2019 Trail World Championships Photo Gallery

A photo gallery from the 2019 Trail World Championships by photographer Kirsten Kortebein.

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[Editor’s Note: Photographer Kirsten Kortebein created these images at the 2019 Trail World Championships. Enjoy! To learn more about what happened at the Trail World Championships, read our in-depth results article. All photos: iRunFar/Kirsten Kortebein. Reuse without permission is not permitted.]

French fans await the start of the 2019 Trail World Championships in Miranda do Corvo, Portugal on Saturday, June 8. Fifty-two countries competed in the event.

Belgium’s Sarah Balancier warms up before the start of the 2019 Trail World Championships. Sarah finished as the 76th woman.

A sea of runners, including Canada’s Nick Elson at center, awaits the start in Mirando do Corvo, Portugal. Nick was the first Canadian finisher in 34th place.

A Belgian fan just before the start.

Jonathan Albon, of the United Kingdom, negotiates the technical descent to Senhora da Piedade, 16 kilometers into the 44.2k race. Jon would run away with the win in the second half of the race.

A Spanish superheroine flies down the trail as she cheers for runners arriving to the 16k aid station.

Brazil’s Jovadir Acedo, Jr. runs the 2019 Trail World Championships. Jovadir would finish in 98th place.

Romania’s Denisa Dragomir rises up toward the sun on the climb toward the course’s high point. Denisa would finish fifth.

All eyes on the ground for the USA’s Kasie Enman on the descent toward the 16k aid station. Kasie took 24th and finished as the first American woman.

The crowd–largely comprised of locals–roared as competitors headed up the stairs at Senhora da Piedade, 16k into the race. Supporters were decked out in Portuguese flags and t-shirts, and went extra wild when one of their runners passed.

Ines Jozić, of Croatia, runs toward the crowd lining the climb after the 16k aid station. Ines took 63rd.

Jonathan Albon is the 2019 Trail World Champion.

France’s Julien Rancon is overwhelmed after crossing the finish line in second place.

Christian Mathys, of Switzerland, would later describe how he felt in this moment, after crossing the line in third place, as “perfect.”

You don’t have to ask to know how Italy’s Francesco Puppi feels. His face says it all. He took fourth place after a latest-race battle with third place Christian Mathys.

Blandine L’hirondel, of France, is the 2019 Trail World Champion.

Blandine L’hirondel and her husband share a quiet moment on the finish line.

Spain’s Sheila Avilés and Azara García embrace after finishing third and fourth, respectively, and just seconds apart.

Three-time Trail World Champion Luis Alberto Hernando, of Spain, sits with his countrymates after finishing 11th this year.

It’s watermelon and a good stretch for this competitor at the 2019 Trail World Championships finish line.

Team Sweden relaxing with food and their phones in Mirando do Corvo after the race.

It looks like elation the face of Portugal’s Tiago Romão after he finished 21st at the 2019 Trail World Championships. The host country’s trail running community is currently growing quickly and was on jubilant display at the race.

Kirsten Kortebein
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