2009 Western States Prediction Contest

Western States Endurance RunIn this, the final installment of Western States Synchroblog Project, we’re making the post all about iRunFar readers… or at least their ability to pick the winners of next weekend’s Western States Endurance Run. The top three prognosticators will be rewarded with trail-worthy Montrail and Mountain Hardwear gear. Read on to learn how this contest works, how to enter, and what you can win.

The Basics*
You pick, in order, your top 8 picks in both the men’s and women’s field. Points are accumulated based on the difference between a runner’s projected placing and their actual placing. Given the reality that some top runners will drop out, only your five best picks will count. For instance, if I picked fellow synchroblogger Sean Meissner to place fifth, but he holds down his lunch and wins, I accumulate 4 points. I would also accumulate 4 points for the Meissner in 5th pick if he finished 9th. All DNSs and DNFs will be scored as if the runner placed one spot behind the final finisher.

Any ties will first be broken by the lowest number of points accumulated from the contestants’ picks for the men’s and women’s masters winners and then accuracy of picks of the overall winners. Any remaining ties will be resolved through a random drawing.

The contest will close at 5 a.m. EDT on Thursday, June 25 – exactly one week after it opens.

[Trail Goat Note: Props to the VHTRC Bull Run Run Pick-the-Winner contests of yore. My enjoyment of those contests gave rise to this contest.]

The Booty
MontrailMontrail and Mountain Hardwear have stepped in to hook the top three contestants with some sweet schwag. To start, all three winners will receive Montrail’s Mountain Masochist, about which we’ve previously raved. First and second place will also receive their choice of one Mountain Hardwear’s Refueler short models (men) or a MH Pace(r) short or skort model. In addition, the grand prize winner will take home a shirt from Mountain Hardwear’s mountain performance line. Third place will win a Montrail hat to sport along with their Mountain Masochists.

For those of you who like bullet points, here goes:

  • First Place – Montrail Mountain Masochists, Mountain Hardwear Refueler/Pace(r) bottom, Mountain Hardwear mountain performance shirt
  • Second Place – Montrail Mountain Masochists, Mountain Hardwear Refueler/Pace(r) bottom
  • Third Place – Montrail Mountain Masochists, Montrail Hat
  • *The Details
    Only one entry per person. If you enter early and wish to change your picks before the deadline, you may replace those picks – please just use the exact same name and email address on subsequent entries. We suppose you don’t need to make all 18 picks, but be aware that a non-pick will be treated the same as a DNF. You can only choose a runner once per category, but you can pick someone like AJW to place overall and win the men’s masters category. No hedging bets, finding loopholes, or other funny business – we reserve the right to invalidate any entry that doesn’t follow in the spirit of fairness.

    The Hints
    We know that many people will be publishing posts with their picks for Western States. (We’re looking at you Meltzer.) In an effort to help you, the iRunFar reader make the best picks, we’ll be providing you with others’ publicly published picks as we become aware of them.

    The Other Synchrobloggers
    We’ve had a blast taking part in the Western States Synchroblog Project and hope our co-bloggers have as well. Here’s link to what they had to say in the final synchroblog installment. As you’ll see, it was a pick your own topic time!

    The Closing
    For those wishing to go public on their predictions, please leave some or all of your picks in a comment after making your official selections. Go ahead, put your mouth where your mind is!

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