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I admit, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger, baby. Both my personal and work life’s been crazy for a few weeks now. (For instance, from Monday and Thursday last week, I averaged leaving the office at 11 p.m. and I worked from home from 12:30 a.m. until 3. Ugh!) Below the fold you can learn seven things about me in my response to Tony Portera’s tag.

1. If my sister weren’t my sister, our paths never would have crossed. Thanks goodness they did, because she’s my best friend!

2. I’ve had two major transformational periods in my life. The first was at the start of high school when I joined the cross country team out of fear of being cut from the freshman soccer team. Although I was the slowest guy on the team (and slower than most of the girls), my teammates were very supportive. Running as part of the team brought me out of my shell, gave me a lot more confidence, and infused me with my love for running. The second was going to law school while working full-time. I have never nor will I even work harder than I did during those four years, particularly the first two. During that time, I realized that I can work much harder than I thought and learned what my hard work could achieve. The rigors of this time taught me much about discipline. When I need to, I can now cut out all superfluous activity. The equally important corresponding lesson is that I learned what I need (and it’s not much) to be happy.

3. I’ve been running more than half my life. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a large state park as my backyard, so I’ve been trail running almost as long as I’ve been running.

4. I’ve gone years without plugging in a TV. In part that’s because when one’s around I’m an addict. I can get sucked into hours upon hours of watching shows like Law and Order or CSI.

5. Rumor has it that I can dance. This remains unconfirmed. In a related but more concrete note, as a child I took ballet and tap lessons.

6. I love the desert. Some folks hate the bleakness of dry landscapes, but even as an Easterner I love western landscapes. If I catch the scent of sagebrush, I’m almost sure to smile. Elko or bust!

7. I don’t tag. ;-)

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  1. AnthonyP

    Awesome, just awesome ! I'm sure your ballet and tap classes had something to do with your ability to be so light on your feet when trail running !Hope to see you soon !

  2. olga

    We need to find a time and place to dance next time we meet at the race!I hear you about TV – that's why I don't buy channels. In NY we had none – but rental videos. In old house we had 3 catching up, in this place only one (and it sucks) – so nobody's watching it.I wish I could do it to internet though:)

  3. Argentine Rocket

    Your #2 (full-time job while attending school) gives me hope…TV is trouble. Deserts are awesome, and so are desserts!I have a short video that proves you can dance… do I dare to post it?

  4. Meghan

    Well, I've lurked around your blog long enough without commenting that I can't go any longer! Your revealing the life changes you experienced while working/going to grad school has inspired me to comment. I'm in my final semester of what has been 3 1/2 years of working full time and going to grad school part time. I can so empathize with your words about whittling life down to its bare bones. Thanks for putting into words exactly how I feel!MeghanPS. TV? What's that?

  5. Trail Goat

    Rocket,Agreed – both deserts and desserts rule! There's no question that you can do school and work… but it won't always be fun.Meghan,Thanks for coming out of the shadows and commenting. :-) Congrats on making it to your final semester of the work/school combo!

  6. kelly

    Wow, you are an attorney that can dance and run. Awesome. It was fun to read about you. I hope your running is going well. I hate to say that I do like a little TV. Survivor, The Biggest Loser, and Discovery have me hooked. Someday, I may have to do away with that addiction. I hope to see you out on the trails this summer.

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