2013 Western States 100 Post-Race Story Roundup

Western States 100 logoWe thought we’d make it easy for all you Western States 100 fans out there by collecting some of the best race coverage from around the web, including articles, photos, videos, interviews, and first-person race reports. We’ll be updating this page as we – both iRunFar and you – identify additional resources. Please feel free to leave a comment noting such resources and your thoughts on the race.

We’ve included the men’s and women’s top 10 at the bottom of this page for those of you who want to find out quickly how the top runners did.

Injinji logo - horiztonalIf you’re looking for more on the race, check out our dedicated Western States 100 coverage page. as well as our Western States results and commentary article.

Thanks again to Injinji for making our coverage of the 2013 Western States 100 possible!

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Last Updated: 2/20/18

Men’s Top Ten

  1. Timothy Olson (The North Face) – 15:17:27 (pre-race, finish line, and post-race interviews)
  2. Rob Krar – 15:22:05 (pre-race, finish line, and post-race interviews)
  3. Mike Morton (Allied Van Lines) – 15:45:21 (masters course record) (pre-race and post-race interviews)
  4. Ian Sharman (SCOTT Sports) – 16:20:25
  5. Dylan Bowman (Pearl Izumi) – 16:32:18 (pre-race interview)
  6. Nick Clark (Pearl Izumi) – 16:56:23 (pre-race interview)
  7. Jesse Haynes (INKnBURN) – 17:44:36
  8. Paul Terranova – 17:56:29
  9. Yassine Diboun (Inov-8) – 18:44:02
  10. Karl Meltzer (Hoka One One) – 18:51:55

Women’s Top Ten

  1. Pam Smith (La Sportiva) – 18:37:21 (finish line and post-race interviews)
  2. Nikki Kimball (The North Face) – 19:21:43 (post-race interview)
  3. Amy Sproston (Montrail) – 19:25:11 (pre-race and post-race interviews)
  4. Meghan Arbogast (SCOTT Sports) – 19:30:50
  5. Rory Bosio (The North Face) – 19:52:09 (pre-race interview)
  6. Aliza Lapierre (Salomon) – 20:04:46 (pre-race interview)
  7. Emily Harrison (AdiUltra) – 20:28:40 (pre-race interview)
  8. Denise Bourassa (Patagonia) – 21:44:37
  9. Leila Degrave (Inov-8) – 21:59:26
  10. Abby McQueeney Penamonte – 22:36:29

There are 29 comments

  1. David

    If anyone has any good middle-of-the-pack writeups or coverage I'd love to read/see it to get a more non-elite view of running a hundred. DNF or just making the 30hr cutoff, share the love! Perhaps iRF could include a similar angle on future articles/coverage, too?

  2. Ryan

    Jacob Rydman's blog post about the Western States run is one of the best race reports I've ever read (along with Geoff Roes Iditarod post).

  3. Melanie

    David- this is a pretty 'non-elite view'- I made the cut-off by 48 minutes. [Broken link to Mels Geotourism blog removed.]

  4. David

    All – thanks! Some great and long write ups there, the longer the better for me! Congrats on all your finishes and thanks for sharing all the details so soon!

  5. Tonya

    Thanks for sharing your report Melanie! And congrats on your finish! It's nice to read reports that I feel I can relate to a bit more… I'm fairly new to endurance running and am pretty familiar with battling the cutoff monster. I hope I can make it to a 100… Thanks again for sharing your experience, it does inspire people!

    1. Melanie

      Thanks Tonya! You can do 100. Just keep moving, as they say. Thanks for volunteering and taking pictures, much appreciated!

  6. Justin

    Great report Bryon! Lots of good info for people like myself. If you had to pick one factor, what do you think ultimately caused you to drop? Thanks again!

      1. BGD

        BP — You and me both, brother. Enjoy TRT100. Mentally challenging course, but the views are unreal. And, let me know if you end up cursing the "Red House Loop" the second time around, like many of us did in '11:)

  7. Joshua Finger

    Adrian….it was me you were talking to after Lyon Ridge, after I took a pitstop in the bushes, and you carried my water bottle for about 30 seconds while I removed my shirt. Looks like I was right on about the carnage and that we would get in the top 20, or at least you would. Unfortunately, an ankle injury (i.e. tendinitis) screwed my race up starting at mile 76. I was reeling you guys in though:) Great job!!!

  8. Ben R

    Thanks for all the blogs!

    I finished in 28hrs 11mins 14 seconds, and wrote a report here http://www.pussyfootingaround.net/blog.html

    I personally had a terrific time and was overwhelmed at the support during the race itself even for back markers like me. I too suffered from GI issues for the first time ever during a race, and I was not sure whether it was the heat or dust or something else, but I still had a fabulous time!

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