Afoot, Again

I’m super crazed at work, but I wanted to share that I’ve run three days in a row! So far, no pain in the knee in any of the runs. I have had some funny sensations in the injured area, but definitely not pain. If anything it’s closest to numbness. Based on personal experience, I’m not worried a bit. During one of my Park City summers, I routinely fell on a particular spot on one of my knees. Well before the end of the summer, that area of tissue was essentially numb, but sensation has sense returned.

On Sunday, I went out for a run and due to a number of factors, ended up running without my HR monitor, GPS, or even a watch. It was quite refreshing. In late afternoon, I drove over to Potomac Overlook Park and headed up the Potomac Heritage Trail. I turned around after awhile as it was getting dark. It was quite dark by the time I made it back to Potomac Overlook. The last half mile/mile of trail running in the dark without a light was fun. It was a great adventure run even though it was all within 10 miles of my house.