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Stat in the HAT
on March 24

The VERY quick summary of today’s run at HAT. I finished 5th, right in the middle of my 5 finishes

Still on the Upswing?
on March 21
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While I wouldn’t consider myself fully recovered, I do feel that I’m on the way back. Why do I think

The Week of March 12-18, 2007

Synopsis of Week’s Training:It didn’t take me very long this week to figure out that I was in a running

Ice Runners (a.k.a, STABILicers) [A Gretch-tastic Guest Post]

Today, my sister ran in a new product (for her), a pair of “Ice Runners” that are better known as

on March 17
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Doesn’t my sister look like a nature trail ultra runner? Here she is 21.5 miles into her first trail race,

on March 17

I’ve been heeding recommendations of y’all and the advice I would normally give others and have taken the past 3

Who's Got the Funk?
on March 14

I’ve got the funk…. or at least I’m in one. I’m in a running funk and I risk falling into

Quick and Dirty on Way Too Cool 50k
on March 10

Ok, so I was not quick nor did I get dirty today at WTC, but this post is both those

Way Too Cool 50k Preview
on March 9

Phew! It’s been an exhausting last week, some of it pleasant, some of it not. I had a great long

Warped Thought of the Day
on March 8

A friend of mine is headed south to Central America this weekend and that got me thinking about tasty rum.