Endless Autumn: Running Through the Winter That Never Was

I may live in a ski town (Park City, UT), but I don’t know how to downhill ski and am, more or less, a one-trick pony. Simply put, I love to run! That’s why this winter… or, rather, lack of a winter has been absolutely wonderful in my book.

Just yesterday, I left my house, hit the roads for two-thirds of a mile to my favorite neighborhood trail loop, and ran on packed snow trails. The last day that loop was runnable last “winter” was November 20th. That means I’ve had an extra 11 weeks and 2 days/2 months and 18 days of extra trail running this winter over last year’s snowfest. All those extra trail miles have kept me motivated and excited about the coming season.

Winter trail running 2011-12

Me atop my favorite local trail loop late last month.

Call for Comments
This Winter That Wasn’t is happening around much of the lower 48 and, as I understand it, was hanging around Europe for quite some time. With that in mind, it’d be great if you could share:

  • How you’ve been using your extra trail time this winter;
  • Any primo trail runs/adventures that wouldn’t normally be possible;
  • Pictures that go along with your sweet winter trail running; or,
  • If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, some tales or pics of trail running to get us Northerners excited for what’s still to come?

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