Andy Jones-Wilkins Post-2014 Western States 100 Interview

Andy Jones-Wilkins finished the 2014 Western States 100 in 19 hours and change. In doing so, he earned his 10 Days, 1,000 Miles buckle. (He did so in 10 attempts.)  In the following interview, Andrew talks about… heck, we talk about everything Western States in this 83-minute, three-beer interview! Bottoms up!

Be sure to check out our results article for the whole race story including links to the rest of iRunFar’s post-race coverage.

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Andy Jones-Wilkins Post-2014 Western States 100 Interview Transcript

Full transcript coming soon.

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  1. WiscoDeano

    These last two interviews with AJW and Bryon (especially) this one, cover what's at the heart of ultra. Amazing!!! Talk about endurance = 3 (big) beers x standing for an 1:20 min after racing (100 miles) and 24 hr. coverage. Bravo! Bryon, you make a huge contribution to the sport and are a true ambassador. Thank you both. Congrats to all the runners who toed the line this past weekend. Peace.

    1. Bryon of iRunFar

      Not at the moment. Previously, we did have an audio-early version; however, the service that made this easy no longer has this feature. We hope to bring it back in the future. In the meantime, you should be able to download or stream the videos … and listen only. :-)

  2. @BuyYourFreedom

    I listened to this while I ran this afternoon & I really enjoyed it. Excellent job, both of you. I wouldn't mind seeing an in-depth interview over a few beers covering many of the same topics/issues with some of the Hardrock veterans.

  3. @kevl82

    this has to be the best ultra interview/conversation out there. You and AJW have great perspectives on the sport and the race itself. This is why i love irunfar so much. it's not all about those speedy guys in the front! Thank you for such insight into the aspects of ultra-running that i love the most. bottoms up guys!

  4. Davegmcmillan

    How did you just go and surpass the previous AJW interview as the best one yet? Nicely done gents. Another corker and covering some great topics. After listening to the great stories Tom Green dispensed on the veteran's panel his may be the most inspirational tale of the WS 100 weekend. I hope he makes it to Leadville and I get a chance to meet him in person.

  5. jerememonteau

    This video is why I love trail/ultrarunning and iRunFar. Tons of great history and insight into a race that many aspire to but, in reality, few will complete. Some really sweet, sincere, emotional moments. Thanks for putting this out there. AJW's passion for the sport and this race in particular is infectious and motivating. Both guys are wonderful ambassadors for the sport. To top it off they have great taste in beer. :-)

  6. gregstring

    This was the best interview ever! AJW's ability to speak passionately about WS makes any reader want to run it. He is a wonderful speaker and has an outstanding personality. I hope you have him featured in interviews again and again in the future. Thanks for entertaining me for the last hour and a half!

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