weRunFar: Angie's One Pink Fuzzy

I’m not sure how I first came across One Pink Fuzzy, but it’s become one of my favorite running blogs. That’s right, I regularly read a blog called “One Pink Fuzzy” and so should you, especially if you are coming to ultrarunning without much of a running background. Over recent months, my favorite aspect of Angie’s blog has been her C2U (that’s couch to ultra) posts. While Angie’s set up the weekly training schedule for the Zane Grey 50k on April 26, it would be just as useful for anyone trying to go from non-runner to ultrarunner. If you are interested in a from-scratch ultra training program be sure to look at the Week 1 post for background information and the Week 5 post for a complete schedule. You may also want to read Angie’s story about how he went from recreational runner to ultrarunner.

Angie of One Pink Fuzzy finishing her first ultra at the 2006 Pemberton Trail 50k

As a more experienced ultrarunner, I felt that the questions Angie asked in her C2U series really got me to think about some important aspects of training for an ultra such as fueling and hydration. It’s worth checking out the comments sections of the C2U posts to see what others had to say.