Seb Chaigneau’s and Darcy Africa’s 2013 Hardrock 100 Finishes

Enjoy the following videos of Sebastien Chaigneau and Darcy Africa winning the 2013 Hardrock 100 as well as their immediate post-race comments.

As a bonus, if you watch all of Darcy’s finish you’ll also see one of the most inspiring races finishes you’ll ever see when Adam Hewey takes 10th place (in under 30 hours) while doubled over from an in-race injury. (Hewey’s finish starts at 1:09 into the clip. By the way, he’s okay and was walking fine within a few hours after the race.)

[Editor’s Note: We also interviewed both Darcy Africa and Seb Chaigneau after their 2013 Hardrock wins.]

Seb Chaigneau’s 2013 Hardrock 100 Finish

Darcy Africa’s (and Adam Hewey’s) 2013 Hardrock 100 Finish