Trail Dogs Photo Gallery

A selection of photos of trail dogs, submitted by readers.

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Here at iRunFar, we love our trail dogs. These most loyal training partners are always as keen to hit the trails as we are — whatever the weather. Their enthusiasm is infectious, and they make us feel safe when we run alone.

We asked you to send us photos of your trail dogs so we could celebrate them as they deserve, and the response was huge. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include all of them. As all dogs received were equally beautiful, please enjoy this random selection of your four-legged friends.

A tall, slim dog and a woman in shades on a sunny day

“Lucas is a very special dog. He loves the trails, but most of all, he is a service dog who helps my husband in his fight with cancer.” Photo: Unknown

A small white fluffy dog in a turquoise harness.

“Yuki is a Pit Bull, Miniature Poodle mix, with a bit of Chihuahua — so not inherently of trail dog lineage. But she has an adventurous spirit and is always ready to go wherever the trail takes her. She’ll ford a stream, gnarl her way through brush, and stay close at hand to keep her trail mate safe from whatever she thinks is a threat. She’s a lot of dog in a small package!” Photo: David Regan

Mixed breed black and white dog looking very happy

A very excited pooch on Mount Parnassus in Colorado. Photo: Kevin Goldberg

Excited white dog on grassy trail

“There are two places Sadie the RUNderdog always wants to be: a) by my side and b) on a trail. Doesn’t matter the season. Sadie’s happy place is running free on our local Central Oregon trails. A rescue from the south, she’s been running with me for approximately eight years and has put in over 40 miles in a single day. Not sure of her breed, but pretty certain there must be mountain goat mixed into her DNA!” Photo: Casey Wyatt

An old grey border collie, who looks very soft.

“Floss is a 13-year-old Border Collie. Although he was born and bred in County Wicklow, Ireland, his granddad was from the Scottish Highlands and Floss, like him, loves the hills! It’s really special to share trail runs with him. He especially loves a treat and a hug on summits!” Photo: Alicia Christofi-Walshe

Two happy looking large rust colored dogs in the sun

“My pups Buck (six) and Pnut (three) are two rescues that we think are Vizsla mixes. They are with me on the vast majority of my runs in fall, winter, and spring. In Illinois, it gets too hot and humid for them in the summer to do any long runs. During the three seasons of regular running, we do between 35 and 65 miles a week together, 95% on trails or grass. When they are not running, they love couches, peanut butter, and barking at our neighbors’ dogs. The photo is from a trip we took to Colorado and was atop Mount Huron, I believe. They make running so much more fun!” Photo: Joe Miller

A German shepherd mix crashing through the snow.

“This is Kevin, and he’s a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix! He’s my snow-loving endurance buddy. He loves all sports (running, mountain biking, and all forms of skiing) and could run forever. This is my favorite photo of him and completely captures his personality.” Photo: Cat McClure

A golden doodle type dog running with owner

“Waffle might not be the most graceful trail runner, but she makes sure everyone has a great time.” Photo: Stephanie Gorath

“Lexi loves to adventure — she is a rescue Collie cross who had a hard first few years of life, and we hope she is now making up for it by living her best life. Her best life involves galloping around mountains and forests, followed by good snacks and a nap.” Photo: Avril Challoner

Elegant white dog in snow

“Grace is tireless. A rescue white German Shepherd that can’t get enough singletrack running. She brings me great joy and keeps this almost 58-year-old ultrarunner young! She’s in my Hall of Fame for sure.” Photo: David Reddel

A nice speckled collie in the snow.

“Here’s Watson, named after Watson’s Dodd in the Helvellyn range, on the Bob Graham Round. You can’t beat a Collie for a trail running companion! Seen here in his Dark Peak Fell Runners buff in Snowdonia.” Photo: Sally Fawcett

Smiling dog and smiling owner with a "Limitless" race bib.

“Ruby has been my trusty running pal for about five years now. Her preference is the trails, but she’ll tolerate the roads a couple of times a week. Her most notable accomplishment was during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic — we completed the seven-day Limitless Vertical Challenge by Run Steep Get High and ran/hiked a total of 45 miles with 7,100 feet of climbing. We did every step together, and I’ve never been prouder. While she helps keep things fun on the trails, most importantly, she helps keep me safe when running through the city. It’s almost impossible not to run in the dark before/after work during the winter, and as a woman running alone, I always feel safe when she’s with me.” Photo: Casey Porter

A lovely big grey dog running through grass and flowers with his smiling owner.

“Titus is my bestie. He’s a Weimaraner so he has always had tons of energy, which is how he got into running. He is 13 now and doesn’t like going as far. He still enjoys the trail but now taking much more time to stop and smell the flowers … or a dead animal carcass.” Owner — Maggie Guterl. Photo: Howie Stern

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A Samoyed lying on grass.

Bonus dog: The editor’s dog, Angie, doing her best cloud impersonation. Photo: Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady is Managing Editor at iRunFar. She’s been working in an editorial capacity for ten years and has been a trail runner for almost as long. Aside from iRunFar, she’s worked as an editor for various educational publishers and written race previews for Apex Running, UK, and RAW Ultra, Ireland. Based in Belfast, Ireland, Sarah is an avid mountain runner and ultrarunner and competes at distances from under 10k to over 100k. When not running, she enjoys reading, socializing, and hanging out with her dog, Angie, and cat, Judy.