biggest thing in the world. Like a Lance Armstrong but without the drugs.

  27. Zeke

    Just reading this post now, but I saw that you had my name as "top ten runners not yet entered". In spite of my automatic bid, and probably foolishly so, I will be sitting out this year's WS, as I am taking a year off racing. I would watch out for my friend Dbo as he has a score to settle with States' course.

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