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iRunFar hates strongly dislikes clutter. While iRunFar’s separate MMT Updates served their purpose during the race, they clutter up the […]

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iRunFar hates strongly dislikes clutter. While iRunFar’s separate MMT Updates served their purpose during the race, they clutter up the blog. Therefore, we’ve taken them and combined them into one post. Other than some tidying up of the format and a few corrections, they remain the same. The now read in chronological order, as well. Read on for a narrative of the 2008 Massanutten 100 from the start through Gap Creek 2 (mile 64.9).

Before going on to the updates congratulations are in order for Todd Walker on his long-coming and tough-fought victory, Amy Sproston on her excellent performance, Keith Knipling for racing his heart out for 21 hours, and to ALL THE VOLUNTEERS, CREWS, AND PACERS who made the racers’ performances possible.

MMT Update: Shawl Gap (posted 6:48 a.m.)
Sean andrish came into Shawl Gap in first (1:15) closely followed by Tim Holsgrove and Keith Knipling. Harland Peele came through next in 1:16. Todd Walker cane through at 1:17:45 and Mike Mason at 1:18:45. Tommy Nielsen was just a few seconds behind Mason. Next were Dan Rose then Serge and then Adam Casseday.

Sean Andrish coming into Shawl Gap.

MMT Update: Habron Gap (post 8:58 a.m.)
Sean still leads (3:38) with Halrand Peele and Keith Knipling both coming in at 3:39 and change. The three leaders all look strong. All made quick trips through the aid station.

Veterans Tom Nielsen and Todd Walker came in together at 3:43. Half a dozen minutes later Mike Mason rounded out the top 6.

Word on the course is that after a cool start it’s starting to heat up.

Sean Andrish cruising into Habron Gap – still in the lead.
Harland Peele is down the road a ways.

MMT Update: Camp Roosevelt (mile 33.3) (posted 10:56 a.m.)
There’s been a lead change between Habron Gap and Camp Roosevelt. Keith Knipling passed Harland Peele and housemate Sean Andrish to take the lead.

Keith Knipling rolling into Camp Roosevelt.

Keith came into EC at 5:26:45 with Sean arriving at 5:29:00. Garland Peele and Todd Walker came in together just 30 seconds after Sean. A third of the race down and it’s still a super tight race up front.

Tommy Nielsen came through at 5:35:00, Adam Casseday at 5:49:30, and Mike Mason at 5:53:00.

There are two notable men’s field drops to this point. Mike Schuster did not start due to injury. Early player Tim Holsgrove dropped at Habron Gap due to a preexisting injury that flared up 10 miles earlier.

MMT Update: Gap Creek 1 (mile 38.9) (posted 12:21 p.m.)
On what is turning out to be a perfect day for trail running, Keith Knipling has expanded his lead on the field en route to Gap Creek 1 from Camp Roosevelt. KK came into the aid station with a clock time of 6:33:00 and was looking strong. Todd walker rolled in next, still
just 3 minutes behind Keith.

Keith Knipling charging down a classic stretch
of Massanutten trail coming into Gap Creek 1.

As has been happening all race, runners continue to bunch up. Harland Peele, Tommy Nielsen, and Sean Andrish all came into Gap Creek 1 with 80 seconds. Harland led the group into the aid station in 6:42:00. Tommy was running smart and Sean was hanging in there.

Don Rose has moved up – coming in to the aid station in 7:11:15. Mike Mason came in at 7:15:00, but left a minute or two before Don.

We have received reports that Amy Sproston has led the women’s field all day through Camp Roosevelt. She is running 25 hour pace, looking fine, and seems to be relaxing (i.e., feeling more comfortable) as the race has progresses.

Note: iRunFar apologizes for any delays in posting updates and any “batches” of update posts. Updates are drafted and dispatched as our correspondents leave each aid station. However, as the iRunFar Trailside Posting System is dependent on local technological infrastructure, we have encountered difficulties now that the race has entered Fort Valley. The reasons for said difficulties are self-evident.

MMT Update: 211 East 1 (posted 3:04 p.m.)
Keith Knipling continues to expand his lead over Todd Walker from 3 to 7 minutes in the 9.1 miles from Gap Creek 1. Keith came through 211 E 1 in just over 8 hours and 21 minutes.

The gap between the top two spots and what was the peleton has grown from 4 minutes at Gap Creek 1 to 211 E. Harland came in to 211 24 minutes behind Keith (8:41 total time) and took his time at the aid station. Sean Andrish came in 8 minutes after Harland and is looking
much better than he did at Gap Creek 1.

Moving into fifth place is Adam Cassesay. Adam matched Harland’s pace over the last strech, made up 7 minutes on Andrish, and passed Tommy Nielsen.

Mike Mason (9:18:30 total time) was a big mover heading to 211 E – going from 8th to 6th and keeping even or making up time on Harland, Sean, and Adam. Don Rose was 4.5 minutes behind Mike.

In other news, Serge Arbona made it to 211 E without ever having been to Gap Creek 1. He was directed back towards his pre-GC1 deviation. While he is now out of contention, Serge valiantly headed back up the trail. To finish Serge will need to run at least 120 miles.

(We finally saw the results of our previous updates and have noticed that the addition of photos negatively effects the format of the text. Therefore, we’re skipping the already taken photo for this post to see if that improves the format. For the time being, just imagine the back of a Virginia Happy Trails Running Club tee-shirt donned by Keith heading into the 211 E aid station.)

MMT Update: 211 East 2 (posted 5:43 p.m.)
Keith Knipling maintained his 7 minute lead over Todd Walker over the 10 mile Bird Knob section of the MMT course. Harland Peele fell further off the lead and is now 45 minutes back. Adam stated exactly 46 minutes behind Keith, thereby passing Sean Andrish and coming within a minute off third place. Sean is now 55 minutes off the lead.

Mario Raymond made a huge move to pick
sixth place off from Mike Mason.

We can confirm that Tommy Nielsen lost the trail after Gap Creek 1 and has dropped from the race.

MMT Update: Gap Creek 2 (posted 5:48 p.m.)
Word is that Todd Walker made up Kieth Knipking’s 7 minute lead and added 5 minutes of his own. Adam Casseday is running very strong in third with Harland Peele.

Time for me to sign off and get ready to pace. Happy trails and keep the rubber side down.

MMT Update: Gap Creek 2.1 – Final Update (posted 8:24 p.m.)
Sean Andrish still hanging tough at Gap Creek 2. Mario Raymond looking good am moving up. Mike Mason a drop at GC2.

Amy Sproston came in not long after Mike looking very strong. Top 5 overall not at all out of the question for Amy. Watch out boys, here she comes!

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