2009 MMT Photo Update

MMT 100 Massanutten Shenandoah RiverA lazy, hazy morning on the Shenandoah river

Gap Creek aid station MMTFerns along the “trail” into the Gap Creek aid station. (Can you find the trail?)
Mario Raymond 2009 MMT MassanuttenMario Raymond along the same trail. (Can you find the ferns?)
Greg Loomis Gap Creek MMT 100 MassanuttenA smiling Greg Loomis at Gap Creek 1
MMT 100 Massnutten Bobby Gill Keith KniplingThree happy trails
(l-r: Bobby Gill, rock-free MMT single-track, Keith Knipling)
Visitors Center MMT 100A fan eagerly awaiting the arrival of a runner at the Visitors Center AS

Adam Casseday MMT 100 MassanuttenLove among the rocks
[Trail Goat Note: This picture of Adam and Kadra Casseday struck me
for the obvious adoration Adam shows for Kadra amidst his suffering.]
A late afternoon break in the weather

A braided redbud with locust doppelganger

Bonus iPhone Photos:
All the photos you’ve seen in the other iRunFar 2009 Updates were taken on an iPhone. Here are a few other iPhone photos that didn’t make it into an earlier update.
Amy Sproston MMT 100 MassanuttenAmy Sproston, the 2008 AND 2009 MMT women’s champion, at Camp Roosevelt
A car-bound view of the day’s first storm

Glen Redpath MMT 100 MassanuttenSecond place finisher Glen Redpath at 211 East.

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