Mira Rai Post-2015 Ultra Pirineu Interview

An interview with Mira Rai after her second-place finish at Ultra Pirineu 2015.

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Nepal’s Mira Rai has a way of making things look easier than they are. After this past weekend, that would now include Ultra Pirineu, where she placed second not far behind Emelie Forsberg. In the following interview, Mira talks about what she enjoyed most about the race, how she felt out there, and what she plans to do once she returns to Nepal.

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Mira Rai Post-2015 Ultra Pirineu Interview Transcript

Mira Rai: Hello, brother. How are you?

iRunFar: Namaste.

Rai: Namaste, dah. How are you?

iRunFar: I am good. You just had a great race where you finished second at Ultra Pirineu. Congratulations.

Rai: So thank you.

iRunFar: Are you happy with your race?

Rai: Oh, yes. I’m very happy, and I enjoyed yesterday. I liked it. I liked the route also. I ran with Emelie [Forsberg-sister and Nuria [Picas]-sister. It was really fun, really good.

iRunFar: The mountains were beautiful?

Rai: Yes, very beautiful. Wow.

iRunFar: What was hard in the race? What was difficult?

Rai: Not difficult. For me, easy run. On the flat for me it’s slow.

iRunFar: On the flats and on the downhills when it’s smooth?

Rai: Yes, on the downhills when it’s smooth it’s hard.

iRunFar: You like it when it’s downhill with lots of rocks.

Rai: Yeah, I like a lot of rock. This is for me strong and climbing strong.

iRunFar: You liked the climbs yesterday? You felt strong?

Rai: Ah, yes. Very good. Climbs are very good.

iRunFar: This was your longest race?

Rai: Yeah, this was my longest and I finished so well. I’m really happy.

iRunFar: It’s been only one year that you’ve been travelling?

Rai: Yes, I have very good time. I started running one year ago. Now I’ve travelled around the world to race.

iRunFar: It’s a very new experience. Have you enjoyed travelling around the world?

Rai: Yes, I enjoy to travel and running and I have learned much and have lots of new experiences.

iRunFar: You have met so many new people?

Rai: Yes, I’m many people I’ve met since. Very good. This is very good.

iRunFar: You were second in the race yesterday, but you were also second in the series for Skyrunning.

Rai: Yes. Very good.

iRunFar: For running, you ran in Nepal before you came to travel the world. How long have you been running? How many years?

Rai: These ultra races I started running two years ago in Kathmandu. There’s a 50k on the snow. I finished that.

iRunFar: So two years?

Rai: Yes, two years. And on the snow very wel. For supporting me, Trail Running Nepal.

iRunFar: Richard Bull of Trail Running Nepal has supported you.

Rai: Yes.

iRunFar: Then you make other friends like Tite [Togni], your Italian friend?

Rai: Yes, I won the 50k and Richard invited me to be part of Trail Running Nepal. So [I ran his] Manaslu and Mustang [trail races]. Then I had good chance for running and there I won. Then, I met also Tite-sister. She’s from Italy. She’s many support in Europe. She’s my manager, my anything management. Italy invited me to run in the Dolomite Mountains… there I won… Then, for me, I had support from the Salomon Team and I ran in Hong Kong, Australia, Norway, and Chamonix.

iRunFar: All over the world.

Rai: Yes, Salomon has for me been very good. Their support means I’m here and I have a good chance.

iRunFar: Now you go home?

Rai: Yes, my three months travel is finished. I return back after tomorrow.

iRunFar: Are you happy to go home?

Rai: Yes, I’m very happy.

iRunFar: Will you take some time where you run less and relax?

Rai: Yes, I think some months I will rest a little and I’ll try next program to run.

iRunFar: Next year, do you think you’ll run shorter races or longer races?

Rai: I think I’ll try long races. For me, it’s comfortable to run long distances.

iRunFar: This you felt good? And you liked it?

Rai: Yes, yesterday I ran 110k for the first time. This I like. Another time I’ll try long distances.

iRunFar: Maybe longer?

Rai: Ah, yes, a little bit longer, yes.

iRunFar: Earlier this year we ran together in Mustang.

Rai: Yes, we met in Mustang, wow. I also with running while in Nepal.

iRunFar: Is it fun? You’ve been to some races where you are running against Emelie-sister and Nuria-sister, but you also got to run a very fun race at Mustang Trail Race. Do you enjoy the mix of competition and fun? Mustang was fun.

Rai: Yes.

iRunFar: I really enjoyed it, but it was a hard time because during Mustang Trail Race this year, there was the big earthquake.

Rai: Yes, there is very difficult and not good. We were at Mustang top and then the earthquake. Many homes looked like fields. So difficult.

iRunFar: Is Nepal going back to normal? Are things getting better in Nepal after the earthquake?

Rai: Now, it’s making and processing time. So for people, no school, no study, no home. Under the skies sleep.

iRunFar: Under the skies sleeping?

Rai: Yes, so difficult. There is crying time. I’m going home and will also support for earthquake. I help.

iRunFar: What will you do to help?

Rai: I think some consulting and some travel and to help women and girls.

iRunFar: Thank you very much.

Rai: Thank you.

iRunFar: Namaste.

Rai: Namaste.

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