Buried Seed

(1) I’m buried. Buried in a back load of posts, that is. I owe myself and anyone who read this posts on my run in Hawaii, my training of late, a synopsis of last year’s training, my training plans for this year, and this past weekend’s race at the Uwharrie 40 miler in North Carolina. Sometime when I have… well, more than a couple minutes I’ll try to get at least one of those out.

(2) In other news and the reason for my post, I’ve been seeded. Ok, some background is, perhaps, in order. I’m running David Horton’s Holiday Lake 50k++ this weekend. Well, one thing Horton likes to do for his races is to seed the runners, or at least some of them. He’s seeded me fourth. David, I should have told you that I’m not racing this weekend – I’m just coming down for a good workout. I hate to disappoint my teammate.