Andy Jones-Wilkins and Bryon Powell Pre-2016 Hardrock 100 Interview

Just a few days before the 2016 Hardrock 100Andy Jones-Wilkins and Bryon Powell crack open a beer (or two) and get to chatting about their upcoming race in the San Juans. In their conversation, they talk about the low points they’re coming from to the race, how their training has gone, and how different their motivational strategies are, as well as plenty of chatter about how they’ll approach the race.

To see who else is racing, check out our in-depth Hardrock preview. Follow our live Hardrock coverage all day on Friday and Saturday!

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Andy Jones-Wilkins and Bryon Powell Pre-2016 Hardrock 100 Interview Transcript

Full transcript coming soon.

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  1. Marcus

    You guys are phenomenal together. So much spirit there!
    Andy, one question for you: It’s clear from your articles that you enjoy a good beer once in a while – so do I. Did that ever affect reaching your racing weight (obvously not this time ;-) and what do you suggest as reasonable amount per week/day? Thanks and all the best to you guys on Friday/Saturday!

    1. Bryon Powell

      Ha. It’s a question for which the answer is easily presumed. I’ll be sporting the New Balance 1400v3 with the front half of Altra StoneGuard. In reserve, I’ll have an additional pair of 1400v3, 1400v4 (a bit more cushion, protection, and tread), NB Vazee Summit, and Montrail Bajada II.

    1. Mark Y M

      Thoughts that come to mind when an elite ultra runner says “you guys are so skinny!”…
      – Maybe it’s time for a sandwich or 5?
      – Doesn’t the camera add 15 pounds?
      – Isn’t that permission to up the ABV on the beverages?
      – Should ultras switch from age-groups to weight-classes?
      – Were you guys training to run Hardrock or ride the Kentucky Derby?
      – Forget who kisses the rock first – maybe the real drama would be a finish-line push up contest!

  2. Granitrunner

    Hi Brian and Andy!
    All the best for you here form Austria from the Granitrunner!!!
    I am sitting, here watching the video and drinking sierra nevada pale ale….from the store around the corner here in my home town…But any time you have to try Austrian Beer!! (Freistädter Beer) I invite you!!!

    It is good to watch your video and see this great emotions that you live.
    I am a 41 year young life long slow marathon road runner who changed to ultra in 2012; I am still not the fastest one but i LOVE it and this is such a great sport, that can let you fly high and also drop you down in the ground, but i think that is the key…
    Greetings from Austria/ from the Granithighland Mülviertel!!!

  3. TB

    Thanks so much guys! Bryon your website and interviews have provided so much entertainment over the years! Sitting on my porch (in PA) drinking a Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA watching you two is awesome. The work that’s done covering these races mean a lot to us East Coasters… Thanks and best of luck to you both!

  4. DJ

    I always look forward to the Bryon-AJW video chats. Can’t wait to hear the post-run talk. Feel free to chat for an hour! Best of luck to both of you.

  5. James

    Awesome interview gentleman. AJW – do you mind my asking what your hip injury was that led to the resurfacing?

    Best of luck to both of you at Hardrock. Can’t wait to see pictures of you both kissing the rock.

  6. Quigley

    Good luck out there. Bummed you didn’t get the transcript of this one up before you headed out on the trails. I like watching a bit of the videos, but I find the transcripts easier to digest. I hope you have the special sauce. My favorite line from the pre race was Killian Jornet’s endorsement. iRunFar: I’ll keep my eyes open for the 400 meters that I can see you.
    Jornet: No, it will be more than that. He’s really fit this year. He will go faster. Maybe he will be the surprise of the race, eh?
    iRunFar: The surprise of the race—we’ll see.
    That has classic all over it.
    I hope you are the surprise of the race!

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