Winter Running Resources and YakTrax Pro Giveaway

iciclesBrrr! The temperatures have plummeted, the wind is howling, and snow has fallen eight of the past nine days at our Utah headquarters. I guess that means winter is on its way, if it’s not already here. With that in mind, we’re going to take this opportunity to highlight some of the winter running resources that can be found here on As a bonus, we gave away five pairs of YakTrax Pro, our favorite winter running traction device.

Winter Running Resources
If you stop by iRF looking for our latest winter-related articles, click on the Winter Running tab at the top of every page or bookmark our winter running tag URL. If you’re looking for some more specific winter running advice, below are some examples.

Gear Resources
Two winters ago, we pulled together a series of winter running traction device reviews. The series, which focuses on over-the-shoe devices, includes separate reviews of Kahtoola MICROspikes, Kako Ice Trekkers Ultra (discontinued), STABILicers SPORT, and YakTrax Pro – our top pick in the lot. Stay tuned for an overview of additional winter running traction methods this winter.

We’ve also reviewed some shoes that are particularly suited for winter, such as the Inov-8 Roclite 312 GTX, the Asics Gel-Arctic WR 2, the Inov-8 Mudclaw 330, the Saucony ProGrid Razor, and the La Sportiva Crosslite.

If you’re looking for ways to stay warm, take a look at our reviews of Moeben Arm Sleeves, the Original Buff, and the Merino Wool Buff. There are also multi-review articles on transition weather running apparel as well as running gloves and mittens.

Alternative Activities
Runners in snowy areas often engage in additional winter sports to maintain their endurance through the winter. Last year, we published articles on snowshoe running basics and snowshoe racing as well as my own 3-day snowshoe trek around Yosemite National Park. Look for more on snowshoe running articles this winter as well as information on other winter endurance sports.

Articles and Entertainment
We’ve also got a couple winter articles that you might enjoy. First off, there’s one discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of snowshoe running. Then there’s Kevin Sullivan’s highly entertaining Why I Hate/Love Winter Running. If you enjoy Kevin’s winter running article, check out his poignant Will Running on the Treadmill Make You Insane? Away from iRunFar, check out iRF writer Meghan Hicks’s Postholing Memories story. If you’re a fan of cross country running, consider whether it should be part of the winter olympics.

YakTrax Pro Giveaway!
YakTraxWe’re sure that you haven’t forgotten about about the YakTrax Pro giveaway and neither have we! [Unfortauntely for you, the contest has already closed.]

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  1. Shelly

    I screwed my trail shoes for last winter's icey runs. They worked greated but left a bit to be desired in the noise department. I'd love to try Yak Trax for my trianing and two late winter Ultras!

  2. Ronnie F

    I don't think I could make it through the winter without my Yaktrax! While others are droning along on the dreadmill I am out enjoying the winter air and snow, running through the trails with my pup. Love love love them! Oh, but they do wear out eventually and so I could use a new pair this year, hint hint :)

  3. hminnesota

    Almost all time, I love winter in Minnesota. I am planning to get new running shoes and get myself ready for running on frozen lakes.

  4. Bobby

    It's my favorite time of year for running! Frigid starts, cold breaths…there's something about winter running that makes you feel alive!


    Kent, CT

  5. Kevin

    I need good Karma with the YakTrax. In Oregon now hoping to move the family to Michigan for a new career this winter that I am waiting to hear back from. They will come in handy in the snow there.

  6. Carter

    I am moving from Virginia Beach to Lynchburg, VA specifically so I have mountains and snow to train in/on. I am getting SERIOUS this year!

  7. Susan

    To the tune of Winter Wonderland, the Yaktrax version:

    Cars honk their horns, are you listening,

    In the lane, snow is glistening

    A beautiful sight,

    I'm still running upright,

    Running in a winter wonderland.

    Gone away is the sunlight,

    Here to stay is frostbite,

    Where is my power song,

    My stride is too long,

    Running in a winter wonderland.

  8. susan grant

    I love yak trax

    just finished up some beautiful fall ultras, vermont, JFK, and now gearing up for winter….

    watchung winter ultra,

    hopefully the snow will be gone by spring for Hat and umstead….


    1. cathy crisp

      would love yaktrax!!!!! we plan on doing lots of winter running as well as some beginning climbing such as the south sister in oregon, mt shasta( well that may not be beginner but we are going to attempt it) and any other mountains we can hike up. would love to win those!!!!!! love your website by the way, and my bumper sticker gets lots of comments!!

  9. Keith

    After last years snow in DC and having to do most of my training on a treadmill (the worst for 20 miles) I'd love to get out when its snowy this year.

  10. Kathy l.

    It is souch fun running in the snow. The cold air on your face that makes your cheeks turn red and the smell of being outside is wonderful!

  11. Runner G

    I am looking forward to running in the snow – over the hills and through the woods! So much running fun, which would be made even more fun with some YakTrax!

  12. Suzy

    Have been running in my YakTrax since mid-October here in Alaska- paired with a bottle/camelbak of warm water (takes about 20 min to get drinkable cold, right around the time I need it). Sprinkle on a good attitude and that's all you need for winter running!


    Fairbanks, AK

  13. Chris Peck

    It's gonna be an El Nina winter in Oregon! Coming off my first 50 miler, I hope to get some of these to get me excited about winter training!

    PDX, OR

  14. Natural1

    Winter running in these parts means that the seasonal dirt roads will be covered with snow and the occasional snowmobile/jeep track – the quiet white woods will be disturbed only by the crunching of my shoes on the crusty surface. I look forward to the cold temps and soft footfalls.

    There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear…

  15. Henry Bickerstaff

    It does not snow enough in Oklahoma to have microspikes but the yak trax are perfect for the days the roads are icy or snow packed.

    Henry Bickerstaff

    Alva, Oklahoma

  16. Ian Golden

    Enjoying the last bit of forgiving trails before the deep-freeze sets in for the winter. The rapid freeze and thaw patterns that are then covered over by snow make for some dicey conditions for trail running in Ithaca. We've only carried the Stabilicer's sport in the shop so I'm curious to see what the Pro's are like.

  17. worm

    winter is what it's all about where AK is concerned. we have to deal with it 4-6 months out of the year and for those couple months where everything is frozen solid, the running is amazing. terrain opens up that you could never run in the summer months like bogs, muskegs, creeks, and drainages. traction devices are key at times. I'm due for a new pair so pencil me in…

  18. Jim Parry

    I live in SE MN…need I say more about the snow and ice here? Getting ready again this winter for a challenge I put forth for my students and community. Mr. Parry's Endurance Challenge encourages others to get out and be active. In the past, I have ended the challenge with a 24 hour run around my hometown for the students to see. Next spring, I will be running 7 marathons in 7 days in order to demonstrate this years theme: "Don't set your limits…go out and find them." I could use any advantage out there available, including the means to run in some pretty miserable weather conditions.

    Jim Parry

    Stewartville, MN

  19. Chris

    I've got an early spring marathon planned so i'm going to need to log plenty of miles this winter. If this winter is anything like last, a new pr of yaktraks would come in handy!



  20. Jason

    I have a few road 10K to run and training to hopefully get into the Chuckanut 50K next spring. The local race that I wanted to run in January (Bridle Trails 50K) looks to have been canceled now that Seattle Running Company was sold to Fleet Feet. bummer.

    I'd love to try some Trax though.

  21. Ande Wilkes

    Love your site!!!

    In the spring, when the weather thaws, I will be attempting my first 50K on a 'Rails to Trails' Run from Council to Weiser,Idaho. In the meantime I shall be training on all winter trails (some snowmobile groomed) in the valleys and some mountains of Central Idaho, so really could use some YakTrax. … also will be Nordic skiing and snowshoeing in Ponderosa Park and Bear Basin in McCall ID. I will be running Boston Marathon, 2011 and am raising funds for MS in honor of many friends!

  22. Joe Snyder

    Yaktrax would be amazing since Portland is about to shut down with snow. Maybe then I could just run to work and back. WIN WIN situation.

  23. Michael

    This is my first winter as a becoming-thinner, becoming-fitter vegan and runner. I don't mind the cold, but it gets slippery and icy in central Ohio. YakTrax would be a real help!

  24. Sue

    Hey – read the Lululemon Sargeant Jacket review then went to their site to check it out… doesn't look like it's manufactured/available anymore. Might want to consider that when promoting the review!

      1. Sue

        You had a link to their site where the jacket no longer lives on. I enjoyed the review and reading about what made it a good garment though … useful to know that LL products are worth checking out.


  25. L3vi

    I have good traction shoes what are really usefull in snowy conditions (x-talons), but when massive Ice is on the roads, a pair of Yaktrax may come in handy. There are orienteering shoes what have metal knobs, they might be good as well, heavy though. January I am going to do good run in Ireland called the Art O'Neill Challenge, it is a 55K mixed surface mountain run, starting 2am in the morning, and a 45 miler 2 weeks after near London. In March I am heading for the ECO Trail de Paris it is an 80Km trail run around paris finishing on the first level of the Eifel Tower, nice. March is mad you cannot expect anything, it is gonna be snow and -20C, or +2 or +3 rain and mud, or +20 sunshine and happyness. Crazy.


  26. Ellen

    I am in Iowa- and the frigid Canadian air is coming down- bringing ice & snow. Can't tell ya how many falls I had but I bet it was kind of comical from a distance :) YakTrax would be awesome!

  27. christina

    driving from west coast to iowa to spend new years with very good family friends — we have to go running every day, our two young dogs need the workout and we love the old railroad trail but it's really icy on the streets we run to access the trail- the more help the better!

  28. Jennifer

    My city (Bellingham WA) is completely sold out of YakTrax what with our sudden early winter weather and icy/snowy roads. People love their YakTrax, and I've ordered some sight-unseen. Even though I'll have one pair, I would love another pair to leave at the office. I can't even walk across the street right now without sliding on the ice and I think YakTrax is the answer.

  29. t-rex

    I'm training for my first 50k Spring 2011. Last year running in the ice and snow was difficult but doable. I've held off buying any kind of traction aids mainly due to the economy here in Michigan (need save every thing I can for entrance fees, ha, ha). My plan is to do a 50 miler in 2011 (Fall) if the 50k, and various 26'ers go well. Everything depends on my consistency this Winter.

  30. Andy

    Put YakTrax on the Christmas list after a friend highly recommended them. Would love to pull them off the list if I win a pair from you! Got a couple 50ks planned for Feb and Mar. Looking forward to a piece of gear that'll keep me training all winter no matter the weather.

  31. chris van dyke

    right now i run with an old pair of new balance all-weather trail shoes with sheet-metal screws sunk into the bottom for traction. actually works great, but some yak trax would be better . . .

  32. Steve

    Got my first dose of real winter this week – 35 mph headwind, -5 windchill, snow-covered gravel road. A month from now I probably will skip it, but right now it makes me feel tough.


    Idaho Falls, ID

  33. nm

    In addition to snowshoeing, I would suggest the less popular in the US sport, of ski mountaineering. Yes, it is costly and yes could prove a bit more risky but its a hell of a lot more exciting than snowshoeing !

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