What Races Should I Run in 2008?

A super quick, off-the-cuff post here. I need to develop my race schedule for the rest of the year by the end of the day and it’s still wide open. What should I run?! I’m all eyes… for the next 12 hours or so!

My current schedule includes the following:

  • 4/20 – Joe Schwartz 3k – Haverford, PA
  • 5/17 – Pace Mike Mason at MMT 100 – Massanutten Mts, Virginia
  • 6/28 – Pace Andy Jones-Wilkins at WS 100 – Sierra Nevada Mts, California

I’ve got nothing on my schedule after that! Note that I am hoping to get a slot in the TransRockies Run in Colorado at the end of August (August 25-30) so any suggestions should keep that in mind.

I do need to run a 100 miler this year. I was thinking the Iroquois Trails 100 or Grindstone 100 (leaning towards Iroquois Trails), but would consider any 100 miler after mid-August… though later would be preferable both to allow for more training and the possibility of the TransRockies Run.

A rough plan would be for me to run a 100 miler in late August through early October and then jump in one of the November 50 milers (likely JFK or Mountain Masochist) with other races of 50 miles or less thrown in through the spring and summer. I could always sneak in another race or two in the fall as well…. thinking about Annette Bednosky’s New River Trail 50k October 11 if it otherwise fits in. I tend to stay local for non-focus races – meaning a 5 or 6 hour drive from DC, though I’m flexible. Anyone know of a good spring or summer ultra in Nebraska or within a couple hours drive of Omaha?

Thoughts? Ideas? Race suggestions? Think I should hang up my racing shoes? Let me know!