Ice Runners (a.k.a, STABILicers) [A Gretch-tastic Guest Post]

Today, my sister ran in a new product (for her), a pair of “Ice Runners” that are better known as STABLicer SPORTs. She shared her thoughts on the STABILicers with me and I thought I’d pass her review along to you.

“That’s right I ran for the first time in my ice runners today and it was so fun! I would highly recommend this product. I ran for about an hour on some packed ice and some slushy ice and had no problems with slippage and the grippers did not fall off. If the ice is still hard tomorrow, I will try the ice runners in the park.”

I’ve invited my sister to be a guest blogger here, so hopefully my sister will share some more of her thoughts with all y’all in the future.

model with STABLicer SPORTGretchen modeling the STABILicer SPORT