2009 Bull Run Run 50 Mile Updates

Bull Run Run Update 1 (10:49 a.m.)
iRunFar.com coming at you live from the entrance of the Do Loop 32.5 miles into the Bull Run Run 50 mile. Leigh Schmitt, a runner for The North Face, is the current leader 3 plus minutes ahead of Glen Redpath of Salomon. One of these two speedsters will win today. No one else is within 10 minutes and the leaders aren’t looking TOO haggard yet.

I was predicting the next runners will be Brian Schmidt, Todd Walker, and Keith Knipling, in that order. I was wrong. Adam Hill of Canada came through in third, just over 15 minutes behind Leigh.

Leigh Schmitt hot at Bull Run Run 50 mile

The above photo is of leader, Leigh Schmitt, cooling himself off before entering the infamous Do Loop. It’s a comfortable day to be sitting out in the woods cooking quesadillas… it’s gonna be a darn hot spring day for the runners. Could hit the upper 70s later this afternoon.

Bull Run Run 50 Update 2 (11:11 a.m.)
Brian Schmidt and Todd Walker (pictured below) went into the Do Loop running 4 & 5, respectively. More important, Leigh Schmitt came out of the 3 mile-ish Do Loop just 22 minutes after entering. In doing so, he increased his lead from 3 to 7 minutes.

Todd Walker at 2009 Bull Run Run 50 mile

Bull Run Run 50 Update 3 (11:32 a.m.)
Amy Sproston (pictured below) is dominating the women’s field today. Going into the Do Loop she was still looking strong. She loves running in the heat AND is heat acclimated having just returned to the States after half a year in El Salvador, so the heat today won’t be an issue for her. She will win the women’s race and beat some strong men so long as she doesn’t have a big fall. Justine Morrison went into the Do Loop 16 minutes behind Amy.

Amy Sproston Bull Run Run 50 mile

The top 5 men came out of the Do Loop in the same order the went in.