I’ve been heeding recommendations of y’all and the advice I would normally give others and have taken the past 3 days off completely. Yesterday, I wanted to run, but took another day off just I would when coming back from a 100. Today, I feel like running up and down the halls. After work I’ll drive over to Umstead State Park. It’s the home of the Umstead 100 and I just learned that it’s within a stones throw of the client site where I’m working. I’m thinking it will help me a great deal. If I like running in the park, I’ll bring cloths to the office tomorrow and go straight there after hours now that the rest of my work gang has their own rental car and isn’t dependent upon me for a ride everywhere.

Speaking of work, I’m working at a client site in Durham, North Carolina, as I have been since Monday and will be until at least until next Friday. Been pretty busy, hence minimal posts.