2010 Western States 100 Roundup

Western States 100 logoThe Western States 100 is the most widely covered ultramarathon in North America… by a long shot. Rather than bore you with yet another report on the race or some lame photos from our iPhone, we’re gathering the best Western States coverage from around the internet to share with you. Please feel free to note additional resources in a comment.

While we’re not writing a Western States race report, we did put together a pretty tremendous (in our opinion) set of interviews before and after the race. Check out our Western States 100 Index for all of those interviews and additional iRunFar coverage of this and other Western States 100s. OK, ok, to whet your appetite for our coverage, our two most popular interviews are post-race chats with Geoff Roes and Anton Krupicka.

Top Competitors Race Reports


  • Meghan Arbogast (2nd) – Meghan reports on “finally getting it.”
  • Annette Bednosky (8th) – Former Western States champ talking about running within her training.
  • Devon Crosby-Helms (DNF) – Devon was pulled from the course at Michigan Bluff. Her story’s still worth reading.

News Reports


Please feel free to leave a comment if you know of a good 2010 Western States 100 race report, photo set, video, article, or other resource.

There are 17 comments

  1. Mike - Mechanicsburg


    Thanks for the coverage of the event! I've yet to attempt the distance. And at this point the distance scares the heck (pg13) out of me.

    Can you share some of the experinces you had while pacing? Are there any good articles out there about pacing runners through 100 miles? I will have the pacing task at this year's Oil City 100 and would like to provide the best support possible.

    Also, I liked the interviews. I'm glad that I was never in your sights for deposition while you were working for the man in DC.

    Keep the good stuff coming. And for the record, the hot and sticky season is well underway in the Mid Atlantic region. Be glad you escaped West.

    Active Listener


  2. Ian Sharman

    I stumbled on your website just before the race and it was really interesting to get some of the vibe and excitement in the build-up. Really entertaining and informative. And thanks for linking to my book of a race report – as my first 100 I wanted to get down the memories while they're fresh so I can look at them in the future and it'll be like I was there again. Doubt anyone other than me will find it too interesting. Cheers, Ian.

    1. Bryon Powell

      Congrats on the great race, Ian. Glad you enjoyed iRunFar's coverage of the event. As for your book, you're not alone. I wrote a 10,000 +/- word race report from my Leadville 100 last year … and it was my 6th 100 mile finish. :-)

  3. Tamara

    Gary was 6th … not 7th as you have in this report. Glen Redpath was 7th …

    Great race coverage. Thanks for all the hard work!

  4. Erik

    Bryon, I was in the race and was getting updates from my crew during the day (and night). Being able to sit back and spend another few hours watching the race, interviews, and read the blogs has gotten me re-motivated for next year faster then usual. Thanks for doing this.

    Also, will there be another race this year where you will do the same type of coverage (Hardrock, Leadville, Mount Blanc)?

    1. Bryon Powell


      I don't have any other races lined up for this type of coverage. The short story is that I've got no budget to cover them. All travel expenses come out of my wallet and there's more dust than dinero in there. ;-)

      I will attend Leadville briefly as La Sportiva is covering my travel to attend the finale of the La Sportiva Mountain Cup in Taos the same Saturday. I'm pacing my Leadville pacer from last year. If I head east early, I may hit Leadville for some pre-race interviews.

      I dream of covering Mont Blanc. I may try to pull a rabbit out of my hat on that one. One potential travel sponsor is in… but only if I secure a story commitment from a holy grail magazine. Not gonna happen. I'll try another option in two weeks. I wish I was better at selling myself to companies, as I think I'd be on par with any other English language commentary they could get. Not trying to sound cocky… as I'm not, I'm just getting more confident that I know how to provide in-depth live coverage of an ultra at this point.

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