Andy Jones-Wilkins Pre-2014 Western States 100 Interview

Few people love a race as much as Andy Jones-Wilkins loves the Western States 100. This year, AJW will be going for his 10th finish, after which he has vowed to retire from the race. **cough, cough** In the following 40-plus minute interview, Andy talks about everything from this year’s race to how the race and sport have changed since he started running the event, from his own legacy, to how he plans to stay in the sport moving forward.

Somewhere between a sports talk show, an homage, and a memoir, there’s this time and place where people share a passion. Enjoy.

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Andy Jones-Wilkins Pre-2014 Western States 100 Interview Transcript

Full transcript coming soon.

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  1. runningfoo

    AJW throws down some great one-liners here, but my fav is : "there's not a lot of lime in the limelight", when referring to the coverage of ultra running. I'm going to have to watch this again, and digest.

    Great stuff, gentlemen!

  2. TonyMollica

    Great interview!! It might be the best one of the bunch. I really enjoyed it!

    I loved the question about what he could have done different to win, and the answer.

    Good luck Andy!

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