This Week In Running: May 16, 2022

This Week In Running’s trail and ultra recap for May 16, 2022.

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This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRSeven! I’m not sure what our record is, but this week’s column feels really international with results from races in seven different countries. That group includes standout performances from greats like Denisa Dragomir and Patrycja BereznowskaScotty Hawker, and Aleksandr Sorokin too.

Races and Runs

Mt. Oxford Odyssey – Coopers Creek, New Zealand

Kate Loye and Scotty Hawker won the South Island mountain marathon in 6:55 and 5:20. The technical track gains roughly 3,500 meters (11,500 feet). Hawker used the race to kick start his UTMB prep. Full results.

Domusa Teknik 40 MLK – Azpeitia, Spain

The 65-kilometer (40-mile) race gains a big 7,400 meters (24,278 feet) on Spain’s northern coast. Oihana Azkorbebeitia and Aritz Egea were winners in 7:17 and 6:00. Full results (when available).

Trail Cap De Creus – Costa Brava, Spain

Celia BalcellsAbril Torrent, and Carlotta Finn ran 5:02, 5:17, and 5:43 to finish at the front of the women’s marathon race. Ragna Debats took a bad fall early in the race and got a helicopter jump out, followed by 26 stitches. Daniel Castillo ran away with the men’s race in 4:03. Left in his wake were second-, third-, and fourth-place Alejandro VillarinoThibault Leroy, and Pau Capell in 4:17, 4:25, and 4:29. Full results.

Balkan Mountain Running Championship – Câmpulung Moldovenesc, Romania

Denisa Dragomir (Romania) and Timotej Becan (Slovenia) won the 12k race in 1:10 and 58:14. The championship fields were small, but runners from Romania, Turkey, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Greece, and Bulgaria were among the contestants. Full results.

UltraPark Weekend – Pabianice, Poland

Over 24 hours, Aleksandra Niwińska (Poland) and Andrzej Piotrowski (Poland) totaled 255 and 282k. That’s 158 and 175 miles, respectively. Piotrowski’s mark was a new Polish national record.

Over 48 hours, Patrycja Bereznowska (Poland) and Bartosz Fudali (Poland) totaled 403.32k (250 miles) and 391k (243 miles), respectively. For Bereznowska, it was a new 48-hour world record, about six kilometers better than the old best that had stood for 12 years. The previous record was set in 2010 by Japan’s Sumie Inagaki at 397.103k. Read more about Bereznowska’s world record in our news articleFull results.

Patrycja Bereznowska - 2022 UltraPark Weeked 48 Hour race - 48 hour world record - 1

Patrycja Bereznowska on her way to setting a 48-hour world record at the 2022 UltraPark Weekend 48 Hour race in Poland. Photo: Marek Janiak/UltraPark Weekend

Vilnius 5000 – Vilnius, Lithuania

100k, 100-mile, 12-hour, and 24-hour world record holder Aleksandr Sorokin (Lithuania) ran a 5,000-meter race on the track. He finished in 15:29 and called it, “one of the hardest runs of my life” on social media. That placed the 40-year-old eighth of 14 in the elite heat. Full results.

Garda Trentino Trail – Bolognano-Vignole, Italy

The 62k race had three big climbs and was the Italian long course mountain running national championship. Julia Kessler (Italy) and Andreas Reiterer (Italy) were victorious against competitive fields with 7:01 and 6:05 winning times. Marta Molist (Spain) and Tobias Geiser (Italy) won the marathon race in 4:57 and 4:17, and Francesca Ghelfi (Italy) and Martin Dematteis (Italy) topped the 28k run in 2:31 and 2:08. Full results.

Garda Trentino Trail - Julia Kessler

Julia Kessler, 2022 Garda Trentino Trail 62k champion. Photo: Racephoto

Garda Trentino Trail - Andreas Reiterer

Andreas Reiterer, winning the 2022 Garda Trentino Trail 62k. Photo: Racephoto

Tapteal Greenway 50k Run or Paddle – Benton City, Washington

This is a really unique race format where you can either run alongside the river, or paddle down it. And the women’s finish was really unique, too. Sarah McCalmantKristi Geris, and Amanda Questel finished in a three-way tie at 5:17. In the men’s race, Jesse Lang beat everyone — except for one paddler — to win in 3:28. Full results.

Smith Rock Ascent 50k – Terrebonne, Oregon

Ives Hot won the women’s crown in 4:33, and Ian Sharman defended his Central Oregon home turf in 4:06. It was a tight race, Sharman was only 19 seconds ahead of runner-up Paul Young. Full results.

Mary’s Peak Trail Run 50 Mile – Blodgett, Oregon

Also in Oregon, but three hours away, Meghan Canfield and Michael Hewitt won this 50-mile race in 9:14 and 7:29. Rachel Hawkins and Phillip Kearns led the 50k race in 4:36 and 4:03. Full results.

PCT 50 Mile – Cleveland National Forest, California

Only 59 seconds split the front two women. Sofie Bilcher finished in 9:49 and Maria Splaine was second in 9:50. The men’s race wasn’t as close, with Felipe Marquez III winning in 8:36. Full results.

Quicksilver 100k – San Jose, California

Jaclyn Foroughi and Matthew Seidel triumphed in the 100k at 12:21 and 9:07, and in the 50k, Emily Spognardi won in 5:26, while David Roche and Chris Myers ran the entire race together and shared the win in 3:42. Full results.

Ram Party 50 Mile – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Devon Yanko won the inaugural year party’s women’s race in 8:04, and Luke Landis gained the men’s win in 7:18. Alison Baca and Nick Coury were second in 8:47 and 7:39, respectively. The race took in trails around Garden of the Gods and Rampart Reservoir. Full results.

Ram Party 50 Mile, Colorado Springs

Scenery at the 2022 Ram Party 50 Mile in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo: Aravaipa Running/Jubilee Paige

Black Canyon Ascent – Montrose, Colorado

Official results for the six-mile road climb aren’t yet available, but Kim Dobson and Joseph Gray ran the 2,000-foot gain the fastest. Dobson finished in 45:10, just off her own course record from 2016, and Gray, racing here for the first time, broke a 2017 course best and gained a $100 cash bonus for it. Full results (when available).

Ice Age Trail 50 Mile – La Grange, Wisconsin

Shea Aquilano was the first female in 7:18, and Sidney Noble won the men’s race in 6:54. Over 50k, it was Margaret Ho and David Ross on top in 4:41 and 4:31, respectively. Full results.

River Bank Run 25k – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Occasional, maybe even infrequent, ultrarunners Tyler Jermann and Fernando Cabada raced the USATF 25k Road National Championships, finishing sixth and 10th in 1:18:08 and 1:20:53. Cabada, now racing as a 40-year-old, is a past winner of the race. Full results.

Yamacraw 50k – Stearns, Kentucky

This one’s a super scenic point-to-point run through the Daniel Boone National Forest to a remote mining community in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Anne George and Dan Green raced to 5:27 and 4:48 wins. Full results.

Running With My Gnomies 50k – Dover, Ohio

Alescia Roberto and Andy Bay beat a small field of just 39 gnomies with 6:26 and 5:42 finishes. Full results.

Runamuck 50k – Windsor, Vermont

Dylan Broderick has four of the women’s top-10 fastest times ever, but this year wasn’t one of them. Broderick still won the women’s race, though, in 4:52, and Oliver Mednick won for the men in 4:07. Full results.

Rock the Ridge 50 Mile – New Paltz, New York

Jana Veliskova and Brandon Talisesky won the race inside the Mohonk Preserve in 8:01 and 6:10. Full results.

Cruel Jewel 106 Mile – Blue Ridge, Georgia

Official results aren’t yet available, but Liz Canty and Joey Miller won the long course in 26:34 and 23:40. Canty set a new course record. Sandy Lam and Kyle Curtin won the 50-mile race in 12:51 and 10:13, with Curtin setting a new course record. Full results.

Call for Comments

Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile was among the races that we just couldn’t chase results down for. Anyone on the ground in Virginia that can pitch on this one, and highlight any other weekend racing?

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