Best Jogging Strollers of 2024

Our team tested a variety of all-terrain jogging strollers to help you choose the right one for your kiddo and budget.

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Best Jogging Strollers - testing jogging strollers

The southern Oregon Stroller Brigade tested a variety of strollers to find the best for any situation. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

There are dozens of features to consider when choosing the best jogging stroller for you and your child. To help you decide which ones matter, we lit up t​he side streets of southern Oregon and northern California as we tested more than a dozen strollers of all shapes and sizes, carrying the smallest and sweetest of future running enthusiasts. Moral peaked when crossing paths or running alongside the stroller brigade. The dad-bods could be spotted a mile away, approaching us with their precious cargo, and none of us had an excuse to miss a run, whether on or off baby duty.

Our aim with this project was to test the safest “all-terrain” running strollers across as many brands and budgets as possible. We tested everything from top-of-the-line strollers with all the bells and whistles to budget options that are still great for getting out and running with your little one. We tried several multisport and double strollers and tested a few hands-free units. Learn more about our testing methodology and requirements for strollers in this guide, read our advice for selecting the right stroller for your needs and budget, and see our frequently asked questions about jogging strollers at the bottom. Be sure to also check out our guide to the best maternity workout clothes.

Best Jogging Strollers

Best Jogging Strollers - Pushing the BOB Alterrain Pro

The BoB Gear Alterrain Pro is a great stroller option from a brand many running parents love. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

Best Bells and Whistles Jogging Stroller: Guava Roam Stroller ($650)

Best Jogging Strollers - Guava Roam Crossover Stroller - product photo

Overall Score: 9.7 | Maneuverability: 10 | Ease of Assembly: 10 | Value: 7 | Durability: 10 | Kiddo Comfort: 10


  • Reclining seat for increased baby comfort
  • Compact packability
  • Plenty of storage
  • Parent organizer included


  • Higher price point

When it comes to a stroller that has it all in a lightweight and compact package, the Guava Roam Stroller stands out from the rest. A highlight of this stroller is its ability to pack down to 29 x 15 x 17 inches, which is significantly smaller than most other strollers with similar features and is light and easy to maneuver. Weighing just 28.5 pounds with its aluminum frame, it’s easy to move this stroller around even when folded up. The built-in suspension and durable rubber tires make it comfortable for both parent and child on rougher paved roads or dirt, and our testers enjoyed this stroller for running and walking.

We loved how easy it was to recline and adjust the seat to different positions. This adjustability helped us keep our passengers comfortable, and tilting the seat back made the stroller conducive to naps. The sunshade is plenty big to keep the sun off faces and bodies. This stroller has ample storage space to take all necessary child accouterments, snacks, and water.

The stroller is designed for kids up to 60 pounds, and the company recommends starting your child in it at about six months of age. However, a car seat adapter is sold separately if you choose to begin sooner.

Folded Size: 29 x 15 x 17 inches | Jogging Size: 39 x 25 x 43 inches | Weight: 28.5 pounds | Seat Size: 22 x 9.5 x 15 inches | Adjustable Handlebar Height: 34 to 45 inches

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Best Bells and Whistles Jogging Stroller – Runner-Up: Thule Urban Glide 2 ($650)

Best Jogging Strollers - Thule Urban Glide 2 - product photo

Overall Score: 8.6 | Maneuverability: 9 | Ease of Assembly: 9 | Value: 7 | Durability: 9 | Kiddo Comfort: 8


  • Reclining seat
  • It can be used with an infant car seat
  • Good brake design


  • The seat doesn’t go very upright

The overall quality of the Thule Urban Glide 2 puts it high on our list of jogging strollers. It comes with all the features we could want in a stroller on a lightweight, maneuverable frame. The 16-inch wheels roll easily over bumps and dips in the road, and the suspension creates a smooth ride for your kiddo. The swiveling front wheel can be locked for improved tracking when you’re running.

The handlebars are height adjustable and comfortable, and this stroller comes with a built-in handbrake on the handlebar that you engage by twisting to help control the speed of the stroller on downhills. Our testers appreciated this intuitive, sleek brake design that helped them run more confidently downhill. A cargo basket and several pockets provided more than enough storage.

This stroller works with an infant car seat with an adapter that doesn’t need removing when collapsing the stroller. This makes it a convenient option if you frequently drive to and from your runs. Collapsing this stroller with one hand is simple, and it folds up compactly for storage. Weighing 25 pounds, lifting it into a car, or anywhere else you need to put it is easy.

Our testers found the stroller comfortable to run with, and the kids seemed more than happy to go for a ride. You can adjust the angle of the reclining seat to help your kiddo take in the surroundings or lay back for a nap. Our tester noted that even at the most upright position, the seat of this stroller was still relatively reclined. The large sunscreen keeps the sun off in any sitting position. With a weight capacity of 50 pounds, the stroller can accommodate a wide age and size range of passengers.

Folded Size: 34.2 x 13.3 x 27.2 inches | Jogging Size: 41.4 x 27.2 x 40 inches | Weight: 25.5 pounds | Seat Size: Not listed | Adjustable Handlebar Height: Not listed

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Best Jogging Strollers - Thule Urban Glide 2 strollers

Testing both the single and double Thule Urban Glide 2 strollers. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

Best Bells and Whistles Jogging Stroller – Runner-Up: BoB Gear Alterrain Pro ($700)

Best Jogging Strollers - BOB Alterrain Pro - product photo

Overall Score: 8 | Maneuverability: 9 | Ease of Assembly: 9 | Value: 7 | Durability: 10 | Kiddo Comfort: 9


  • Safe and durable
  • Car seat compatible
  • Impressive suspension system
  • High weight capacity
  • Great sunshades and accessory options


  • Heavy
  • The car seat adapter must be removed to collapse
  • Expensive

BoB Gear has made a name for itself in the world of baby joggers, and the BoB Gear Alterrain Pro is yet another very impressive product from the brand. Throughout this project, strollers have been compared and contrasted to testers’ familiarity with their known baseline, which has inevitably been a past BoB Gear stroller model. If Thule is the Porsche of baby joggers, BoB Gear is the Volvo, high quality and exceptionally safe. With a weight capacity of 75 pounds, this stroller also has a significant life span which may help justify the price tag.

One of our favorite things about the BoB Gear strollers is the car seat compatibility. We tested the Britax car seat adapter ($80), which attaches securely to the stroller and allows the car seat to lock in and feel very stable. This stroller requires you to remove the adapter, which is easy to do, but it is an extra step before collapsing. The stroller folds by twisting a bar beneath the seat. The bar closure took some arm-wrestling to get the unit to collapse back down during the first couple of attempts; however, this has eased with use and time and can now be performed with one hand.

This stroller took a trip to Hawaii this winter, where its all-terrain capabilities were tested on the sands of Waikiki. A stroller may not exist that would easily push through loose sand, and many may be completely immobile, but the 16-inch all-terrain tires on this stroller rallied and made it to the ideal sandcastle-building locations. The UPF 50+ Sun Protection rated, all-weather and waterproof canopy could not have been more suitable for February’s fickle weather patterns on Oahu. Our mini tester would bask in the safety of his little car seat, fully shaded under the canopy, tropical breeze blowing through the mesh window. The brand’s claim of a “flip-flop friendly” foot brake was also tested on this trip and passed with flying colors. A simple brake also resides on the handle for downhill control, functioning much like a traditional bike handbrake.

One of the biggest disadvantages of this stroller is its weight. At 32.3 pounds, it’s the heaviest of single-child strollers in this guide. However, our tester did not find the unit’s weight to make a significant difference while running. Neither perceived exertion nor speed notably differed when the same routes were tested with lighter units. Where the weight of this stroller has proved the most cumbersome is in loading, unloading, and storing it. Circling back to the Volvo analogy, however, while strollers from BoB Gear tend to be a bit beefy, the heft also lends to its undeniably safe feel.

Folded Size: 39.25 x 25.5 x 17 inches | Jogging Size: 46 x 45.5 x 25 inches | Weight: 32 pounds, 5 ounces | Seat Size: Not listed | Adjustable Handlebar Height: Not listed

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Best All-Purpose Jogging Stroller: BoB Gear Wayfinder Jogging Stroller ($580)

Best Jogging Strollers - BOB Wayfinder Jogging Stroller - product photo

Overall Score: 8.5 | Maneuverability: 9 | Ease of Assembly: 9 | Value: 8 | Durability: 9 | Kiddo Comfort: 9


  • Compact design for easy maneuverability
  • Good tires and suspension for a comfortable ride
  • High weight capacity


  • Sunshade doesn’t extend very far
  • Narrow handlebars

When it comes to a running baby stroller that can do it all, the BoB Gear Wayfinder Jogging Stroller is a great all-around option at a slightly lower price point. With built-in suspension and air-filled tires, this stroller will keep your passenger comfortable over all sorts of terrain. An adjustable sunshade keeps the sun off and has a clear window so you can watch them as you run. The sunshade doesn’t extend as far as other strollers, but our testers felt it still did an adequate job. The well-built frame feels solid and ready to tackle any terrain you take it on. The front wheel locks into place for better tracking while running and swivels freely for lower speeds.

The handlebar height is adjustable, and while initially, our tester found them to be a little bit narrow for comfort, they got used to them quickly. The handbrake is a simple lever, similar to a bike brake, and is easy to use. The stroller has a standard foot brake to keep it in place when stopped. A zip-top cargo basket allows easy access to small items, and three pockets throughout the stroller provide plenty of storage options for everything you need for an outing.

This stroller has a high weight capacity and can carry up to a 75-pound child. The extra weight capacity can extend the useful lifetime of this stroller and keep your kid coming with you on runs for several years.

Folded Size: 32.5 x 22 x 16.5 inches | Jogging Size: 43.75 x 41.25 x 25 inches | Weight: 31.1 pounds | Seat Size: 25 x 10.5 x 12 inches | Adjustable Handlebar Height: 34.5 to 45.5 inches

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Best Jogging Strollers - BoB Gear Wayfinder Jogging Stroller 

A happy passenger in the BoB Gear Wayfinder Jogging Stroller. Photo: iRunFar/Nick Bruckbauer

Best All-Purpose Jogging Stroller – Runner-Up: Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller ($530)

Best Jogging Strollers - Baby jogger Summit x3 jogging stroller - product photo

Overall Score: 8.5 | Maneuverability: 9 | Ease of Assembly: 10 | Value: 7 | Durability: 9 | Kiddo Comfort: 9


  • High weight capacity
  • Infant car seat compatible
  • Good sun shade


  • Wobbly front wheel if left unlocked
  • No storage pockets inside the stroller for the passenger

With an all-wheel suspension design, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller provides exceptional comfort for the passenger and is easy to push and highly maneuverable for the runner. Weighing 28.5 pounds, it’s slightly heavier than other strollers in this guide, but it’s outfitted with a variety of features that make it stand out. The fully reclining seat makes nap time during a run easy, and the stroller optimizes airflow so that everyone stays cool and comfortable, regardless of the seat position. An extensive sun shade with a peek-a-boo hole keeps the sun off while allowing you to check in to see how the kiddo is doing without breaking stride.

For exceptional control and ease of use, the front wheel locks and unlocks with the flip of a switch on the handlebar. This makes it easy to switch between running and walking modes and is an important feature because the front wheel doesn’t track very well while running with it unlocked. A hand brake also adds extra safety and control when running downhill.

This stroller can be outfitted with several accessories that can be bought separately, including a second seat, child tray, and car seat adaptor. There are plenty of storage options, and you’ll have easy access to everything you need. Our testers appreciated the elastic storage pocket underneath the stroller and how easy it was to get items in and out. Unfortunately, there aren’t any storage pockets inside the stroller, so if your kid wants access to books, toys, or snacks, you’ll need to find a different way to keep them corralled.

With a sturdy frame, this stroller can carry children up to 75 pounds, allowing many years of use.

Folded Size: Not listed | Jogging Size: 45.3 x 43.1 x 25 inches | Weight: 28.5 pounds | Seat Size: Not listed | Adjustable Handlebar Height: Not listed

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Best Jogging Strollers - baby jogger summit x3 jogging stroller side view

The Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller has a happy passenger. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

Best Budget Jogging Stroller: Joovy Zoom360 Ultralight Lightweight Performance Jogging Stroller ($300-$340)

Best Jogging Strollers - Joovy Zoom360 Ultralight Lightweight Performance Jogging Single Stroller - product photo

Overall Score: 7.6 | Maneuverability: 8 | Ease of Assembly: 10 | Value: 9 | Durability: 7 | Kiddo Comfort: 8


  • Lightweight
  • Great value
  • Car seat compatible
  • High weight capacity
  • Includes parent organizer and hand pump


  • Finicky foot brake
  • No hand brake

The Joovy Zoom360 Ultralight Lightweight Performance Jogging Stroller certainly deserves kudos when it comes to value. This stroller performs very well for half the cost of many baby joggers in this guide and provides many of the safety and comfort features of the more expensive models. The stroller offers shock-absorbing suspension, a locking, and swiveling front tire, extra-large air-filled back tires, a parking brake, a sun-safe and weather-resistant canopy, and more. Included is a “parent organizer” that hooks onto the handle and can store a couple of water bottles and a phone, keys, a wallet, and more in the zippered pocket. Surprisingly, more jogging strollers don’t come with this accessory included, as it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which someone would not want the secure and easy-to-access storage. Also included is a small air pump that Velcros into the bottom storage compartment.

A peek-a-boo window allows you to see your passenger while running. This stroller was tested with a baby in a car seat, and the plastic window was deemed less transparent than those on more expensive strollers tested. With a bit of sun glare, it can be hard to see if a baby is awake or asleep without fully opening the canopy. Unlike the Joovy double in this guide, this stroller is car-seat compatible, with an adapter sold separately. Locking your car seat into place can add some valuable peace of mind from a safety perspective. When attached, the Britax-compatible adapter we tested still moved slightly on the stroller’s frame but did seem secure. Conveniently, the adapter can also remain attached while folding and transporting, which minimizes the chances it’ll be forgotten on the way out the door. It does take a few minutes to remove the car seat adapter if switching from an infant to a forward-facing rider.

This stroller lives up to the ultralight in its name, weighing just a little over 26 pounds, making it easy to lift and load. The ease of loading, unloading, and transport was our favorite aspect of this stroller and had us choosing it over some of the heftier models tested for our daily runs. Our least favorite aspect of this stroller is the footbrake, which takes some finagling to get locked and unlocked. It’s finicky enough that our tester was routinely bending down to lock and unlock it by hand or just not locking it.

Folded Size: 34 x 25 x 19 inches | Jogging Size: 54 x 46 x 25 inches | Weight: 26.25 pounds | Seat Size: Not listed | Adjustable Handlebar Height: Not listed

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Best Jogging Strollers - Joovy Zoom360 Ultralight Lightweight Performance Jogging Single Stroller side view

The Joovy Zoom360 Ultralight Lightweight Performance Jogging Stroller rolled smoothly over rough terrain with its big wheels. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

Best Budget Jogging Stroller – Runner-Up: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger ($150)

Best Jogging Strollers - Baby Trend Expedition Jogger - product photo

Overall Score: 7 | Maneuverability: 7 | Ease of Assembly: 9 | Value: 7 | Durability: 7 | Kiddo Comfort: 7


  • Affordable price
  • Many seat positions
  • Large sunshade


  • Plastic parts are noisy
  • Feels unstable on rougher terrain

When it comes to a jogging stroller that you can comfortably take on shorter runs on smooth surfaces, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger fits the bill. It rolls smoothly, is lightweight, and is highly maneuverable, but its price tag sets this stroller apart from the rest. With all-terrain tires and a lockable front wheel, it easily absorbs small bumps on the ground and tracks well while running, but our tester did start to worry about the stroller’s stability on rougher terrain. The rubber handle is soft and comfortable but potentially too narrow for comfortable running, and our tester found that she experienced significant arm fatigue on longer runs due to this.

The stroller weighs just under 24 pounds — making it one of the lightest on this list — and can hold a child up to 50 pounds. The seating area was a little tight for a three-year-old, especially in the leg area, but it provides plenty of space for a smaller child. A five-point harness provides secure attachment, but our tester found the buckle fairly hard to use, even after practice. The seat has several positions and can be reclined enough to facilitate naptime during runtime. It can also be brought up enough for your child to see their surroundings clearly. A large sunshade provides ample coverage, though it does leave a gap in the back when fully extended.

There is plenty of storage room for your running essentials under the stroller, and there are pockets on the hood as well. Unfortunately, there aren’t any internal pockets, a detriment for a passenger with toys and snacks to keep secure. The stroller does come with a tray, though the cup holders are fairly shallow, and the entire plastic setup makes a lot of noise when the stroller is in motion.

While this stroller lacks many of the bells and whistles of other strollers on the market, it’s affordable and will let you get out running with your little one comfortably and safely.

Folded Size: 33.5 x 24 x 15.5 inches | Jogging Size: 47 x 42.5 x 24 inches | Weight: 23.59 pounds | Seat Size: Not listed | Adjustable Handlebar Height: Not listed

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Best Jogging Strollers - Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Side view

The tray on the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is an excellent place for toys and snacks. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

Best Double Jogging Stroller: Thule Urban Glide 2 Double ($850)

Best Jogging Strollers - Thule Urban Glide 2 double - product photo

Overall Score: 8.7 | Maneuverability: 10 | Ease of Assembly: 10 | Value: 8.5 | Durability: 8 | Kiddo Comfort: 7


  • Convenient brake lever
  • Smooth ride
  • Sleek appearance


  • Seats are relatively reclined

One of our testers called the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double “the sports car of strollers” for its sleek appearance and easy maneuverability compared to other similar strollers. This all-terrain stroller can do it all with a heavy load. The suspension and tires provide a smooth ride for the child and can help reduce the jarring experienced by the pusher over potholes and other debris. For running on hilly terrain, the twist brake lever is easy to use and powerful enough to slow the stroller for easy control. The functionality of the hand brake is a significant feature that pulls this model ahead of our runner-up. When loaded up with our tester’s toddler, baby, and car seat, the whole package, including the stroller’s weight, hurdled the 100-pound mark. Needless to say, maintaining control on a descent via a well-functioning handbrake system means that hills can safely be part of a run.

Like the single-child version of this stroller, this one collapses with just one hand for easy carrying and weighs 33 pounds. Also, like the single-child version, this unit is compatible with a single car seat with a separately sold adapter and is foldable without removing the car seat adapter. While on the heavier side, it’s still manageable for getting in and out of vehicles, though as a double, its sheer size may easily fill your entire trunk. It can carry two kids up to 49 pounds each, and the stroller’s svelte design makes for slightly narrower seats than the Joovey double, while five-point safety harnesses keep everyone secure. The seats are fairly reclined, and one of our testers wished they could sit their kids more upright than the seats allowed. Because of the slouched posture, one of our testers found that the sunshade couldn’t extend far enough to cover the entire child when the sun was lower in the sky.

There is plenty of cargo capacity, including a basket with a zip-top cover. A rear mesh pocket keeps things in easy reach, and two other mesh compartments can hold snacks or toys for the kids. Our testers have found that the sunshade didn’t align with the car seat and some of the other strollers tested, but it still provides adequate shade.

Folded Size: 34.3 x 30.1 x 16.2 inches | Jogging Size: 41.1 x 40 x 31.5 inches | Weight: 34 pounds, 3.2 ounces | Seat Size: Not listed | Adjustable Handlebar Height: Not listed

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Best Jogging Strollers - Thule Urban Glide 2 Double

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Double is compatible with one car seat. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

Best Double Jogging Stroller – Runner-Up: Joovy Zoom X2 Lightweight Performance Double Jogging Stroller ($600)

Best Jogging Strollers - joovy ZoomX2 Lightweight Performance Jogging Double Stroller - product photo

Overall Score: 7.7 | Maneuverability: 9 | Ease of Assembly: 9 | Value: 8 | Durability: 6 | Kiddo Comfort: 9


  • Lightweight
  • Large tires for a comfortable ride
  • Relatively narrow
  • The tire pump attaches to the bottom of the storage pocket


  • Not compatible with car seats
  • Handlebar height may not suit shorter people
  • No snack tray

The Joovy Zoom X2 Lightweight Performance Double Jogging Stroller is a lightweight, comfortable, and feature-filled option for when you’ve got two little ones to run with. Weighing just 30 pounds, it’s not much heavier than several of the single-child strollers in this guide, and it’s narrow enough to get through most doors, making mid-run bakery stops that much easier. It collapses easily with just one hand and is easily transported when folded. Our tester could fit it into her Subaru Legacy sedan without removing the wheels. Like most strollers in this guide, this one has a swiveling front wheel that is locked easily for running. For slower speeds, both running and walking, leaving the front wheel unlocked felt fine to our testers, but it did start to wobble at higher speeds. The large, air-filled tires and suspension ensures a comfortable ride and can take the jarring out of pushing a heavier load. While the handlebar height is adjustable, our tester speculated that it might be a little too high for shorter people.

The sunshade provides enough cover to keep the sun off of the passengers. Unfortunately, unlike many other strollers in this guide, it doesn’t have a window to look through while still running, which can lead to a spilled smoothie sitting in a lap for many miles before detection. The sunshades aren’t very aerodynamic and can catch more wind than desirable, creating a fair bit of resistance.

This stroller works for babies as young as six months with adequate head control to face forward and can hold two children up to 50 pounds each. The seats can recline independently to fit the needs of different kiddos and napping schedules. The cargo space under the stroller is easily accessible and holds an additional 15 pounds of necessities. An organizational pocket attaches to the handlebars, has room for two water bottles, and a zip pocket big enough for a phone, wallet, and keys.

Folded Size: 35 x 31.5 x 21.5 inches | Jogging Size: 55.5 x 42 x 31.5 inches | Weight: 30 pounds | Seat Size: Not listed | Adjustable Handlebar Height: Not listed

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Best Multisport Jogging Stroller: Burley Encore X ($650)

Best Jogging Strollers - Burley Encore X - product photo

Overall Score: 8.1 | Maneuverability: 9 | Ease of Assembly: 9 | Value: 8 | Durability: 9 | Kiddo Comfort: 9


  • Multisport capable
  • Full-zip cover
  • Good suspension


  • The Jogger Kit add-on is not great
  • High price point

If you’re looking for a child carrier that you can use for running and cycling, the Burley Encore X offers a high level of versatility. While we only tested the stroller running, walking, and biking, it can also be used for skiing. A solid suspension design on the back wheels keeps the ride comfortable regardless of the activity, though our testers did note that everything made significantly more noise when riding than running, something to be expected with the increase in speed.

This stroller comes with a swiveling front wheel designed for walking and maneuverability. You can purchase a Jogger Kit separately with a fixed front wheel. We found that using the Jogger Kit and not being able to unlock the front wheel was annoying and limited the stroller’s usability on anything other than completely straight roads or trails. The Jogger Kit front wheel must also be installed perfectly straight, or it tends to pull the stroller in one direction. Our tester preferred to use the stock swiveling front wheel for jogging and walking.

The handlebar height is adjustable so multiple people can comfortably push this stroller. A bench-style seat is outfitted with a five-point harness to keep your child secure and comfortable. The full-zip cover protects from the elements, and the sunshade effectively keeps the sun off the seating area. With a large cargo storage area in the rear, this stroller keeps everything easily accessible.

While this is among the more costly strollers in this guide, our testers thought the multisport capability and many features made it worth it.

Folded Size: 36 x 31 x 12 inches | Jogging Size: 37 x 33.25 x 31 inches | Weight: 24 pounds, 11 ounces | Seat Size: Not listed | Adjustable Handlebar Height: Not listed

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Best Jogging Strollers - Children in Burley Encore X

The Burley Encore X comfortably fit two children and could be used running, cycling, and skiing. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

Comparing the Best Jogging Strollers

Guava Roam Stroller $650 60 pounds 28.5 pounds 29 x 15 x 17 inches
Thule Urban Glide 2 $650 75 pounds 25.5 pounds 34 x 27 x 13 inches
BoB Gear Alterrain Pro $700 75 pounds 32.5 pounds 39 x 29.5 x 17 inches
BoB Gear Wayfinder Jogging Stroller $580 65 pounds 31.1 pounds 32.5 x 22 x 16.5 inches
Baby Jogger Summit X3 Jogging Stroller $530 75 pounds 28.4 pounds 35 x 26 x 15 inches
Joovy Zoom360 Ultralight Lightweight Performance Jogging Stroller $340 75 pounds 26.25 pounds 34 x 25 x 19 inches
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger $150 50 pounds 23.6 pounds 33.5 x 24 x 15.5 inches
Thule Urban Glide 2 Double $850 100 pounds 34.2 pounds 34 x 30 x 16 inches
Joovy Zoom X2 Lightweight Performance Double Jogging Stroller $600 Not listed 30 pounds 35 x 31.5 x 21.5 inches
Burley Encore X $650 100 pounds 24.5 pounds 36 x 31 x 12 inches

How to Choose a Jogging Stroller

The best jogging stroller for you will depend on how you plan to use it, and several variables should factor into your decision. It must be comfortable for your child or children, easy to push, and, most importantly, safe to use. There are also several other factors to consider, including weight, folded size, ease of use, and durability — and several important questions to ask yourself when choosing a stroller.

Do you plan to run with your baby when they’re less than six months old*?

If you plan to run or walk with a stroller when your wee little babe is relatively hot off the press, we recommend researching whether the stroller you’re interested in is car seat compatible and whether the company offers an adapter specific to your car seat brand. For example, we were able to test both the Thule Urban Glide 2 and BoB Gear Alterrain Pro, which are great strollers and car seat compatible. While we preferred many features of the Thule, one of our testers felt less comfortable running with the brand’s universal car seat adapter than they were with the BoB Gear trailer’s Britax-specific car seat adapter.

Universal adapters can be a great way to accommodate various car seats. In the case of the Thule Urban Glide 2, the universal adapter cradles the base of the car seat, and a strap functions as a seat belt to hold it in place. Many strollers offer a relatively wide selection of car seat-specific adapters. Awareness of the availability of general and specific adaptors can influence your choice of stroller and car seat.

*Many manufacturers recommend only walking with an infant in a stroller. Whether or not you feel comfortable running with your baby while they are secured in their car seat is undoubtedly a personal choice that should be discussed with your pediatrician.

Best Jogging Strollers - running with jogging strollers

Group runs with strollers are often a great time. Photo: iRunFar/ Brianna Stockwell

How many miles and what kind of miles do you plan on putting on a stroller?

Whether you’re committed to getting back to relatively high-mileage runs with your child as soon as possible or are just looking for the best jogging stroller for occasional jaunts around the neighborhood or to visit the local bakery and coffee shop with friends, there are options available to suit your needs. When choosing a stroller, and considering its price, be honest about how much and where you plan on running. Some of the more budget-friendly models, like the Joovy Zoom360 Ultralight Lightweight Performance Jogging Stroller, may hold up great to a gentle running style on smooth roads, whereas a more beefy model of stroller with more robust suspension and wheels may be better suited for higher mileage and rougher surfaces. Without subjecting some of the budget models in this guide to years of abuse and subsequent children, it’s hard to know if they will stand the test of time. Our testing team has used several Volvo-esk strollers from BoB Gear for years and believes in their durability over many hard miles. Investing in a more expensive stroller can improve your running experience for many years and potentially over multiple children’s growth.

What’s your budget?

As evidenced by this guide, great options are available for a wide range of budgets. For some, cost alone may be the deciding factor when choosing the best jogging stroller for their running needs. While it may be tempting to buy a budget trailer, such as the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger, there is truth in the concept that you get what you pay for. Our testers did find a difference in performance between the lower- and higher-priced strollers and generally found the more expensive options easier and more comfortable to run with. If financially possible, our team would recommend investing in a higher-priced stroller if possible, especially if you’re planning on running a lot of miles on rougher surfaces.

How often do you drive to your runs?

For those of us who use strollers a fair amount and have to drive to our runs, getting a stroller in and out of our cars easily is a big deal. Many of our testers drive smaller vehicles that don’t have the capacity for excessively sized baby paraphernalia. Less bulky and lighter-weight units can also really streamline travel. Our testers loved how compact the Guava Roam Stroller packed down to, a feature that helped bolster this stroller into being considered one of the best on our list. A lighter stroller that is easy to collapse and move can help remove the energy hurdle for getting out on a run.

Best Jogging Strollers - Joovy Zoom x2 Double

Double jogging strollers can get the whole family out on an adventure. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

Why Trust Us

When it came to selecting strollers for this guide, we put safety as a top priority and performance as a close second. For testing, we chose strollers designed by eight companies, covering many price points. We tested strollers specifically for running and included as many of the following safety features as possible: good suspension, thicker and larger wheels for uneven surfaces, the ability to fix the front wheel, five- or three-point safety harness, hand and parking brakes, a wide base, and car-seat compatibility.

Our team of more than ten testers consisted of a “pretty typical crew” of parents, primarily based in southern Oregon, who consider themselves ultrarunners. All of our testers had the opportunity to test more than one stroller and/or had used a high-quality running stroller in the past for comparison. Some testers could compare and contrast multiple strollers in this guide, though this wasn’t the case for all.

To determine running performance, we rated strollers on their maneuverability, efficiency, including their ability to roll, glide, and stay moving in the right direction, weight, durability, ease of use and effectiveness of the brake, storage compartments and accessories, kid comfort, and the adjustability of handlebars, seat, sunshade, buckles, and more. We also factored ease of assembly, ease of folding, storage, transport, and value in the above ranking.

Tested mainly during the warmer months of the year, we took the strollers out mostly on bike paths, sidewalks, and paved roads, though we also took some of them on dirt paths and hills. We tested each stroller for a minimum of 10 hours, and many of them significantly more, before the initial publication of this guide to uncover any unique features or quirks with them. Many of the strollers remain in use today to watch for durability issues.

None of the strollers tested were used in true rainy conditions, as they didn’t come with rain flies, but they were taken out in temperatures down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and on many sunny and warm days.

While we couldn’t get direct verbal feedback from the kiddos riding in the strollers, given that most were under two years of age, we looked for all the signs of happiness or discomfort. Our youngest passenger was a mere 10 pounds when he first rode in the stroller — in a car seat, of course — and the oldest was in the 45-pound range and pushing the upper weight limits of several of the strollers. However, we were able to get objective and detailed feedback from the parents to create this guide.

Best Jogging Strollers - Child in Guava Roam Crossover Stroller

We named the Guava Roam Stroller our favorite single-child stroller. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

Frequently Asked Questions About Jogging Strollers

How old must my baby be to start riding in the stroller?

Many manufacturers recommend only walking with a stroller for children under six months. Whether or not you feel comfortable running with your baby while they are secured in their car seat before this age is a personal choice that should be discussed with your pediatrician. Many strollers are car-seat compatible, enabling several of our testers to start walking and running with their babies when they were young. Many of the strollers we tested, including the Thule Urban Glide 2, could be collapsed and stored without removing the car seat adapter, a feature we appreciated when we were driving to our runs frequently.

It’s recommended that babies don’t ride facing forward in strollers until they have good head control, which generally occurs around six months of age. It’s always a good idea to consult with your pediatrician about the timing of using a front-facing stroller. If you tend to run longer distances and in busier areas, you may choose to keep your little one buckled in their car seat for a bit longer than six months for added safety.

Best Jogging Strollers - Thule Urban Glide 2 Single Side view

The kiddos seemed plenty happy in the Thule Urban Glide 2 stroller. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

How important is it to lock the front wheel?

Most manufacturers recommend fixing the front wheel while running with your baby in the stroller for improved tracking. Our testers have found some strollers more maneuverable with the front wheel set than others. In a few cases, the mobility of the front wheel was too exaggerated to make running with it unlocked sensible. In a few cases, fixing the front wheel deemed the unit relatively worthless because the stroller couldn’t be turned effectively. If accustomed to leaving the front wheel unfixed, most of our testers found that it was a bit cumbersome to run with it locked.

Nearly all the strollers in this guide had a front wheel that could swivel and lock. The Burley Encore X was the notable exception, with two options for front wheels, one that swivels and one that is permanently locked. The inability to change between locked and swiveling modes was a major drawback to the stroller.

While it is likely always safest to try and abide by manufacturer recommendations and lock the front wheel, you may find this safety feature somewhat contingent on your level of comfort and perhaps tolerance. I tend to be conservative regarding how long I run with my kiddos in their infant car seats and am also pretty picky regarding car seat adapters, but I can speak for the majority of my southern Oregon stroller brigade when I say that hundreds of miles have been run incident-free with the front wheel unlocked.

Best Jogging Strollers - Testing Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging strollers

The Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging stroller comes in both single and double options. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

Are there other safety recommendations I should be aware of?

Safety is a top priority when choosing the best jogging stroller. To correct recurrent problems with strollers and prevent injury, stroller safety rules and regulations were updated in 2014, making products much safer than they were in the past. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends that parents take the following precautions while using their strollers. Choosing a high-quality stroller like our favorite, the Guava Roam Stroller can help you carry your child as securely as possible.

The main points from the American Academy of Pediatrics are:

  • Always use harness straps per manufacturer instructions.
  • Always store heavy items like diaper bags and purses in the basket underneath to prevent tipping, not hanging from the handlebars.
  • Always set the brake when the stroller is parked.
  • Follow weight and age limitations.
  • Do not put children to sleep in strollers, especially infants, as they could move into positions that could cause them to suffocate.

Call for Comments

  • Do you regularly run with your kiddo in a stroller?
  • What stroller features are most important to you?
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Best Jogging Strollers - Loading the Burley Encore X

Annie Behrend straps in her second child to the Burley Encore X. Photo: iRunFar/Brianna Stockwell

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