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In the weRunFar contribution to iRunFar Earth Week series, we’ll share the blogs of a few individuals who espouse their […]

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In the weRunFar contribution to iRunFar Earth Week series, we’ll share the blogs of a few individuals who espouse their environmental efforts or beliefs in their posts or actions. Read on to find out out about the Eco-Runner and Race Green blogs, as well as Farther Faster’s sustainable running post.

First up is Sam Huber from Wisconsin and his Eco-Runner blog. While Sam explains the eco-runner philosophy and a where-rubber-meets-trail FAQ on the Running 4 More website, the eco-runner blog has frequent posts about running and the environment… as well as the “eco-runner community,” which is headquartered at the Eco-Runner MySpace page. Sam also maintains an Eco-Runner Kids area.

Race Green
Ok, ok, Justin Angle’s Race Green blog might not focus directly on the environment, but as previously discussed (see individual sponsorship post) he is sponsored by Green Tag USA, which offsets Justin’s carbon footprint from race and training related travel. We here at iRunFar think that’s pretty darn cool! Anyway, if you’ve got some time, you might as well check out Justin’s blog as it’s interesting …. oh, and he’s a pretty good runner, too!

Farther Faster – Sustainable Running
Believe or not, but it was a chance stumbling upon Jean Pommier’s Farther Faster blog a few months ago that led to what has become an entire week’s worth of posts on running and the environment. Jean’s blog has a Sustainable Running category that crystallized a bunch of concepts that had been floating around in my head…. all just by his using the phrase “sustainable running.” Funny what gets one’s mind working, huh? Anyway, Jean’s post regarding sustainable running is well-worth a look.

Does anyone know if Will Harlan has a blog or website. He’s been running for environmental causes for years and deserves some recognition for it!

Do you know of a runner whose blog or website focuses on the environment? If so, please share.

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