Winter Trail Escapes

Are you getting away for some winter time trail fun? If so, share the dirt with iRunFar!

By Bryon Powell on February 11, 2011 | 26 comments

You’ve probably heard someone moaning about winter recently. People complaining about winter is nothing new… it probably dates back to when the first humans made their way up from Africa into more temperate climes. (Coincidentally, I’d imagine the first barefoot running skeptics appeared about the same time.) That said, I don’t mind winter. Actually, I kind of enjoy running in it and some of my favorite runs are peaceful, solo night runs in falling snow. That tranquility is hard to beat. Sure, I do bitch when it’s -5F and windy or when I’m heading out to run on slushy sidewalks for the umpteenth day in a row. What’s worse is that while I live in the trail running paradise that is Park City, Utah, it’s been two and a half months since the trails have been snow free and it’ll be about that long until they’re snow free again.

Park City winter trail running

Winter trail running fun in Park City.

While I don’t mind logging winter road miles, I’m craving some sweet singletrack…. so, so long Park City, hello Death Valley! Yup, I’m off enjoying for some real honest-to-dirtness trail running for a couple days. (It’s also time for a vacation after two months of working on the biggest project of my life… but that’s a story for another article.)

Call for Comments
Have you or will you be getting away for any warm trail running this winter? Fortunate enough to have snow-free or packed snow trails close to home? Counting down the days until your favorite trails are once again runnable? Let us know.

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