2011 Western States 100 Post-Race Story Roundup

Western States 100 logoWe thought we’d make it easy for all you Western States 100 fans out there by collecting some of the best race coverage from around the web, including articles, photos, videos, interviews, and first-person race reports. We’ll be updating this page as we – both iRunFar and you – identify additional resources. Please feel free to leave a comment noting such resources and your thoughts on the race.

We’ve included the men’s and women’s top 10 at the bottom of this page for those of you who want to find out quickly how the top runners did.

If you’re looking for more on the race, check out our right hand sidebar for video interviews of Kilian Jornet, Ellie Greenwood, and more. You can also take a look at our pre-race 2011 WS100 story roundup.

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Men’s Top 10 Results (unofficial – times among sources vary by up to about 15 seconds)

  1. Kilian Jornet and Ellie Greenwood 2011 Western States 100 champions

    Kilian Jornet and Ellie Greenwood, the 2011 Western States 100 champions. Photo by Bryon Powell.

    Kilian Jornet, 23, Catalonia, Spain, 15:34:24

  2. Mike Wolfe, 33, Helena, Montana, 15:38:29
  3. Nick Clark, 37, Fort Collins, Colorado, 15:50:23
  4. Jez Bragg, 30, United Kingdon, 15:55:08
  5. Tsuyoshi Kaburaki, 42, Japan, 16:07:04 (new masters record breaking his old record of 16:24:55 from 2009)
  6. Timothy Olson, 27, Ashland, Oregon, 16:18:42
  7. Graham Cooper, 41, Piedmont, California, 16:34:41
  8. Dave Mackey, 41, Boulder, Colorado, 16:36:21
  9. Andy Jones-Wilkins, 43, Ketchum, Idaho, 16:39:30
  10. Ian Sharman, 30, San Jose, California, 16:40:19

Note: Amazingly, four men broke 17 hours, but did not finish in the top 10. They were Dan Olmstead (16:45:45), Sim Jae-Duk (16:48:22), Shunsuke Okunomiya (16:56:18), and Glen Redpath (16:57:58).

Women’s Top 10 Results (unofficial – times among sources vary by up to about 15 seconds)

  1. Ellie Greenwood, 32, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 17:55:29
  2. Kami Semick, 44, Bend, Oregon, 18:17:34
  3. Nikki Kimball, 40, Bozeman, Montana, 18:17:39
  4. Tracy Garneau, 42, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, 18:22:15
  5. Rory Bosio, 26, Soda Springs, California, 18:37:17
  6. Aliza Lapierre, 30, Williston, Vermont, 18:45:25
  7. Meghan Arbogast, 50, Corvallis, Oregon, 18:50:19 (new 50-59 record breaking the old record of 21:58:37 by Diana Fitzpatrick from 2010)
  8. Amy Sproston, 37, Portland, Oregon, 19:36:54
  9. Becky Wheeler, 36, Casper, Wyoming, 19:46:54
  10. Pam Smith, 36, Salem, Oregon, 20:40:48

Last updated Feb 20, 2018

There are 15 comments

  1. DCraig Young

    Way to go Bryon! It was great to see you running so well at Forest Hill, even at that point you looked destined for a great finish. Nice.

    We ran the Cool trails that morning and it was anything but cool. Ya'll must have baked in the canyons. Here's to Kilian, Ellie, and everyone who toed the line Saturday morning to make it a great event.

    Loved the iRunFar coverage, and thanks for keeping the posts and links coming. Look forward to your work at UTMB. Thanks also to your readers who keep finding the good stuff.

    1. Tina

      This is great! Thanks for telling us about the video. So cool to see Geoff high five Killian near Finish line. Geoff is awesome!!

      Kinda nice to see Killian run on pavement for a little gait analysis there, lol. Looks like he's definitely a midfoot runner… and that's after 100 miles!! Looks great!!

  2. Rob

    Great job Bryon! Got me very motivated now for my Badwater 135 in less than two weeks! Just goes to show you can accomplish great things even if you think you're undertrained. I refuse to believe anybody who's been at the sport as long as we have is ever truly "undertrained." I think experience, lot's of time on the feet and a positive mental attitude will carry you very far even if the physical training may be lacking. While I haven't run WS nearly as fast as you (not by a long mark) I had a great race myself there in '02 when I unexpectedly broke 23 hours despite abysmal training leading up to race day… Of course I paid the price in recovery, took a while to get over it, but hey I earned my first Silver Buckle so it was well worth it!

  3. Brett

    Kilians comment (and some of the other top finishers too) was funny when they asked him if he was coming back – maybe not, the race is 'too flat'. :)

  4. Andrew

    Oh man, Bryon that was absolutely great. This site absolutely made Western States come alive for me. Thank you so much for your efforts!!

  5. Matt

    Bryon, once again, many thanks for the fantastic coverage!

    I promise to donate to iRunFar as soon as I get near secure connection.

    Furthemore, congrats on the briliant race +PR , we want to a proper report!

    I guess all your fear and concerns stayed at the starting line and you had a nice day of cruising 100 miles :)

    Keep up the good work and already looking forward to you UTMB coverage

    Damn, Chamonix is definitely closer from Germany than California….

  6. Disco Stu

    Brian – You've got no idea what impact reading your article about your WS100 training has just had on me. I've always thought and practiced that when it comes to training mileage its quality over quantity everytime! And you have proved this with what you accomplished on Saturday, on just 40 miles per week! And only 7 runs over 20 miles! that's amazing. Clearly you are hugely talented as well and we can't all run as well on that mileage but I needed this, and its perfect timing for me as I contemplate setting out my training schedule for my 100 mile event in August (North Downs Way 100 – UK). Thanks so much. If interested I blogged an article linking to yours here – http://ultradiscostu.blogspot.com/2011/06/ive-bee

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